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Eternia Playset Vintage MOTU Pre-Production Clay Sculpts

Following up our last article that focused on the Eternia pre-production concept sketches and illustrations, Heritage Auctions has put up the Eternia Playset clay sculpts that were used to design and eventually create this epic piece of MOTU history. With the release of the crowdfunded Eternia playset from Mattel Creations, we wanted to catalog the design process that happened before the digital age, where clay sculpts were used as the primary medium to develop and design the toys we played with as kids.

Pre-Production Eternia Playset Clay Sculpt Polaroids

These Masters of the Universe pre-production Polaroid photos show 2 different concept clay sculptures from different angles for a total of 4 individual pictures.


The first sculpture depicts a large snake head on the center tower with staircases on the right side and a castle tower on the left.


The second model shows a large Wolf head in the center castle with tree-like structures on both the left and right sides. With both models, plastic arms and tracks are used to show the monorails while foam sheets were used to show the Fright Fighter on top. Each also displays a crude mock-up of Zoar in the display and both were sculpted by Patt Dunn.


Pre-Production Eternia Playset Clay Sculpt and First Shot Polaroids

These Masters of the Universe pre-production Polaroid photos show a concept clay sculpture of the Eternia left tower as well as a paint test of the first shot of the center tower. The clay tower photo is similar to the eventual final version with the entrance, stairs, and turret top. Both are original from the pre-production phase of development. The left tower photo has tape at the bottom.


The photo of the central tower shows a “first shot” sculpt of the tower that was used to test paint decos for the final design.


Pre-Production Eternia Playset Accessory Mold Pattern Photographs

These Masters of the Universe pre-production photos show the wooden mold patterns that were created for the tooling of some of the parts to the Eternia playset. These were constructed with primarily wood and styrene and items like this are generally unseen outside the studio. These would then be pantographed to create the steel molds used to produce the toys. This rare set of 16 photos are vintage and were printed in 1985 when the molds were made.


If you want to check out the pre-production concepts and illustrations, you can check out the Eternia Playset Vintage Masters of the Universe Pre-Production Concept Sketches article below.

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