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Super7 ThunderCat’s Ultimates Cat’s Lair Playset Tease

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Super7 posted a very intriguing image today on their Super7 (@super7) • Instagram page, teasing us with the tagline: “Third Earth is calling. # Coming Soon”. Could it be, could we be getting an Ultimates Cat’s Lair Playset? And if so, how big will it be? Will we need to be adding on to our homes? Or will Super7 homage the vintage version to make it more accessible to more collector’s? After all, the Ultimates figures are the same height as the vintage figures. Another remote possibility could be that this is a ReAction scale Cat’s Lair for the 3 3/4″ figures, but Super7 hasn’t released anything for that line in some time now. Let’s take a look this Super7 ThunderCat’s Ultimates Cat’s Lair Playset tease, and our thoughts on the possibilities of a Cat’s Lair Ultimates Playset!

UPDATE 07/18/2023: “It’s Time to Come Home”

The last and final tease before the launch of San Diego Comic Con 2023! Here we get to see a full frontal rendering of the Cat’s Lair, minus the head! Plus they have a huge ThunderCats logo blocking the view to maintain the air of mystery! We expect to see a sneak peek reveal tomorrow hopefully at preview night, or Thursday as an official reveal!

According to Super7 (@super7) | Instagram:

ThunderCats™! It’s time to come home! #Super7

Super7 (@super7) | Instagram
Cat's Lair Tease #7

UPDATE 07/14/2023: Pantro’s Workshop Revealed

Piece by piece, the Cat’s Lair is coming together as Super7 has revealed another section of the Cat’s Lair. Today, we get a glimpse of the left side of the Cat’s Lair and Panthro’s worksop! Complete with all of the necessary tools to repair your Thundertank, it features a small fold down table with tools and you can also see the same mountainous background that is present on the right side. There are two large hoses near the top of the left side, providing that detail that completes the workshop look! There is also a second set of stairs that lead to the mysterious second level, which we have yet to see revealed! Next to the stairs is the center portion of the playset, you can see a portion of really nice rock facade with what looks like it’s surrounding a door way or opening as well.


UPDATE 07/09/2023: Throne Room Revealed

Super7 keeps the teases coming and this time it’s been the most revealing of all! We get an amazing view of the throne room! Complete with 6 chairs to sit all ypur favorite kitties and the council table! The table features a large ThunderCats logo om the top of it, which looks incredible! The chairs have a grand regal look with some nice paint detail. The walls of the throne room are very elaborate, and look like they have faux windows in them. Plus you can see that it hinges off the end of the playset. And as we reported previously in our rumor section below thanks to Toy Addicts, we can see a partial mountain backdrop peaking out from befind the throne room wall! You can clearly see the rock surface behind the wall panels, and the green of the mountain backdrop is peaking out. Also we get a glimpse of the area just to the right of the control room large computer display. You can see a smaller display console with another chair! The lower level under the control room is also partially showing with some stairs leading up from the lower level to a second floor!

Super7 ThunderCat's Ultimates Cat's Lair Playset Tease 5

UPDATE 07/07/2023: Confirmed and Rumored Details!

Brian Flynn confirms some major details on the Cat’s Lair on an interview aired today on We Want More Thundercats YouTube Channel. We also want to give a huge thanks to Toy Addicts for hosting us, Mega Jay Retro and Bad Ass Reviews on his show yesterday, and he has some very specific details from a unnamed source, but take them with a grain of salt as we will be calling them rumors for now. So below are confirmed details and rumors, so let’s dig in!

Confirmed by Brian Flynn:

The Cat’s Lair will be officially revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. It will retail for $650, and will cost a flat $100 shipping fee within the United States. Brian did say that they will also work with international shippers for global shipping. He also confirmed that a payment plan will be available up to 12 months! He said it would ship in either 1 huge box or 2 smaller but still large boxes. Brian also confirmed that Cat’s Lair will have working electronics that require batteries. He made a slight mention of stretch goals and similar to a kickstarter, so can we see extras with this huge kitty? There will be different rooms in the Lair as well, and to answer everyone’s questions, no the Super7 Ultimate Thundertank does not fit under the paw! It would make the playset scale way too huge! Brain mentioned it might be slightly larger than Snake Mountain but not much.

