New TMNT Mutant Meyhem Playsets Figures and Playsets

Playmates is back in the game of making an all new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys! They are coming out with a whole new line of action figures, vehicles and playsets to accompany they new animated movie TMNT Mutant Meyhem! We want to thank Eric Peterson on Facebook and Toy Shiz for bringing us a first hand look at the new TMNT Mutant Meyhem Playsets Figures and Playsets! And I have to say the two most exciting things they covered was an all new Turtle Party Wagon or Pizza Van, and a brand new Sewer Playset!

TMNT Mutant Meyhem Action Figures 2


This new line of playmates TMNT Mutant Meyhem will feature 5″ Ninja turtle figures, 5.5 ” electronic turtles and then more deluxe 12″ figures. The 5.5″ figures are known as “Ninja Shouts” turtles and will have electronics where they say cool TMNT phrases by pulling their arm and such to activate the action feature! They will cost about $15. The 12″ figures will run about $25. Of course, our favorite foursome Leo, Ralph, Mikey and Don take center stage at this New York Playmates booth!

TMNT Mutant Meyhem Action Figures 1

Pictured below are the Ninja Shouts figures. They look super cute and have a very animated style to them.

TMNT Mutant Meyhem Action Figures Leo Ralph
TMNT Mutant Meyhem Action Figures Don

TMNT Mutant Meyhem Action Figures Mikey
TMNT Mutant Meyhem Action Figures Leo 12 inch


Party Wagon

There were several figures on display, and the star of the show and most definitely will be the most sought after is of course the Party Wagon! The Turtle brothers get a brand new ride with this awsome Pizza throwing amazing Party Wagon! It has a giant pizza slice on the roof and when you press it, the side pops open and reveals the pizza thrower! It shouts out 8 pizzas with electronics! It seats all 4 turtles and some friends! The graphics on the side look incredible and I can’t wait to get this one in hand! The Party Wagon will run about $40.

TMNT Mutant Meyhem Party Wagon 6

TMNT Mutant Meyhem Party Wagon 7
Source: Toy Shiz

Battle Cycle

The Battle Cycle comes with a Ralph action figure and you can sit another turtle in the side car. This will run about $25. The design is reminscent of the vintage playmates vehicles, with a trash can as a side car!

Kick Cycle

The Kick Cycle will include a Leonardo figure and includes a cool action feature, where you press on the pizza on the back and Leo kicks off either side of the cycle and can kick some Foot Clan Booty!

Sewer Lair Playset

Finally the star of the show was the Sewer Lair Playset! Totally reminiscent of the vintage Sewer Lair of the 1980’s, this playset has it all! Complete with a zip line that you can shoot a turtle down, an ooze dropping pipe, bar bell weight set that flips Ralphel over when you press down on it. It comes with a punching bag and weapons rack as well. Dony has a periscope he can look out of. The top of the playset is the city with a pay phone, train tracks and opening doors you can swing your turtle in from. Will run about $90. This is an extremely nostalgic playset and will be amazing with any TMNT figures you choose to display in it!.

Thanks again to Toy Shiz and Eric Peterson on Facebook for covering these figures with such incredible photos! Be sure to check out Toy Shiz as he has an amazing You Tube channel. Toy Shiz did an incredible job at covering the Playmates booth in a New York fair, so if you want to check it out, you can watch it here:

Vehicles about $25 comes with a figure.

Party Wagon shoots out 8 pizzas and it’s electronic. Will run about $40. When you press the pizza on top, it pops out the side door with the pizza thrower.

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