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Osirah Queen Grayskull MOTU Origins Concept

Check out this amazing Osirah Queen Grayskull MOTU Origins concept that pays homage to her appearance in the Eternia playset mini comic!

With the Eternia playset landing in collector’s hands, we are turning our attention to the customizing community for inspiration and concepts for a new character, Osirah, who was teased in the Battlefield Eternia mini comic. While there is no official word that Queen Grayskull is coming to the MOTU Origins line, Mr. Home Arcade has created a concept based on her appearance in the mini comic. With the mini comics, we are always looking for teases and this one came with a big one and what looks to be a new character named Osirah. She is actually Queen Grayskull and it would be amazing to see her in the line as she is made up of mostly reused MOTU Origins parts with a new Lion Head Staff and soft goods cape!


Given that Osira’s body will be made up of the Teela (or Evil-Lyn) buck, Mr. Home Arcade applied a paint app to match her mini comic appearance. Using the head of the Marvel Legends Photon figure, he added some blue lipstick, which goes along with her look!


Osirah looks great from all angles! He even created a furry cape for her to wear!


She looks amazing and I love that he used a spell casting hand that came with the Photon Marvel Legend’s figure. It’s this attention to detail that makes this figure look more amazing!


Here is Osirah with her King and they go so natural together!


Mr. Home Arcade also created a King Grayskull modeled after the MOTU Classics figure and what a sight this is!


Eternia Mini Comic Hi Rez Images

Roy Juarez posted official mini comic art work of the Battlefield Eternia mini comic that comes packaged with the MOTU Origins Eternia playset. We have covered the whole mini-comic previously below with photographs that Mr. Home Arcade was nice enough to send to us, but it’s great to see the official artwork it all it’s bright colors and glory! So let’s look at the official Battlefield Eternia mini comic images below! If you a whole synopsis of the story, we cover that below these official images, so be sure to read on.

According to Roy Juarez:

Battlefield Eternia – In 1986 the original mini-comic released with the first Eternia playset left off on the most epic cliffhanger in MOTU history. The story remained unfinished, promises were left unfulfilled UNTIL NOW!

Story by @joshuaskywriter
Layout by @redingersteven
Artwork by @josephzacate


Roy Juarez:

Front and rear cover images are below.


pages 1 & 2 are below

Page 1
Page 2

pages 3 & 4 are below

Page 3
Page 4

pages 5 & 6 are below

Page 5
Page 6

pages 7 & 8 are below

Page 7
Page 8

pages 9 & 10 are below

Page 9
Page 10

pages 11 & 12 are below

Page 11
Page 12

pages 13 & 14 are below

Page 13
Page 14

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