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GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Copperhead In Hand Review

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The latest wave of GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol figures are now shipping to collectors and we have this Cobra Water Moccasin Pilot, turned gambler, yes it’s Python Patrol Copperhead for an in hand review! Not just another repaint of a previously released figure, but yet a beautiful homage to a vintage figure that was a cornerstone to many Python Patrol collections! Hasbro did a spectacular job at recreating what made the vintage Python Patrol figure a quintessential figure to your ARAH collection. Complete with a stunning Python Patrol insignia on his chest, green and yellow python patterning on his torso, and that stunning yellow helmet design, the colors and patterns to the GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Copperhead figure make it the perfect homage to his vintage counterpart!


Python Patrol Copperhead looks right at home battling through the jungles of your backyard! I just love how his colors are set off with the vibrant colors of his outfit against the bright greens of the foliage around him!



The GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Copperhead comes packed in the same windowless packaging as the previous waves. With stunning artwork of him in a jungle scene with a pyramid and gecko joing the scene. You can also see his pack out illustrated as well. The back shows the height of the figures, included accessories and some cool features. Here they point out his Python Patrol chest insignia and beautiful skull and cross bones gold belt buckle.


The right side of the box has an illustration of a close up of Python Patrol Copperhead’s face. The left side shows he is number 96, with a QR code to scan for his file card info.


Packed inside is Python Patrol Copperhead with the same side illustration done in black and white behind the strapped in figure. He also includes a faux footlocker with his accessories in it.


Here we can see the included accessories that Python Patrol Copperhead comes with and his illustrated backdrop. He includes a small pistol, larger pistol with sight scope, a back pack to stow the large pistol and a huge machete!


Python Patrol Copperhead up close and personal

Here we get a great look at Python Patrol Copperhead from all four sides. You can see his bright vintage inspired color scheme throughout. He has various holsters, web gear and a cool face mask which we will get into further detail below.



Taking a look at Python Patrol Copperhead’s face sculpt, you can see it’s the same design the first version but with Python Patrol coloring.

He is wearing a yellow helmet with black accents, a black face mask and red breather tube. They did a great job with those piercing eyes as that’s the only part of his face you can see above his mask.



His chest design is inspired by the vintage Python Patrol Copperhead figure. He has a black neck, and Python Patrol green shirt with long sleeves that have the yellow python cross pattern on them. He has a black tank top on and is wearing red and black holster on his chest with a nice red pocket. The stand out has got to be that large Python Patrol logo which is beautifully tapo’d on his chest.



His arms are the same Python Patrol green shirt color with long sleeves with the yellow python cross pattern on them. He has on black gloves with red accents on the top of his hands and is wearing the same black arms bands as the first release.



Python Patrol Copperhead has a multilayered black belt with a stunning gold skull and cross bones belt buckle. This is the same belt buckle as the first version release, but in gold. He also has on that crotch guard in black (yes I said crotch LOL)

On the left side of his belt he has a red holster for his machete.



His legs are the same design as the first version, except they are now a green color that match his shirt, with yellow inner stripes. He has a black gun holster on his right leg, and black patches on both his hips. He is also wearing the same black boots as the first version. This figure is incredible, but the only criticism I have is that his legs did not have the yellow cross hatch design on them like his shirt, as the vintage figure had it on both his torso and legs. Maybe they thought it would be too much competing colors but I think it would have looked great.



Python Patrol Copperhead’s accessories include

  • small pistol
  • larger pistol with sight scope
  • backpack to stow the large pistol
  • machete!

The backpack has some nice paint apps on the tips of the bullets, and I love how his large rifle is gold colored. It goes great with his Python Patrol color scheme. You will also notice that his machete has some rusting details on it.




Python Patrol Copperhead Vintage Figure

This version of Copperhead has always been my favorite, with his vibrant colors and python cross hatch design. Pictured to the right is my personal vintage Copperhead, and he has always been the quintessential version of Copperhead in my head cannon rather than his V1 version.

According to Category:Python Patrol | Joepedia | Fandom:

The Python Patrol is an elite unit within Cobra. They have special uniforms that mask their presence to electronic detection systems.

They were first introduced in 1989. In 2003 new figures were released as part of Python Patrol. Live hard and fast. That very much sums up Copperhead’s philosophy in life. According to sources, he stands by

Python Patrol Copperhead GI Joe 1988 Figure
Python Patrol Copperhead Vintage Figure

this philosophy so much that he failed to notice just how much deep he was in debt to his bookies. He is believed to be a speedboat driver who participated in races in Japan and Monaco. But he himself is a heavy gambler who bet on his own races and got himself deep in money trouble. Enter Cobra. The evil organization paid off his debts but this time he has to work for them to hold up his end of the bargain. With the amount of work he did for them, he should have been able to pay off his debt long ago. Apparently, old habits die hard and he would rather work for Cobra than face his bookies, anytime. It is presumed that he is a native of the Florida Everglades or at least familiar with the territory. As a swamp and jungle fighter, he is also familiar with territory within the Amazon basin.

Category:Python Patrol | Joepedia | Fandom

Figure Comparison

What a difference a repaint makes in making the same figure look totally different! You can see the Python Patrol color scheme on this new version of Copperhead really sets him off from the first version. The first version of Copperhead has a green helmet with lime green accents. Where as the Python Patrol version has a yellow helmet with black accents and a red breather. The V1 version is wearing a sleeveless tank top with a huge silver Cobra logo on his chest. Where as the Python Patrol version has a black turtle neck with green python patterned shirt with long sleeves and black gloves. He is also wearing a black tank top with that large Python Patrol insignia to the left side of his chest. They both have the same belt design, but the PP version has a gold colored belt buckle, where as the V1 version is silver colored. They both have green pants on. But a the V1 is a darker green color that matches the rest of his outfit, with lime green inner stripes and matching hip pockets. Where the PP version is that PP lime green with yellow stripes and black hip pockets. Their boots are both the same. Their accessories are the same, but the PP version’s large pistol is gold color rather than the V1 version’s silver pistol. Plus the PP version’s machete has rusting color on his machete, and the V1 version does not.


Python Patrol Copperhead Official Images

Python Patrol Copperhead is a repaint of the first release of Copperhead that came out not too long ago.

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure 2
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure 5

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure 3
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure 4

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure dio 4
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure dio 3

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure dio 5
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure dio 2
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure dio 1
Source: Source: thegreattonino

Where to Buy

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Officer Action Figure box
Python Patrol Officer
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure box
Python Patrol Copperhead
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Tele-Viper Action Figure & Cobra Flight Pod box
Python Patrol Tele-Viper & Flight Pod

You can purchase the GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Copperhead at:

You can also preorder it on Hasbro: Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead – Presale – Hasbro Pulse

You can purchase the GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Officer at:

You can also preorder it on Hasbro,: G.I. Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Cobra Officer, 97 – Presale – Hasbro Pulse

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Officer target

You can purchase the GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol TeleViper & Flight Pod at:

You can also preorder it on Hasbro: Python Patrol Tele-Viper & Cobra Flight Pod – Hasbro Pulse

If you want to see more about Python Patrol Copperhead, be sure to check out Michael’s incredible You Tube review, and you can watch it here:

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