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Eternos Palace Playset MOTU Origins Concept & How To Build It

Feast your eyes on the 3D model of an entire Eternos Palace MOTU Origins Playset, created by the talented yerco_ub on Instagram

There are some people that pour their heart and soul into creating worlds we could never imagine and yerco_ub on Instagram has such a deep love of MOTU that he has done what Mattel can’t do by creating a 3D engineering specs of Eternos Palace! Conspicuously left out of the official fan vote to pick Mattel’s next MOTU crowd funding project, an Eternos Palace playset would add to the world building Mattel started with Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain, and the Eternia playsets. yerco_ub has created the unthinkable with this Eternos Palace playset digital blueprints and he even went above and beyond to painstakingly provide details based on the various rooms and structures in the palace! Not only is this an engineering marvel, it also servers a MOTU historical reference. We know the images below is unreadable so we’ll breakdown the various pieces of Eternos Palace.


Eternos Palace Scaled Dimensions

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details of Eternos Palace, here are the dimensions and comparisons to Castle Grayskull, Snake Mountain, and Eternia. Eternos Palace is 150 cm (30.315 inches) tall and each half of the palace measures 100 cm (39.3701 Inches) each and the total width of the palace is 260 cm (102.362 inches). In feet, this big boi measures roughly 2.5 feet tall x 8.5 feet wide.

Eternos Palace Playset MOTU Origins Concept Scale

Eternos Palace Exterior

Inspired by the stunning “Masters of the Universe Origins Scale Eternos Palace Playset” posted by CandleStudios and based on the original concept by Stuart Taylor Cameron, this design brings the animated classic to life.


Eternos Palace Interior

Like other MOTU playsets, the interior of Eternos Palace looks just as amazing as it does from the outside! To complete the entire look, however, you will some extra peices, which we have linked below in each section.


Eternos Entrance

Creating a grand entrance to Eternos Palace, yerco_ub has used the Eternos Palace guards emblem and it is such a fitting way to enter this grand palace! After you exit the tunnel , you can see the flags of Eternia paving the way to the interior of Eternos Palace. You can purchase the diagram to print up the Entrance here!

You can also see where the Palace entrance fits and connects!


The door leading into the palace has a very special easter egg, a detail that yerco_ub included on the elevator. It reads, “We greet you and welcome you to eternia We are glad you come in peace.” The sentence that is written there is the one that King Randor says to Om, an interstellar traveler who was passing through space and came to visit Eternia in the episode, The Arena. Also, the lion and the ornaments is the royal symbol of king Randor’s father, King Miro, who shows his bracelet and his symbol in the chapter, “Search for the Past.” You can really tell that yerco_ub knows his MOTU history to include these easter eggs on this palace.


Palace Backyard

As yerco_ub states, The Palace Backyard is one of the most iconic locations in the Filmation series and we can frequently find Adam, Cringer, Teela, Orko, and Man-At-Arms there.


The Palace Backyard is Part 4 of the playset, and you can see where this fits in below.


Melaktha’s Library, Orko’s Room, and Duncan’s Laboratory

Orko’s room was often featured in the Filmation series and the centerpiece of this room is Orko’s bed, which is shaped like his hand.


Orko’s Room is part of of the playset, and here is a close up of the parts and pieces.His bed looks like it was ripped right out of the cartoon and it even comes with other pieces to recreate the scene.


You can see where Orko’s room fits into the interior of the playset but please note, you will need Part 5 of the plans and here is how the room fits in.


Melaktha’s Library

Melaktha’s office is a grand library, full of ancient books and even more ancient artifacts from the long and scattered history of Eternia.


Melaktha’s Library is adjacent to Orko’s room so you will need Part 5 to complete this section.


Duncan’s Laboratory

Duncan’s lab, also known as Man-At-Arms, from the classic ‘Masters of the Universe.’ This set includes the workbench full of inventions, a mechanism panel showcasing Eternian technology sophistication, a communication system with Eternia and Grayskull, and a mechanically elevating gurney essential for repair and rescue scenes. Relive iconic moments, such as the restoration of brave Roboto or the desperate attempt to reverse Duncan’s petrification. This lab pays homage to Man-At-Arms’ inventiveness and determination, indisputable pillars of ‘Masters of the Universe.’


