Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vintage Figures, Playset, and Vehicles from Years 1993 to 1994 in stock on eBay. Find figures to complete your TMNT collection! Affiliate links are included for your shopping convenience. You can read more details in our full Disclosure Policy.


Black Belt Boxer Mike
Cartwheelin Karate Don
Jump Attack Jujitsu Raph
Cave Turtle Don & Trippy Tyrannosaurus
Cave Turtle Mike & Silly Stegosaurus
Cave Turtle Raph & Tubular Pterodactyl
Don as Dracula
Hot Spot
Leo as the Wolfman
Mighty Bebop
Mike as Frankenstein
Raph as The Mummy
Mutatin April
Mutatin Foot Soldier
Mutatin Rahzar
Mutatin Tokka
Mutatin Shredder
Night Ninja Don
Night Ninja Bebop
Night Ninja Leo
Night Ninja Mike
Night Ninja Raph
Night Ninja Rocksteady
Road Ready Don
Road Ready Leo
Road Ready Shredder
Road Ready Splinter
Robotic Bebop
Somersault Samurai Leo
Super Don
Super Mike
Super Shredder Chef Boyardee

Vehicles and Playsets

Channel 6 Newsvan
Dons Pizza Powered Parachute
Farmer Mike with Turtle Tractor
Ninja Grapplor
Road Ready Don
Samurai Evil War Horse with Castle Guard
Samurai Rebel War Horse with Rebel Soldier
Technodrome Scout Vehicle
Toon Cycle with Toon Raph
Turtlepult with Whit


Arctic Donatello
Bride of Frankenstein April
Captain Leonardo
Airforce Mutation Donatello
Airforce Mutation Raphael
Breakin’ Loose Leonardo