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April the Ninja Newscaster
April the Ravishing Reporter
Bandito Bashin Mike
Cave Turtle Leo and Dingy Dino
Chief Leo
Classic Clownin’ Mike
Classic Party Reptile Leo
Crazy Cowboy Don
Delta Team Don
Dimwit Doughboy Rocksteady
Doctor El
Mutatin Donatello
Head Droppin Don
Head Droppin’ Mike
Head Droppin’ Raph
Hot Doggin’ Mike
Karate Choppin Mike
Kooky Kavalry Leo
Kowabunga Kickboxin’ Leo
Krang’s Android Body
Lifeguard Leo
Mona Lisa
Monty Moose
April Movie 3
Kenshin Movie 3
Princess Mitsu Movie 3
Samurai Don Movie 3
Samurai Leo Movie 3
Samurai Mike Movie 3
Samurai Raph Movie 3
Splinter Movie 3
Walker Movie 3
Warlord Movie 3
Movie Star Foot Soldier
Movie Star Splinter
Mutatin’ Bebop
Mutatin Leonardo
Mutatin Rocksteady
Mutatin’ Raphael
Mutatin Michaelangelo
Mutatin Leonardo
Mutatin Donatello
Mutatin Splinter
Navy Seal Mike
Ninja Knockin’ Bebop
The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Power Punchin’ Rocksteady
Powerliftin’ Don
Private Porknose Bebop
Raph the Magnificent
Rock ‘n Roll Mondo Gecko
Scale Tail
Sewer Cyclin Raph
Sewer Scout Raph
Spike n Volley Don
Super Swimmin Raph
Toon Burne
Toon Dask
Toon Don
Toon Irma
Toon Kala
Toon Leo
Toon Mike
Toon Raph
Toon Shredder
5th Anniversary Collectors Turtle
Toon Vernon
Toon Zak
Track n Field Leo
Yankee Doodle Raph
Turtle Troll Don
Turtle Troll Leo
Turtle Troll Mike
Turtle Troll Raph

Vehicles and Playsets

Bubble Bomber
Lieutenant Leo’s Bodacious Buggy
Muta Bike
Muta Carrier
Muta Ski
Rock N Roll-Muta Bus
Muta Raft
Samurai Scooter
Sewer Sandcruiser