Spirit Jaga Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Reveal Preorder Info
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Spirit Jaga Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Official Images & Preorder Info

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Last week Super7 teased us with an image of Spirit Jaga from their Thundercats Ultimates line, and today he is finally up for preorder exclusively thru Super7.com. We have all the official images and info on this long awaitied Thundercats ULTIMATES Ghost Jaga by Super7! If you recall in the very first episode of Thundercats cartoon series, the ThunderCats had to flee their planet of Thundera and Jaga sacrificed his life in order to guide the damaged spaceship to safely on Third Earth. Jaga then reappears in his Spirit form and guides Lion-O with his wisdom!

ThunderCats Ultimates Ghost Jaga 1

November 27, 2022 UPDATE: Ghost Jaga Preorders Close December 2, 2022

Super7 posted a video letting everyone know that the Ghost Jaga Preorder will be closing on Friday, 12/2 and is only available on Super7.com so make sure you get your order in before the deadline! They wrote: “The Super7 exclusive pre-order for the new made-to-order 7″ scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Ghost Jaga closes on Friday 12/2 on Super7.com!”

Ghost Jaga Super7 Thundercats Ultiamtes Preroder

October 31, 2022: Ghost Jaga Preorder Announced

Ghost Jaga or Spirit Jaga as he is sometimes referred to is looking amazing in his glowing translucent blue color, with his Sword of Omens, Jaga’s sword and 6 alternate hands. He includes a “Might of the ThunderCats” energy hand as to show him transferring his Thunderian energy to Lion-O!

ThunderCats Ultimates Ghost Jaga Package
ThunderCats Ultimates Ghost Jaga 4

Official Product Description

According to the Super7 website:

When the ThunderCats had to flee the doomed planet of Thundera on the Royal Flagship, Jaga sacrificed himself to guide the damaged vessel safely to Third Earth. Super7 honors his bravery with this 7” scale ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Ghost Jaga figure, inspired by the episode “The Ghost Warrior.” Featuring a ghostly translucent blue appearance, the Ghost Jaga ULTIMATES! Figure also includes multiple interchangeable hands, Jaga’s sword, and the Sword of Omens. Jaga can live on in more than just spirit when you add the made-to-order ULTIMATES! figure of Ghost Jaga to your ThunderCats collection! Pre-order exclusively on Super7.com!

Thundercats ULTIMATES! – Ghost Jaga [Super7 Exclusive]


  • 8x interchangeable hands
    • 2x Gripping hands (vertical hinge)
    • 2x Gripping hands (horizontal hinge)
    • 2x Expressive hands
    • 1x Open palm left hand
    • 1x “Might of the ThunderCats” energy hand
  • 1x Sword of Omens
  • 1x Jaga’s Sword
ThunderCats Ultimates Ghost Jaga 3

ThunderCats Ultimates Ghost Jaga 5
ThunderCats Ultimates Ghost Jaga 6

Where to Buy

Preorders are LIVE now and will up until Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at 06:00 PM. Ghost Jaga is listed at $55 and is available exclusively on the Super 7 website at the following link: Thundercats ULTIMATES Ghost Jaga by Super7. He is set to ship in the Fall of 2023!

Super7 has posted a teaser image of Spirit Jaga from their Thundercats Ultimates line! The message on Instagram was a bit cryptic as they simply put:

“We fight a ghost with another ghost… #ComingSoon”

Spirit Jaga Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Reveal
Spirit Jaga Thundercats Ultimates Super7 Reveal

Cartoon Lore

Jaga sadly passed away during the long trip from the crumbling planet Thundera to the their destination, 3rd Earth, which is is the home planet of a wide variety of sentient and non-sentient beings of both native and alien origins. It became the home of the ThunderCats after Thundera was destroyed. Jaga’s spirit appears throughout the cartoon to guide Lion-O and it is amazing that Super7 is paying homage to his spirit form.

Spirit Jaga Thundercats Cartoon

According to Screenrant:

Jaga is the previous Lord of the ThunderCats, who often appears in ghost form throughout the series to offer a bit of wisdom to his successor. But Jaga was more than just a spirit housed in the Eye of Thundera; he was actually alive and well in the first episode of the series.

After being attacked by the Mutants, Jaga decides to pilot the damaged flag ship to Third Earth while his fellow ThunderCats retire to their suspension pods. Unfortunately, the voyage was far too long for the elderly Jaga, and he dies before ever arriving on the new planet. Lion-O becomes Lord of the ThunderCats, and he often relies on Jaga’s sage advice to get him out of sticky situations.

However, Jaga does reappear in his human form in the episode “The Astral Prison,” which features Lion-O venturing into another dimension to rescue Jaga from the evil Nemex. Though Lion-O is eventually able to return to his world and assume his human form, Jaga is forced to remain behind in the astral world.


Jaga’s History

Thanks to the great contributed to the Thundercats Wiki, they have chronicled Jaga’s history:


Jaga is the mentor and warrior master of all Thundercats. Still in Thundera, Jaga was the leader and founder of the lineage and philosophy of the Thundercats who would defend peace and justice and keep alive the sacred code of Thundera. Jaga was one of the greatest members of the Thunderian council and was also a great, faithful and true friend of King Claudus father of Lion-O. He will indeed be his successor as Lord of the ThunderCats and keeper of the Sword of Omens after Claudus was blinded fighting the Mutants. Jaga was once good friends with Grune until the latter’s betrayal.

Thundercats Wiki

Jaga always took care of and loved Lion-O as if it were a son and at the time of the flight of Thundera he led and protected the Thundercats at all times. A very important factor is that Jaga is the true master of the Sword of Omens where the Eye of Thundera is the greatest source of power of the Thundercats. Jaga is an absolute connoisseur of the real and seemingly endless power of the sword. Unfortunately, he was also indirectly responsible for the destruction of Thundera, for by defeating Ratilla, he seized Plunn-Dar’s sword and cast it into the deepest canyon on Thundera and embedded it in the core of the planet. The sword’s attempts to escape caused the explosive tremors which destroyed Thundera and necessitated the evacuation.

Thundercats Wiki
Jaga Old Thundercats Cartoon

During the exodus from Thundera, Jaga commanded the Royal Flagship of the ThunderCats, manned by Cheetara, Tygra, Panthro, Wilykit & Kat, Snarf and the then 12-year-old Lion-O. After being attacked by the Mutants from the planet Plun-Darr the ship was badly damaged, and while the ThunderCats completed the journey in suspension capsules, Jaga chose to pilot the ship to their new home, knowing that he would not complete the journey. He died just before reaching Third Earth. Jaga’s spirit form appears as a mentor to Lion-O.

Thundercats Wiki

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