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Masters of the Universe Origins Wave 8 Sun-Man

Adventure Series Wave 1

Indiana Jones- ROTLA
Marion Ravenwood
Major Arnold Toht
Indiana-Jones-Adventure-Series-IWalter Donovan-Package-front
Walter Donovan
Indiana-Jones-Adventure-Series-Indiana Jones Professor-Package-front
Indiana Jones- Professor
Indiana-Jones-Adventure-Series-Indiana Jones Club Obi-Wan-Package-front
Indiana Jones- Club Obi-Wan
Indiana-Jones Map Room-Adventure-Series-Indiana-Jones-Package-front
Indiana Jones- Map Room

Wave 2

Indiana Jones- Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones- Cairo Adventure
Indiana Jones- Dial of Destiny
Indiana Jones- Hypnotized
Indiana-Jones-Adventure-Series-Temple-Escape shop
Indiana Jones- Temple Escape
Brody Belloq Ark Showdown