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Python Patrol Tele-Viper & Trubble Bubble GI Joe Classified Series Review

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Check out our GI Joe Classified Series Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Flight Pod hands on review with comparisons to the first release!

The Joe Team is famous for producing back to back repaints of figures, and now vehicles, and the Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Flight Pod (Trubble Bubble} is no exception. Given that this was one of my favorite toys to play with as a kid, I am not complaining! Also. the Python Patrol version of this figure and small form factor vehicle was $10 less than the original release. The Python Patrol is an elite unit within Cobra that have special uniforms that mask their presence to electronic detection systems. This is still a cool concept to this day and given that the Tele-Viper’s are Cobra’s official Radio Telecommunications Operators (RTO), it makes this version even cooler!


YouTube Review

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Box Design

The Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Flight Pod comes in the windowless display packaging with a cool scene of the PP Trubble Bubbles taking flight. on the back of the box you can see the details and the amazing packout!


The Tele-Viper is number 98 in the series and we can see an up close illustration of the Tele-Viper with the snarled look on this face as he clutches his Scanner.


Figure Details

They were first introduced in 1989 in the vintage GI Joe vintage line, I’ve always bee a fan of these repaints and this figure defiantly brings back all of the feels. As their vintage file card bio reads, “They carry a standard modular radio pack that contains as a main unit a VHF transceiver equipped with an automatic frequency hopper, a crypto unit and passive jamming and anti-jamming devices. The Tele-Viper helmet contains high resolution earphones with overload dampers and two sets of voice actuated microphones. The interior of the helmet offers and alternative LED readout triggered through the optional computer pack. Optional transmission modes include microwave beam and laser – Both available as add-ons to the basic pack.” They are also decked out in a flashy taxi cab yellow uniform with gray vest and pants.


From the side, you can see how the comms device wraps all the way around the head and we get a sneak peak at the cool Python Patrol logo on the left arm.


The head sculpt comes in three flavors, with the version below coming packed and attached to the body once you open the box


The two other versions are shown below and give you plenty of display options!


The chest vest has a nice crosshatch patter design that is present on the upper part of the chest and back. It also has two pouches in front and the plastic has folds and creases in it, which makes it feel like real clothing.


The arm sculpts are symmetrical in design but asymmetrical in aesthetic as the Tele-Viper has a very cool comms device on his right forearm and an even cooler Python Patrol logo on his left arm.


He also has the classic Python Patrol crosshatch design on the pants with a burgundy red utility belt!


Weapons and Accessories

The Python Patrol Tele-Viper as a very cool packout, which is the same as the version 1 release. He comes with two alternate heads, the comms backpack, his Scanner, and burgundy colored hose.


The comms backpack and Scanner definitely remind me of the vintage figure in form and function! I love the burgundy hose as it ties in those colors very nicely!


First Release Comparisons

Given that the Python Patrol Tele-Viper is a repaint of the standard version we just got a few months ago, there will be some small differences in the paint app! For example, the first release Tele-Viper came in the classic navy blue and purple uniform. You can even see that some of the paint apps on the first release are not present on the PP Tele-Viper’s backpack.


The only difference in the paint app for the head sculpts are the taxi cab yellow hemet and the red readout goggles, which give the Tele-Viper a cool heads u p display inside the helmet.


The other difference is that the standard release comes with a red Cobra logo on th shoulder and purple buttons on the comms backpack.


Trubble Bubble

The Python Patrol Trubble Bubble is a very cool repaint and I know that this will not be everyone’s cup of tea but the Flight Pod looks amazing in these colors.


The engines have the Python Patrol branding and the missiles are yellow because…why not!? The silver crosshatch design is also present on both sides of the Flight Pod, which goes along beautifully with the rest of the color scheme.


The seatbelt is also colored in the taxi cab yellow and the cockpit controls are also teal with some yellow accents.


First Release Comparisons

Give that this is a direct repaint of the first release, there are major differences in the paint application in the Python Patrol version. For example, the Python Patrol version has more of an intricate paint app and overall aesthetic when compared with the first release as that version harkens back to the vintage design.


Much of detail is lost with the black plastic but the turbines in the engines are set off in that tax cab yellow, which adds some flair to the Trubble Bubble.


The major difference in both Flight Pods are the missile colors and the branding that you can see on both the Python Patrol version and the first release. The Python Patrol logo is set off in yellow, making it very easy to read.


No matter how you display your Tele-Viper, he will look amazing next to the Trubble Bubble.


The full helmet gives a great look to the figure as you can’t see the face, which makes it great for army building your Cobra army.


If you have the first release, you can play around with the display! For example, I have the first release version attempting to arm the Flight Pod with a missile.


I am choosing to display the figure in his vintage, classic form!


The main difference in the vintage figure paint app is the crosshatch design flowing into the uniform on the upper body, which is not present in the GI Joe Classified Series verison.


Where to Buy

The official release date for the Python Patrol Tele-Viper and Flight Pod are November 26, 2023 and you can purchase this amazing set at Target as it’s an exclusive in the U.S.!

G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Officer Action Figure box
Python Patrol Officer
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Cobra Copperhead Action Figure box
Python Patrol Copperhead
G.I. Joe Classified Python Patrol Tele-Viper Action Figure & Cobra Flight Pod box
Python Patrol Tele-Viper & Flight Pod

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