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GI Joe Classified Series Gnawgahyde Test Shots

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On February 1st, 2024, we celebrated Joe Day with the digital render reveal of many new figures, amongst them was one of my personal favorites, Gnawgahyde. Today, The Full Force Podcast posted images of Gnawgahyde test shot parts that were from the Weibo show placed onto a Zartan body. If you want to check of the rest of the digital render reveals from GI Joe day, check out our article: GI Joe Day 2024 Classified Series Digital Render Reveals – Toy Habits. So let’s take a look at these GI Joe Classified Series Gnawgahyde Shots!

We expect and the rest of the Joe Day digital render reveals to go on preorder on February 29th, so Entertainment Earth Shows a GI Joe Classified drop on that day.

GI Joe Classified Series Feb 29 2024 drop zone

Digital Render Reveal

It’s a Hard ’Nok Life! Last, but far from least. G.I. Joe Classified Series line loves to draw inspiration from the storied past of G.I. Joe lore and then tries to add to it. With the Classified Series debut of Dreadnok Gnawgahyde, Porkbelly, and Yobbo, the mercenary poacher comes with not 1, but 2 pets – a warthog and macaque. This 6-inch-scale Gnawgahyde figure comes packed with 16 accessories including bow, quiver, arrow, 2 knives, machete with wrist attachment, slouch hat, sniper case, and weapon accessory. His constant companions help him decimate the herds of all the endangered species and cause general mayhem.


Vintage Gnawgahyde & Boar

Gnawgahyde was released in 1989 and this was right before the GI Joe line went completely off the rails in the 1990’s. It’s great to see another Dreadnok added to the line! Gnawgahyde came with a black rifle, a black bipod, a silver machete, a silver knife, a black bow, a black quiver, a tan hat, and a brown boar.

GI Joe vintage Gnawgahyde card bacl

Here is a concept by, you guessed it, @yoJoeARHA and we will likely see a packout like the Croc Master, who also came with a pet.

GI Joe Gnawgahyde Yojoe ARAH Custom 1
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Gnawgahyde Yojoe ARAH Custom 4
Source: YoJoeARAH

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