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Amazing Spiderman One 12 Collective Mezco Toyz In Hand Review

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Straight out of the pages of your favorite classic comic books, get ready, because we have your friendly neighborhood Spiderman here for an in hand review! Mezco is known for it’s high end one twelfth scale action figures. You can call it a mini Mego, dressed in a soft goods fitted Spidey costume, this highly articulated classic Amazing Spiderman action figure by Mezco has all the classic Spidey features you could ask for! Complete with multiple webbings, camera, light up eyes, multiple hands, and even includes his Spidey Senses, this Spiderman figure comes with it all! We want to give special thanks to Entertainment Earth for providing this Amazing Spiderman One 12 Collective Mezco Toyz for our in hand review.


Dressed in his bright red and bright blue Spidey outfit, this classic Spiderman is the quintessential version of Spiderman any action figure collector would want! Is it pricey for a whopping $120, yes but you get a heck of a lot packed in with this highly articulated figure.



The packaging is a simple rectangular box, but it is covered on all sides with gorgeous classic Amazing Spiderman comic book style artwork!



In terms of accessories, this figure comes pack with a ton of accessories that will help you relive all of your classic Amazing Spiderman moments!

Box Contents

  • Spider-Man figure
  • 5 Head portraits
  • 18 interchangable hands
    • Pointing right hand
    • Thumbs up right hand
    • Pair of fists
    • Pair of camera holding hands
    • Pair of web shooting hands
    • Pair of web holding hands
    • Pair of grabbing hands
    • 3 pairs of posing hands
  • Fitted suit
  • Pair of boots
  • Spider-sense FX
  • Spider-Man mask
  • Camera
  • 6 Spider tracers
  • Spider tracer receiver
  • Web shield
  • Web mask
  • Web backpack
  • Web parachute
  • Web loop
  • Web sligshot
  • Web line with integrated posing wire
  • Web base with cobweb detail
  • One:12 display base
  • One:12 adjustable display post

Official Productr Description and Photos


The Amazing Spider-Man One:12 Collective Deluxe Edition Action Figure:

Spider-Man swings into the One:12 Collective!

The One:12 Collective Amazing Spider-Man evokes the nostalgic look and feel of his early appearances in his comics, suited up in a classic Spider-Man suit with web detailing and a spider insignia on his front and back. The Amazing Spider-Man figure boasts a whooping 5 head portraits! These include a light-up eyes portrait, 2 masked portraits with different eye shapes, an unmasked Peter Parker portrait, and a Spider-Sense portrait.

Peter Parker has perfected his web formula and is brimming with all-new web accessories including a shield, parachute, body slingshot, lasso loop that attaches to the torsos of most One:12 Collective figures, a backpack that he can wear, and more. Track down the Green Goblin with the included spider-tracers or capture the perfect photo for the Daily Bugle with the included camera that can be worn around Spider-Man’s neck.

Part time student, scientist, and photographer – full-time superhero. With arachnid abilities, Peter Parker swings above it all as Spider-Man who lives and fights with the wisdom of

“with great power comes great responsibility”.


Spidey is dressed in his classic Amazing Spiderman red and blue soft goods fitted suit!


You get a camera and a spiderweb back pack too!


You can make Spidey float down with his included Parachute accessory!


This version of Spiderman includes head portrait with light up eyes!


Packed with a Spidey Sense head portrait and spider sense effects. He even includes a web shield!


Figure details

The Amazing Spiderman One 12 Collective Mezco Toyz action figure comes dressed in his classic comic book colors, red and blue spider suit! In a gorgeous soft goods fitted outfit, this version of Spiderman looks like he stepped right off the pages of your favorite Amazing Spiderman comic book issue! He comes complete with a web backpack as well. Mezco includes both a flight stand and Web base with cobweb detail and Spidey eyes!


One of the coolest accessories included with this figure has got to be the Spider sense effect! Coming on a clear piece of plastic, it attached to the flight stand, so that you can position it behind Spiderman’s head and pose him like his Spider Sense is tingling! He also includes an alternate head with light up eyes. It has a tiny on off switch, but they include that little orange tool to flip it on and off with.


Another cool head portrait to use with the Spider Sense effect is the Spider Sense head portrait. It’s basically half Spiderman, and half Peter Parker as was commonly drawn in the comic books. You also get a Peter Parker head portrait with removeable glasses. The glasses were a little bit hard to get to stay on, but they look good. They even included a mask accessory, so it looks like Peter is holding the loose mask in his hands.


I just love the Camera, and it comes with 2 camera straps. One that he wears around his neck, and the other is one that looks like it hangs from the camera. The straps just plug into slots on the side of the camera.


The web shooting accessories are really cool too! You get a:

  • Web loop
  • Web sligshot
  • Web line with integrated posing wire

They even includes a web parachute accessory! Spidey was often drawn drifting down safety from buildings with his web made parachutes, so this is a really cool homage to this look!


Where to buy

We want to thank Entertainment Earth for providing us this figure for our review. EE is currently sold out, but you can find it HERE.

You can also purchase this from Big Bad Toy Store.

You can also purchase this from Amazon

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