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Artillery Stormtrooper
Paz Vizsla (Deluxe)
N-1 Starfighter
Klatooinian Raider
Luke Skywalker (Imperial Light Cruiser)
The Rescue Set SDCC


Ahsoka Tano (Corvus)
Axe Woves
Boba Fett (Morak)
Offworld Jawa Elder (Razor Crest)
Grogu (Razor Crest)
Ahsoka Tano & Grogu
Imperial Stormtrooper (Web Canon)
Incinerator Trooper & Grogu
Koska Reeves
Mandalorian (Death Watch)
Din Djarin (Morak)
Offworld Jawa (Arvala-7)
Migs Mayfeld
Nevarro Cantina Playset


Bo-Katan Kryze
Greef Karga
Imperial Death Trooper (Nevarro)
The Child with Pram 3
The Mythrol
Cara Dune (Carbonized)
Shoretrooper (Carbonized)
Moff Gideon (Carbonized)
Incinerator Trooper (Carbonized)
Remnant Stormtrooper (Carbonized)
The Mandalorian (Carbonized)
Imperial Death Trooper (Carbonized)
The Armorer (Carbonized)
The Mandalorian & Grogu (Deluxe)
Dark Trooper
The Razor Crest

2020 / 2019

The Mandalorian
Din Djarin and The Child
Incinerator Trooper
Remnant Stormtrooper
The Armorer
Moff Gideon
AT-ST Raider (2019)
Imperial Troop Transport