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Nunchuck GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Images

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It is great to see GI Joe Classified Series figures way ahead of their official release here in the United States as sb_toyz has a visual treat for us in the form of the GI Joe Classified Series Nunchuck! In his Instagram post, he said “Here is a quick pics look at Ralph ”Nunchuk” Badducci, Figure No. 80 of the G.I. Joe Classified Line by @hasbro. As always, Feel Free to Comment, Like, Save and Share. It’s always appreciated.” sb_toyz takes amazing photos of action figures and we really appreciate the angles and close ups he incorporates into his photography so be sure to follow him on Instagram!

Nunchuck In Hand Images

It is amazing to see an in hand image of the figure and the GI Joe Classified Series Nunchuck figure came out fantastic! The figure really harkens back to the vintage figure and the overall look and feel of the figure has the Joe team firing on all cylinders!

Source: sb_toyz

The camo coloring was spot on and it has the right shades of dark and light greens to make the colors really stand out! We can also see how Nunchuck looks with the claw weapons attached to the wrist of the figure and he looks amazing in this pose!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The finer details with the texturing on his balaclava bring some depth and detail to his head sculpt. The shoulder armor and wrist gauntlets compliment to the figure really well and serves to tie in all of the blacks on the figure.

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

The nunchucks look amazing holstered in Nunchuck’s belt and this figure might be the first to look as good from the back as it does from the front.

Source: sb_toyz

The Joe team had a great idea to pack this figure with two pair of nunchucks as he looks badass wielding them!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

Like the pair of nunchucks, he also comes with a pair of swords that look equally as good in his hands!

Source: sb_toyz
Source: sb_toyz

Where to Buy

If you not ordered Nunchuck yet, you can purchase him from the following retailers below:

GI Joe Classified Nunchuck package

Official Images and Preorder

The first reveal of the day was none other than Nunchuck. He comes with ninja claws. They grip into his hands, and fit in all the figures hands. Shealth into two holsters in the back. He comes with dual swords. He has shoulder armor and more detailed shoulder straps than the vintage version for some added visual detail.


Nunchuck will be available for preorder today at 10am PST, 1pm EST on Fan Channels, Amazon and Hasbro Pulse.


GI Joe Classified Nunchuck official package image
GI Joe Classified Nunchuck package rear

GI Joe Classified Nunchuck official image 1
GI Joe Classified Nunchuck official image 3

GI Joe Classified Nunchuck official dio image 1
GI Joe Classified Nunchuck official dio image 2
GI Joe Classified Nunchuck official dio image 3

Vintage Nunchuck

Nunchuck was released carded as part of the eleventh series in 1992 as part of the Ninja Force subline. He came with a black sword, black nunchuks, and a black figure stand.

Source: 3DJoes
Source: 3DJoes

Nunchuck was also released in the GI Joe Collectors Club! According to, “G.I. Joe is a line that has traditionally adapted to the times and 1992 was no exception. “Ninja mania” had swept the nation and the line was facing competition in the toy aisles from the likes of Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that debuted five years earlier. In addition, Bandai was just under a year away from launching its new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers line that would take the world by storm. Always vigilant toward emerging threats, the team in Pawtucket responded with the creation of a brand new sub-team—the G.I. Joe Ninja Force! Featuring Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, and a slew of new recruits, the merry band of martial artists put ninjas front and center in the Joe line. Now, thirty four years after his initial debut, one team member is getting his “generation 3 upgrade.” Meet the camo-clad kung-fu warrior: Nunchuk!”

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