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Masters Of The Universe 1987 Movie Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Preorder

The Masters Of The Universe 1987 Movie Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray is up for preorder, available only through Umbrella Home Entertainment

Only available for preorder from Umbrella Home Entertainment comes the Masters of the Universe 1987 Collector’s Edition! Love it or hate it, the extras in this Blu-Ray set are worth the price of admission! The official press release reads “Umbrella Entertainment proudly presents this fantasy fave in the ultimate collectors edition including over two hours of never before seen bonus content. Mattel’s 1980s toy line phenomenon explodes onto the big screen in this fantasy blockbuster. Boasting jaw-dropping visual effects courtesy of four-time Oscar winner Richard Edlund (STAR WARS, GHOSTBUSTERS) and featuring non-stop laser-gun action, a memorably menacing villain, and future FRIENDS star Courteney Cox in a plucky early role, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is a unique blend of comic book pulp and out-of-this-world thrills. YOU now have the power!” Special thanks to Cullin for the heads up!


The set includes:

  • A 48 page book with behind-the-scenes, experiences and art
  • Classic poster art rigid slipcase
  • Custom poster art slipcase
  • 8 replica lobby cards
  • A3 reversible poster
  • Limited Edition Numbered release

The synopsis of the movie is as follows’ “The Castle of Grayskull on the peaceful planet of Eternia is under threat from the power-crazed supervillain Skeletor (scene-stealing Frank Langella). Eternia’s only hope of survival is a ragtag band of freedom fighters led by the heroic He-Man (Dolph Lundgren). When the brilliant troll Gwildor (Billy Barty) accidentally transports the epic fight toEarth via his Cosmic Key – a musical device that can open a portal to any location in the universe – the interstellar forces of good and evil are soon battling for ultimate supremacy in 1980s America!”


Other extras include:

  • Audio commentary with director Gary Goddard
  • ELECTRIC BOOGALOO extended interviews with actor Dolph Lundgren, director Gary Goddard, producer Ed Pressman, co-writer Stephen Tolkin,production designer William Stout and special effects supervisor Richard Edlund
  • MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE 2 – tales of “the sequel that never was” with filmmaker Albert Pyun and othersBEHIND THE LEGEND archival featurette
  • Cannon Films Sci-Fi and Fantasy trailer reelStills and poster galleryOriginal theatrical trailerTeaser trailers
  • Easter Egg

The poster of He-Man dueling with Blade is iconic with the Masters of the Universe looking on in the background!


They wen’t all out for this Masters of the Universe collector edition release!


Here is another peice of art that comes with the collector’s edition with the tagline, “The Battle Fought in the Stars, Now…Comes to Earth!”


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