Faker Masters of the Universe Deluxe Review
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Faker Deluxe Masters of the Universe Revelation Review

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Today we are taking a detailed look at the first deluxe release in the Masters of the Universe Revelation line, Faker, his weapons and accessories. At the deluxe price point, he comes with plenty of extras and the head sculpt is an updated version from the Wave 1 derpy style He-Man head sculpt! Is he worth the hype? Let’s find out!

Head Sculpts

Let’s first take a look at the head sculpts and so we’ll start with his human form first and then moving to his half cyborg half human form and then his fully cyborg head sculpt.

He-Man Head Sculpt

Faker’s hair sculpt is very different than the original release of he-man so the hair is actually swept over his eyes and he’s given that more traditional page boy cut and you can see that there is some brown washing in his hair and it’s actually a darker yellow than what came with the original he-man in the first Revelation release. His eyes and his irises are very filled out and they’re red and so you can definitely see that this is faker versus the regular he-man also his face has a more angular jawline and it’s very pronounced you can also see his cupid’s bow that’s right in between his nose and his lips his chin has also given more of a blunt edge to it and he also has some red coloring in his cheeks if you notice and you can also see his pursed lips so i think it’s just a very cool sculpt and a very different look for he-man and i know this is faker but it’s supposed to be he-man and this is actually a very cool sculpt.

Half He-Man Cyborg Head Sculpt

This metallic blue silvery paint catches the light right and it’s just so reflective and you can see a lot more angular detail and cutouts in his facial features. If you peek under hair you’ll see that they did not paint his ear which is very interesting but you don’t really see that in this particular head sculpt. I’m not sure if paint app was supposed to be extended all the way to the chin but I think it gives a very cool look and it’s cool the way that the metallic silver is outlining his face.

Faker’s Cyborg Head Sculpt

You can see all of the angles and all of the cutouts that just define this head sculpt even the ears are made to look robotic and if you turn them around there’s even some sculpting detail here just to add to that cyborg feeling and you can also see the definition in his jawline and his cheekbones and also the divot in his chin here and another cool aspect to make a note of is just the divots that they have in the forehead and just the angular representation that they’ve given this figure so as you can see it’s less rounded at the top of his head and it really has a sharp cliff coming off of his forehead and it looks nothing like he-man and you can basically see that if he-man’s facial features are ripped off you definitely have a cyborg lying underneath.

Faker’s Torso

Looking at Faker’s torso we can now see the amazing metallic detail and it’s dry brushed to give it a metallic appearance and you can also see the blue brush marks. If we remember from the original faker from the 80s is that they’ve actually dry brushed this with a nice blue so it kind of gives that blue faker cast and it also just has a really nice metallic sheen to it when you catch the light. In addition to the metal, you can see meat pieces that are just chunking all over his body. The layers of epidermis and blood are fantastic and it just makes it seem so life like and very Terminator’esque where we have an exoskeleton we have an endoskeleton. The blood outlines the hunks of flesh coming over around his chest and wrapping around his abdomen.

Faker’s Arm Sculpts

Moving down to faker’s arms we have that same metallic color and gooey red bloody flesh detail that you can see in his arms and also he has this metallic elbow joint which is very cool and if you look at the back of his arms you can also see some of that metallic flesh detail there as well and the cool thing is his bracelet comes off and his bracer comes off so let me just slip those off real quick so we can take a look and see if there’s anything under it all right and now that those pieces are off we can see that there is some metallic and flesh detail that we have lying underneath that wrist bracelet here that goes all the way around his wrist and it connects to the other side and it’s just a really cool feature you can also see that there’s a lot more muscle definition in these shoulder pieces here and it’s very cool you can see the striations in both parts of the shoulders and again just the visual appeal of this figure is just amazing.

Weapons and Accessories

Faker comes packed with some extra hands (a closed fist and an open chopping hand), a shield (which is reused from the Wave 1 He-Man, and an orange piece of chest armor.

Orange Power Sword

Faker comes with a power sword with an orange paint app. The hilt, quillon and guard are painted in the same orange as Faker’s armor, which is a throwback to the original 1980’s Faker. The hilt has the same brown wrap and paint app as the original Power Sword that came with the wave one He-Man.

Orange Chest Armor

Faker Comes with orange armor on which coincidentally is exactly Skeletor’s armor and it’s really easy to put on there are a couple clips that attach to this little peg here and they just kind of plug in and you can actually fix them to the back and get them to secure so this piece is not super hard to put on and you can see some of the texturing detail they have on the shoulder pieces as well as the back straps and here is Skeletor just for comparison here and what we can see is that this faker armor is the exact replica of Skeletor armor just with one single difference Skeletor armor is two pieces where fakers is one piece.


This deluxe Masters of the Universe Faker is definitely worth it and is one of the better Masters of the Universe Revelation figures!

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