If you want to watch the entire interview, you can watch it here:

Rumors conveyed to Mad Hatter and Toy Addict

Rumor has it there will be 3 levels of play. Also Mad Hatter has seemed to be talking with someone that has inside knowledge that there will be a sword of Omens Chamber, the Council Chamber will be there will the round table a chairs, and perhaps Panthro’s workshop. Mad hatter also mentioned that rumor has it that there will be 2 flaps that fold out from the back of the playset and when pulled open, create a mountain scene in the background.

Also we appeared on Toy Addicts yesterday, and the Toy Addict had a source as well. He mentioned light up eyes, light up chest emblem, perhaps a projecting light when they get the call. There is said to be a severed head option from episode 20 from when the Lair get’s destroyed, you will be able to remove the head and there will be a battle-damaged collar. Rumor also has it will be around 35″ tall and 29″ wide, and 32″ deep. That is freakin’ ginormous. He also mentioned rotating cannons housed under each paw with a base with pegs for the figures. 2 Pods with interchangeable screens with double sided art. The main computer has a sliding screen so you can change the control room screen.

We want to give a huge thanks to Toy Addicts

If you want to watch the whole video, you can watch it here:

UPDATE #5: Cat’s Exterior Head view

Fresh off the heals of the Super7 ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 9 Preorder reveal, we get yet the fifth tease from Super7 of the Cat’s Lair, this time it’s the exterior view we saw in Tease # 2 but no darkened as much. We can clearly see the Cat’s Lar’s lion head here. This time the quote with the image was “The Berbils and Super7 have been working on something! #ComingSoon“. We are getting close folks to the final reveal, I can feal it!

Super7 Cat's Lair Tease 5

From the Promotional image of Wave 9, the Cat’s Lair is clearly in the background as well! with the paws of the Lair looking huge! We used Jaga to scale how large it might be. Based on Jaga being 7″, then we measured one finger on the claw to be 4″, then that means the claw is approx. 10″ wide.

UL-ThunderCats-W9_Jaga_Hero measure
UL-Thundercats_W9_Group_BonusPack_Hero measure

UPDATE #4: Cat’s Lair Control Room

Super7 revealed another tease for the Thundercat’s Ultimates playset and if an Ultimates Lion-O can sit at the control panel with plenty of room, this set is going to be MASSIVE!


We had some fun with this and tried to figure out the scale of the Cat’s Lair by scaling what Lion and gang would look like standing up and also using the door below as scale to the exterior. Here is what we came up with! Using the door in the control room image and knowing Lion-O and the rest of the Cat’s measure approximately 7″, we scaled that to come up with a 2′-10″ high by 2′-3″ wide Cat’s Lair! Now this is not official, just our best educated guess! But wow this thing is huge!

Thundercats-Cats-Lair-Super7-Ultimates-Control-Room scaled to cats copy
Cats Lair exterior scale dimensioned

UPDATE #3: The teases continue!

Today, Super 7 posted yet another tease to the Cat’s Lair with the following caption “Return home to Third Earth! #ComingSoon“. This time we see the full front silhouette of the freakin’ Cat’s Lair!!!

Super7-Cats-Lair-Tease 3

We went ahead and turned up the brightness and contrast to reveal this! With the brightness all the way up and contrast down, we were able to reveal a ton of color and detail to the upcoming Cat’s Lair and it look FREAKIN INCREDIBLE!!! You can see the large blue claws in the front, blue Cat’s head, front doors, and so details on the main parts of the Cat’s legs and central part of the building. This is blowing my mind!!! Can’t wait to see what it officially looks like!

Super7-Cats-Lair-Tease 3 brightened

UPDATE #2: The teases keep coming!

