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Eternia Playset MOTU Origins Mini Comic Teases Queen Grayskull Osirah

The Eternia Playset MOTU Origins Mini Comic teases a brand new character called Osirah, who is Queen Grayskull

UPDATE 02/11/2024: Official Mini-Comic Images

Roy Juarez posted official mini comic art work of the Battlefield Eternia mini comic that comes packaged with the MOTU Origins Eternia playset. We have covered the whole mini-comic previously below with photographs that Mr. Home Arcade was nice enough to send to us, but it’s great to see the official artwork it all it’s bright colors and glory! So let’s look at the official Battlefield Eternia mini comic images below! If you a whole synopsis of the story, we cover that below these official images, so be sure to read on.

According to Roy Juarez:

Battlefield Eternia – In 1986 the original mini-comic released with the first Eternia playset left off on the most epic cliffhanger in MOTU history. The story remained unfinished, promises were left unfulfilled UNTIL NOW!

Story by @joshuaskywriter
Layout by @redingersteven
Artwork by @josephzacate


Roy Juarez:

Front and rear cover images are below.


pages 1 & 2 are below

Page 1
Page 2

pages 3 & 4 are below

Page 3
Page 4

pages 5 & 6 are below

Page 5
Page 6

pages 7 & 8 are below

Page 7
Page 8

pages 9 & 10 are below

Page 9
Page 10

pages 11 & 12 are below

Page 11
Page 12

pages 13 & 14 are below

Page 13
Page 14

Mini Comic Synopsis

Thanks again to Mr. Home Arcade for sending the amazing images of the MOTU Origins Eternia Playset box and art photos! He also took pictures of the Battlefield Eternia mini comic that came packed with the set. With the mini comics, we are always looking for teases and this one came with a big one and what looks to be a new character named Osirah. She is actually Queen Grayskull and it would be amazing to see her in the line as she is made up of mostly reused MOTU Origins parts with a new Lion Head Staff and soft goods cape!


On pages one and two, the mini comic features Orisah, He-Man, and a Skelegod Masterverse looking Skeletor.


Skeletor and King Hiss are clashing as He-Man lays the beatdown on Skeletor. We can also see the Snake Troopers, Man-At-Arms, Roboto, Stridor, Rio Blast, and some evil warriors joining in on the fun!


These pages are so vibrant and they pop with so much color! We see the heroic warriors on the left as they begin to clash with the evil warriors.


King Hiss, He-Man, King Grayskull and Moaty are featured on these pages.


King Grayksull and Osirah are united as Moaty looks on at the couple walking away in the distance.


These pages show Osriah is from the lost plantet called Nether Realm.


Osirah must be a new character concept but if you know of her origin or where this character came from, please let us know! Her figure could be made from a Teela and Evil-Lyn body and she carries new Lion Head Staff. She also is wearing a dark blue version of the King Grayskull soft goods cape!


Eternia Box and Packaging Images

Mattel Creations sent shockwaves of suprise and delight to collectors this week as many got their shipping notifications for the most anticipated MOTU Origins playset release. Revealed at SDCC 2022, the MOTU Origins Eternia playset was a Mattel Creations exclusive crowdfund, which gave collectors a chance to own one of the grails of the MOTU vintage line! We recently helped Mr. Home Arcade break the news on what the Moat Monster packaging would like and we finally get to see how King Grayksull was packaged. The box art for the Eternia playset was revealed back in December 2023 so its amazing to see how the art was integrated into the box design. We wanted to send a special shoutout and thanks to Mr. Home Arcade for sending pics so we can share them with you!

Eternia Playset Box

The front of the Eternia Playset box art is just like the image that was revealed back in December 2023 but we now get to see it in living color!


The slew of teases is amazing and we get to see them up close and personal!


The battle in front of Eternia is outstanding and the colors are vivid!


In the lower right of the box we can see the Snake Men and the Horde!


The bottom of the box shows off the features of the Eternia Playset.


You can attack enemy warriors with the Jet Pack Fighter and transport prisoners in the Sky Cage (poor Mer-Man). You can also storm all 3 towers aboard the Battle Tram. Prisoners are kept in the Grayskull Tower jail cell and you can trap figures in the Guard Lion’s giant arms using a (not so) secret lever. The Mattel Creations exclusive Rokkon is seen in the Central Tower elevator shaft, which you can crank a lever to move up and down. Finally, you can make the Snake head of the Viper Tower move and strike!


The back of the box features an amazing black and white illustration with more easter eggs and teases!


Reptilax and Vypor are teased again and, according to our breaking news back in December 2023, the duo are slotted to be Fan Channel exclusives!


We can see Keclar in front of Graykull Tower, which gives us hope that he still might come to the MOTU Origins line. We can see yet another tease of Sy-Klone, who was revealed at SDCC 2023.


Is there still hope for Keclar? Eternia failed to reach 10,000 backers but, if it did, everyone who backed the set would have receive an exclusive Council of Wise Men Keclar figure! Keclar seems like a new character to all of us here in the US, but he originally appeared in the United Kingdom comic magazines where the Elders were frequently featured. This also helps to tie into the story of Pre-Eternia and can set up a nice tie into to that sub-line!

Keclar the Elder MOTU Origins Mattel Creations

The upper right and left corners of the box show Extendar, Screeech, and Zoar!


Moat Monster

We helped Mr. Home Arcade share the Moat Monster packaging last week and it is great to see more in hand shots of the creature that captured everyone’s hearts. Not only do we get to see the Moat Monster in box, we get to see the beautiful artwork that keeps the Moat Monster safe. The glorious Powers of Grayskull logo on the front of the box is what we have been waiting for to, dare we say, confirm that the Powers of Grayskull will be continued in 2024. Presented in a gorgeous window display box, the Moat Monster’s box art has Eternia in the background and along with some playful red dragons. Little do the red dragons know that Moaty is ready to pounce!


On the back of the box, Moat Monster’s looks like he is going to have the playful red dragons for lunch. Little do the red dragons know that Moaty is ready to pounce!


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