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MOTU Masterverse Fall 2024 Figure Lineup

The MOTU Masrterverse 2024 lineup has been revealed and includes new figures from New Eternia, Revolution, 1987 Movie, & PoP!

MOTU March madness is here once again as Mattel has revealed their Masterverse figure lineup for 2024. Masterverse is part of a wave of figures from all of their sub-lines, which also include the Turtles of Grayskull, MOTU Origins, and Cartoon Collection lines! We were aware of most of the figures on this list but we got thrown a few surprises! Preorders are currently live on Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth!

MOTU-Fall-2024-Figure-Masterverse Lineup

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Thunder Punch He-Man
Emperor Hordak
New Eternia Sy-Klone
Movie Beast Man
Skeletor and Throne

Here we can see what this incredible new Fall collection of Masterverse Figures might look like on your shelf!

Masterverse MOTU 2024 Fall Collection

Masters of the Universe Revolution

Man of War

In the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix animated series, the title of Man-At-Arms as passed down to Andra, leaving Duncan to find himself and figure out how to help the people in Eternia. In the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix animated series, we see Duncan taking on a new role as Man of War as he dons a mech suit very reminiscent of something we’d see in the Marvel Universe.


The face sculpt looks a little too animated for my taste but this figure would look the best, in my opinion, with his armor mask on. He comes with two extra hands, a blast effect, a mace gauntlet, a regular gauntlet that fit over his right hand and forearm, and face shield fits on to his helmet that provides protection for his mug. The former Man-At-Arms has become a man of armor as he’s clad from head-to-toe (at least on the right side) with oversized pieces of white armor with gold accents.


Snake Teela

Fans of the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix animated series can rejoice that Snake Teela is coming to the Revolution subline! This will be our first “Green Goddess” figure in the Masterverse The Masters of the Universe Classics figure came in a translucent plastic that was not that durable, but this new Teela is not translucent. Snake Teela looks amazing and her likeness is spot on with her appearance in the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series. She also resembles the Green Goddess from the MOTU Classics line as her body.


Teela comes with an amazing Staff of Kah (aka Snake Staff), a very cool neon green blast effect, and some extra hands.


Emperor Hordak

Although not making any physical appearances or being mentioned, Hordak turns out to be the mastermind behind the cult of Motherboard by the end of the second part. His most significant action is the enslavement of Skeletor as the latter attempted to destroy the robotic statue which not only proved unresponsive to its magic before transforming into a winged humanoid and infecting Skeletor with robotic material, while leaving displaying a hologram depicting Hordak. Hordak subsequently appears physically as the main antagonist of the first half of Masters of the Universe: Revolution


Hordak is decked out in all black with red accents and this was how he appeared in Revolution. The head sculpt captured his indignant look very well and his staff looks amazing!


He comes with a silver and black staff with a Horde symbol that has his face on it.


His head sculpt has an indignant look and the color of his face is mostly a yellow/white color with some bones starting above his forehead and moving back to the top of his hood.


New Eternia

Thunder Punch He-Man

The head sculpt might look mighty familiar as Thunder Punch He-Man is sporting the New Eternia Faker head! I’ve been a fan of that head sculpt as it is one of the better heads I’ve seen on He-Man. He comes with a new chest harness and two thunder punch fist blast effects so he can pull a double whammy one-two punch on the evil warriors. He has new designed forearm gauntlets and a golden power sword. There is a light brown paint app on his loin cloth and boots, which goes well with the red harness and armor.


He looks very cool with his Thunderpunch effect!


Here we can see some images from the back as well! The backpack pays homage to the cap effect that the original vintage Masters of the Universe Thunder Punch He-Man came with.



Going back to the roots of the New Eternia line, we see a version of Mer-Man that pays homage to his early concept sketches. Mer-Man was part of the first series of Masters of the Universe action figures released by Mattel in 1981-1982. The character was conceived as Skeletor’s most prominent henchman after Beast Man. Although a version of this style of Mer-Man was developed and produced in the Power Con 2020 exclusive Lords of Power 5-Pack, we finally get to see the New Eternia version, making this the third Mer-Man figure in the Masterverse line.

Mer-Man Masters of the Universe New Eternia Color Render
Mer-Man Masters of the Universe New Eternia Color Render (source: Battle Ram Blog)

This version of Mer-Man deviates from the concept sketch with the only piece resembling the early illustration is the loin cloth. He comes with two open hands that can clutch his corncob spear and his corncob sword, which resembles a Rapier type blade in its shape.


Battle Armor Skeletor

Skeletor’s battle armor is a sight to behold! Now this is a way to clad a figure and truly call it battle armor. His removable Ram’s head helmet pays homage to his havoc staff, which is conspicuously missing but his extra weapons more than make up for it. In a mostly purple toned battle armor, Skeletor knows how to step into war in style! The oversized, spiked shoulder armor make his presence massive. The black ribbing on the front of the armor resembles bones and come to together to meet a silver skull in the center of his chest. Like previous versions of battle armor figures, the plates are removable. He comes with a large sword and a hefty axe to wield, which puts him on even ground while sparring with Battle Armor He-Man and his axe.


New Eternia Sy-Klone

Sy-Klone looks amazing with an updated sculpt! He comes with some blast effects and a very cool removable mask to give him a very different look than what we are used to seeing!


His shield can attach to his back and the masked look goes so well with the entire figure design.


His Cyclone effects look amazing, I love that added feature to his design!


Masters of the Universe 1987 Movie

Beast Man

This version of Beast Man pays homage to his appearance in the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie.


Alcala Skeletor and Bone Throne

This bone throne and Skeletor set was truly a pleasant surprise. Paying homage to Alfredo Alcala, illustrator of the first four Masters of the Universe minicomics, this version of Skeletor features a portrait based on his appearance in the minicomics. This one is said to be a Fan Channel Exclusive, like BBTS & EE!


Aside from the Acala head sculpt, this version of Skeletor is a repaint of the New Eternia Skeletor with gold and purple paint apps on the armor. The Bone throne is highly detailed and it looks like the flames light up in various colors!


It’s incredible how the fire effects glow on his throne!


Princess of Power


Masterverse Leech looks like a mashup of his Filmation appearance and his Classics figure! He comes with a whip and Horde Crossbow.


The figure pays homage to the suction cups on the MOTU Classics figure and the appearance in the Filmation cartoon. The break dancing pose has to be the best image out of all of the reveals!


Some more amazing images of Leech below!


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