Sun-Man Mattel Creations Shipping Delays
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Mattel Creations Sun Man Shipping Delays | Take Action!

The Sun-Man Mattel Creations exclusive is delayed, as evidenced in the email they sent today! My first thought when receiving an email from Mattel Creations letting me know that the Sun-Man Mattel Creations exclusive was delayed until May 15th 2022 was that this was a phishing scam so I called Mattel and verified that this email as legit! Why would I think this? Here is why:

Mattel Creations Sun-Man Delays

Call to Action in the email

Usually, companies do not ask you to contact Customer Service directly via email by providing a button or call to action so that made me suspicious. Also the language in the subject line sparks fear in people. A good practice to follow is to look up their contact info on their website.

Order Numbers NOT Matching

Mattel has two order numbers on file for the things you buy on their site. The order number in your account should start with a CHP that is visible to you AND they keep an internal order number that is a 10 digit string of string of numbers.

Mattel Creations Sun Ma n Shipping Delays


  • Contact Mattel via email: There is a form on Mattel where you can submit an inquiry securely
  • Contact Mattel via phone: 1-800-858-0102

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