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Reptilax and Vypor Coming to MOTU Origins as Fan Channel Exclusives

We received some anonymous information regarding future Masters of the Universe Origins figures! Reptilax and Vypor were characater concepts, developed by the one and only Axel Gimemez, and were unproduced in the MOTU Classics era. The MOTU Origins line will be breathing new life into these concepts are they are slotted to be coming to the Masters of the Origins line as Fan Channel exclusives. Fan Channel-Exclusive items are carried by multiple retailers that focus on toy collectors. This usually includes online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth. Reptilax and Vypor, who’ve been teased on prior MOTU Origins card art, and it’s great to see them finally on the roadmap!

Deep Cut Snake Men Teases

Axel Gimenez is recognized for his dynamic art style and his ability to capture the iconic characters and settings of the MOTU universe. His illustrations have brought new life to the adventures of He-Man, Skeletor, and their allies and enemies. In the prolific days of the Masters of the Universe Classics era, Axel had come up with countless concepts for figures that were never produced as actual figures and the MOTU Origins lines is providing a canvas for his work to come alive in plastic. In fact, three out of the 6 figures in his latest image he posted to Instagram are either teased or being produced in the MOTU Origins line. This article is meant to keep a running log of the deep cut teases and official announcements for brand new figures making it into the Masters of the Universe Origins line.

Snake Men

The most recent teases we’ve seen come from Lady Slither’s card art! Below is a full view of the front card back art that features Vypor and Reptilax (along with Strettch Nekk and Fang-Or)

MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither Official Card art 4

Here are an up close image of the card art that features Vypor, the character on the left under Lady Slither’s staff and Reptilax (as seen in the middle).

MOTU Origins Mattel Creations Lady Slither Official Card art 3


Reptilax can seen in multiple locations of the Camo Khan Card art. Illustrated standing by King Hiss’ throne and also coming thru a portal with Camo Khan, Lord Gr’asp & Terroar along with Reptilax, an unproduced Classics concept, look ready to attack. With Reptilax making an appearance on Lady Slither’s card art will make his second tease.

Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art
Lord Gr'asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Lord Gr’asp & Terroar On Camo Khan Card art close up
Source: Axel (@axel.gimenez) • Instagram photos and videos

Reptilax is another figure Axel designed using a character who appeared in the vintage mini-comics. And he’s also appeared in Origins materials – both on Kol-Darr’s card and in the Camo Khan comic as well as the card art. However, other than parts from He-Man and King Hiss, he requires parts from Tuvar (Two Bad has been teased but yet to be released and Laser Light Skeletor plus he uses parts from Fang Man. While he could be a way for Mattel to work their way to Fang Man and is a reuse of Tuvar parts, which gives them more use out of the eventual Two-Bad figure which itself has limited re-uses.

Reptilax bio

We came across a 3D rendering of a MOTU Origins style Reptilax figure so you can see what this figure might look like it if was produced.


As designed in the MOTU Classics line, Vypor would reuse parts from Snake Face, Lord Dactus and Prahvus but he would need new armor, a new head and a new neck piece. What does make him a possibility is that his head sculpt is inspired by the Snake Tower from the Eternia playset, which comes out in 2024. Also as Mattel goes deeper into 200x , we could see Lord Dactus (who’s trademark was recently renewed by Mattel) and Prahvus as possible figures they could make out of Vypor., who are are both unique characters to that era of MOTU and strong contenders for figures for the MOTU Origins line.

Vypor MOTU Origins Concept

Here is a custom concept of Vypor, from the MOTU Classics line, created by the talented Orsogranito Granitebear Shop! You can see the nods to Viper Tower with the shape of the Snake Head , the chains, and the manta spy!

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