You will also need Duncan’s Lab, which you can find here!


Duncan’s Laboratory is below Orko’s room and Melaktha’s Library so you will need Part 5 to complete this section.


Outdoor Throne

Within this majestic throne room, the Eternians seeking justice are received, and pivotal events of the series unfold. Additionally, this space serves as a stage for Orko’s amusing spells and antics, intended to bring laughter and entertainment to the King and all present. Please note that King Randor’s full throne is not included in this download.


Here is the piece that you will need to 3D Print, Part 2, and you can see how the Throne Room pieces fit in.


Here is where the Outdoor Royal Throne fits in with the entire Palace.


You will also need to purchase the Full Throne Room, which can do here.


Palace Entrance Garden

The Palace Garden featured an atom structure, which was a monument dedicated to Knowledge and Science.


The piece for the Garden is Part 4 in the engineering renders and you can purchase this piece here.


Don’t forget to purchase the outdoor garden accessory prints, as they are a separate part.


Council Room, Palace Cells, and Royal Dining Room

Royal Dining Room

The Council Room is where official Eternian busniess was conducted!


The Council Table must be purchased separately so here is the link for that piece.


Palace Cells

The Palace cells are the lowest most level of the palace, as they should be. The cell features a hole where Kobra Khan and Tung Lashor infiltrated the palace as they kidnapped Queen Maelena.


Royal Dining Room

The dining room is where the Royal family at and was often entertained by Orko. A bi-product of Orko’s attempt at magic was Duncan being “inundated with food.”


To complete the look, you will also need the purchase the Royal Dining Room separetly!

Brining everything together, the plans for the Council Table, Palace Cells, and Royal Dining Room can be purchased here or by clicking the image below.


Royal Throne

The last piece in this set is the Royal Throne, and the literal seat for King Randor and Queen Marlena.


Part 2 is what you will need to print up the Royal Throne!


Here is where the Royal Throne fits into Eternos Palace.

Eternos-Palace-MOTU-Origins-Concept-King Randor Throne-Room

Exterior Walls

A palace is only as good as it walls and the exterior of Eternos Palace looks like a might fine structure able to withstand any onslaught by Skeletor and his henchman. You can purchase Part 8 by clicking here or the image below.


Where to Buy All of the Parts

Since there are many pieces to the Eternos Palace, here are the direct links to all of the parts:

Eternos Palace Playset Teases

One of the most famous settings of all Eternia during the 1980’s Filmation cartoon was the Eternian Royal Palace. This is where King Randor and Queen Marlena lived to rule over the kingdom, and Orko wreaked havoc with his always disastrous magic tricks.

Eternos Palace as seen on the Filmation cartoon

This setting however was one of the main locations in all of He-Man lore to never get produced into a playset. There was a concept however by the MOTU classics team, that never came to fruition. Pictured below, you can see the elaborate playset with its multiple platforms with different areas of the exterior of the palace. A landing pad for the Wind Raider, grand staircase for Princess Adora to come down, multiple platforms to place your Royal Guards, a cave to park the Road Ripper and even a working elevator. Yes, this would have been so grand, had Mattel produced it.

Masters of the Universe Eternian Royal Palace Classics unproduced
Masters of the Universe Classics Unproduced Eternian Royal Palace Concept

This is not the first time we got the Eternos Palace teased to us in the MOTU Origins line, we first say it teased on the Royal Guard Rear package Card back Artwork. Not all hope is lost, because the MOTU Origins line did give us an army builder set with the Royal Eternian Guard deluxe figure package. And you need somewhere for your guard to watch over, so with that we get a hint at what looks like the Eternos Palace on the package artwork. If you looked quickly, you would have missed it, but there it is, in all its glory! The palace stands as a backdrop to the battle scene going on in the foreground. Let’s hope this is a sign that we might get a Palace some day!

Masters of the Universe Origins Eternian Royal Guard Rear package Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Eternian Royal Guard Rear package Card back Artwork close up
Eternian Royal Palace Close up

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