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Man-At-Arms Turtles of Grayskull In Hand Images & Review by The Man Child

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The Man Child is on fire! Yesterday, he posted a video review of the Turtles of Grayskull Donatello on his YouTube Channel so we linked to his video and also took some screenshots. This is the first known collector who has these in hand and thanks to the Man Child for taking one for the collector team and buying these from overseas sellers so we can get a good look at them! The Man Child sent us a few photos while he was working on the in hand review of the Turtles of Grayskull Man-At-Arms.

In Hand Images

Turtles of Grayskull Man-At-Arms blends the best elements of the Masters of the Universe elements with a TMNT twist! As Man-At-Arms is the Master of Weapons, he comes clad in oversized armor with TMNT elements.


The Turtles of Grayskull packaging looks so amazing! The purple and green colors go so well together and they’ve even incorporated the classic MOTU rock bursts on the card to set off the name of the figure and line.

Man-At-Arms has a faux fur piece that sets off his neck and looks great as it blends with the turtle shell. The shell has light blue piping to set off the yellow turtle shell.


We had thought that the helmet might be removable but, as the Man Child demonstrates, it is glued on and is not coming off! It does have a lot of flexibility in the plastic, which is nice!


The oversized shell arm armor has turtle designs and rivets to give it a look like it was made out of metal. The blues on the armor are the same color as the piping around the shell.


The shell also comes off and doubles as a shield, as you can see the handle in the back, which is a cool feature. The shield plugs into the ports on the back of the armor harness and fits under the faux fur neck piece.


He comes packed with a large mace that is reminiscent of his vintage figure weapon. It has a cool turtle shell design at the top and an end that can mate with Donatello’s mace.


The two weapons can join together to form one very large double sided mace, which is a very cool idea!


YouTube Review

You can watch the Man Child’s YouTube review of the Turtles of Grayskull Man-At-Arms here:

Man-At-Arms Official Images

We can finally see Man-At-Arms stripped down to the bare essentials and all of the armor pieces and weapons are on display! He comes in his classic Man-At-Arms yellow armor that has been turtle’ized and even his classic mace is larger too! His chest armer has a nice fur look to it and some parts even resemble turtles, like this shield and his shoulder and leg armor.


We can also see how his turtleshell armor attaches to the back and integrates with the fur piece! The oversized armor looks great on the figure!


Originally we thought that MAA’s helmet would be removable but the jury is still out on that one but we are now thinking that his helmet is sculpted onto his head.


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