Super7 keep on teasing us with images of the Cat’s Lair! Today they posted the following image below, with the following caption ” Mumm-Ra™ be on notice! #ComingSoon

Super7 Cat's Lair tease #2

From the image above, you can make out the silhouette of what is clearly a Cat’s Lair Playset! Thanks to our friend Mega Jay Retro, sent us this image which some collector’s adjusted the brightness and contrast to see what this playset might look like and it is incredible!

Cats Lair image doctored
Cats Lair image brightness adjusted

June 20, 2023:

The Vintage Cat’s Lair

In order to understand the possibilities of an Ultimates Cat’s Lair, let’s take a look at it’s roots, the vintage LJN Cat’s Lair Playset!

Released in 1986, as part of Series 2 of the LJN ThunderCats Toy line, the Cats Lair is the holy grail for vintage ThunderCats collectors! Complete with working lights and sounds, this Cat’s Lair playset recreated the ThunderCats impenetrable fortress for the Rankin and Bass Cartoon series!

Cats Lair Cartoon 1
Source: We Want More ThunderCats Instagram

Here we can see what the vintage figures looked like set up in the vintage LJN Cat’s Lair. If the Super7 version matches this, then I think it will be a much more feasible scale for ThunderCats collector’s to add this to their collection.

How big will Super7’s Cat’s Lair be? Will we need to be adding on to our homes? Will they try to make the Cat’s Lair scale to their recently released ThunderTank? Perish the thought! Or will Super7 homage the vintage version to make it more accessible to more collector’s? We played around a little in photoshop to imagine what a scaled Cat’s Lair would look like if Super7 dared to scale it with their ThunderTank! If they tried to true world scale this playset ,it would tower over the Ultimates ThunderTank and just would not be a feasible playset for anyone to own!

Cat's Lair Scaled version

After all, the Ultimates figures are the same height as the vintage figures. Let’s take a look at a figure comparison. We can see how the Super7 Ultimates figures scale with the Vintage LJN figures, and as you can see here, they are basically the same size. So it’s a possibility that if Super7 comes out with their own version of the Cat’s Lair, that it could possibly be the same size essentially as the vintage one. Afterall, the figures still look great with the playset, even if the ThunderTank will be huge next to it. If Super7 sticks to this scale, it will be much more affordable, and accessible to collectors.

Source: Childhood 80 e 90 | Thundercats toys, Old school toys, Thundercats (
Lion-O Toy Variant Super7 Ultimates ThunderCats vintage comparisons with snarf

Below you can see all of the incredible play features that the vintage LJN Cat’s Lari came included with! This was a kid’s dream come true, complete with laser beam eyes, a rotating cat’s head, mecahnical doors, movable cat claws, and electronic lights and sounds! Im sure it was hours and hours of fun playing with this playset.

According to LJN Cats Lair | Thundercats Wiki | Fandom:

Battle-Matic Action: This ThunderCats’ fortress was the largest toy made by LJN for its ThunderCats line. Almost two feet tall, the Cats Lair was packed with a number of action features including:

  • Pivoting cat head that fired and received laser light beams
  • Laser-activated counter that registered hits and sounded “piercing” alarm
  • Secret door to trap invaders in underground cell
  • Huge cat paws that lifted to reveal “Ion Beam” cannon and secret battle station
  • Battle stations for 5 ThunderCats defenders. Figures not included.

The playset’s Laser system had the ability to interact with all four of the Laser Sabers which were sold separately. The Cats Lair’s electronic features operated on 8 “AA” Alkaline batteries (not included).

The object of the game was destroying the “Defense Shields” of the enemies. This was achieved by hitting the “Target” of the Mutant Attack Sled with the Lair’s Laser Beams. The Target, which was located at the front of the Mutant vehicle, would drop its Defense Shield as well as sound a loud Buzzer every time that a direct laser hit was registered on it. The Defense Shield could then be easily flipped up back into position to reset it. In comparison, the Cats Lair target was located in its mouth. In order to weaken the lair’s Defense Shield, nine direct hits would have to be registered. When this was achieved, a loud siren alarm would go off. After that, the tenth direct hit result in the Entrance Door blowing open.

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