Star Wars The Black Series London Comic Con 2022 Pipeline Reveals
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Star Wars The Black Series London Comic Con 2022 Pipeline Reveals

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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the animated Clone Wars series, 3 new pipeline Black Series figures were revealed plus a figure from the Bad Batch season 2! The pipeline reveals for the Black Series are all coming from the animated shows so let’s check them out!

20th anniversary Clone Wars pipeline reveals

20th Anniversary of the Clone Wars

2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Clone Wars animated series. The Clone Wars is an animated television series set between the events of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. It’s initial run aired on the aired on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2005, produced by Genndy Tartakovsky. The show follows the actions of various prequel trilogy characters, notably Jedi and clone troopers, in their war against the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Sith.In a revamped animation style, the series aired on Cartoon Network for five seasons from 2008 to 2013, while an abridged sixth season was released through Netflix in 2014. On July 19, 2018, it was announced that twelve more episodes would be produced for the Disney+ streaming service, which were released beginning in February 2020 and ended on May 4, 2020.

Star Wars the Clone Wars Animated Series 20th Anniversary

Young Ahsoka Tano

The Star wars team mentioned that this Young Ahsoka Tano from the earlier seasons of the Clone Wars. Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta, was the Padawan learner to Anakin Skywalker and a hero of the Clone Wars. Alongside Anakin, she grew from headstrong student into a mature leader.

Young Ashoka Tano Padaway Clone Wars Animated Series
Young Ashoka Tano Padaway Clone Wars Animated Series

2011 Clone Wars Figure

There have been a few versions of Ahsoka Tano released over the years and this one comes from the Clone Wars 2011 assortment. There also have been some Black Series figures released but they portray her as older as either a young adult from the Star Wars Rebels animated series or as an adult as portrayed in The Mandalorian Season 2. A young version of Ahsoka will be a welcomed addition to the Black Series so maybe Hasbro will use this figure style as inspiration for her new 2023 figure!

Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars Figure 2011 on Card
Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars Figure 2011

Magna Guard

The IG-100 Magna Guard, also known as the Self-Motivating Heuristically Programmed Combat Droid, was an advanced type of battle droid that was used during the Clone Wars as bodyguards of General Grievous, as per Count Dooku’s order, as well as being specialized infantry on the battlefield. After the InterGalactic Banking Clan secured Grievous’s services as an enforcer, they refused to hire his Kaleesh, and thus the cyborg general demanded a cadre of “more intelligent battle droids” to serve him. The construction of the Magna Guards was then commissioned for Grievous’s service, though the Jedi-killing droids were also occasionally employed to escort Count Dooku himself.

Magna Guard Clone Wars Aninated Series 2003
Magna Guard Clone Wars Animated Series 2008

2009 Clone Wars Basic Figure

The Magna Guard was released as a basic figure as part of the Clone Wars assortment of figures.

Magna Guard Clone Wars Animated Figure 22
Magna Guard Clone Wars Animated Figure 22 Loose

The figure came with an electrostaff, 2 removable electrostaff tips with energy effects, rocket launcher, projectile, removable chest armor, and removable back armor. There has not been a Magna Guard released for the Black Series to date so it will be exciting to see what the figure looks like so stay tuned!

Magna Guard Clone Wars Animated Figure Weapons and Accessories
Magna Guard Clone Wars Animated Figure Weapons and Accessories (source)

Phase 2 Clone Trooper

Phase II clone trooper armor was the standard issue clone trooper armor worn by clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic, consisting of white plastoid plates over a black body glove. The successor of the Phase I clone trooper armor, Phase II was adopted by nearly all clone soldiers of the Galactic Republic by the final days of the Clone Wars. Phase II was eventually retired by the Republic’s successor, the Galactic Empire, who originally retained the set for its initial generation of Stormtroopers before replacing it with their own unique design.

Phase 2 Clone Trooper Clone Wars Animated Series
Phase 2 Clone Trooper Clone Wars Animated Series 2003

Phase 2 Clone Trooper Black Series Figures

Released in 2015 as part of a 4-Pack, we saw the first Phase 2 Clone Trooper released for the Black Series, which is the 2nd Clone Trooper from the left. Since then, there have been several repaints of the figure in various styles and regiments.

Clone Trooper Stormtrooper 4-Pack Black Series

Since this figure will be coming from the Clone Wars animated series, we can’t wait to see what this figure will look like!

Clone Trooper Phase 2 Black Series Figure

The Bad Batch

The series follows the elite and experimental clones of the Bad Batch (first introduced in The Clone Wars) as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the immediate aftermath of the Clone War. Members of Bad Batch — a unique squad of clones who vary genetically from their brothers in the Clone Army — each possess a singular exceptional skill, which makes them extraordinarily effective soldiers and a formidable crew. In the post-Clone War era, they will take on daring mercenary missions as they struggle to stay afloat and find new purpose.

Star Wars the Bad Batch


Created in the private laboratory of Kaminoan scientist Nala Se on the extragalactic planet Kamino in the star system of the same name, Omega was an unmodified clone with enhancements created from the genetic template of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. She was one of only two clones that were pure genetic copies of the original Fett template—the other being Boba Fett (Alpha)—though Omega was unaware of this until later on in her childhood. Omega worked as a medical assistant to the Nala Se,enabling her to be present for the creation of Clone Force 99 in Se’s private laboratory. Although she was present to see their mutations enhanced, the clone commandos were soon sent to be with the other clone troopers the Kaminoans had made, leaving Omega alone once more. During the Clone Wars, Clone Force 99—who took to calling themselves “the Bad Batch”—and the other clone troopers were sent across the galaxy to fight the Confederacy of Independent Systems, while Omega remained on Kamino. Nevertheless, she remembered the name of each member of the Bad Batch, even coming to learn that they had been joined by CT-1409 “Echo,” a cyborg Clone Corporal who joined the squad after the Battle of Anaxes. However, she was never able to meet the Bad Batch throughout the course of the war. Stuck on Kamino, she did not feel like she fit in with the standard clone troopers who were stationed there.

Omega Bad Batch Season 2
Omega Bad Batch Season 2 Face

Omega Black Series Figure

Omega was introduced to the Black Series in her Season one appearance. Born and confined to the cloning facility on Kamino, Omega is the assistant to Chief Medical Scientist Nala Se. Offered an opportunity to escape, Omega joins the Bad Batch on their adventures. Hopefully this figure will not be a repaint but surely they will include her helmeted head sculpt!

Born and confined to the cloning facility on Kamino, Omega is the assistant to Chief Medical Scientist Nala Se. Offered an opportunity to escape, Omega joins the Bad Batch on their adventures

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