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The Ghost Star Wars Vintage Collection HasLab Project

Ghost Star Wars HasLab was revealed today as Star Wars fans got to see the this amazing new crowd funding project

The Star Wars team kicked off their HasLab reveal and it is none other than long rumored Ghost! The Ghost appeared in the Star Wars Rebels animated series but they are going with the Ahsoka branding the Ghost will be prominently featured in the upcoming Ahsoka spinoff on Disney+. We wish the Star Wars team much luck (and force) for a successful crowd funding project. The project got off to a roaring start with over 3500 backers in its first few hours of going live! The Star Wars team has a funding goal of 8k to make this amazing vehicle a reality, with further tiers that unlock 11k, 14k, and 17k. Special thanks to tvc.dadalorian (follow him on IG for the latest and greatest in Star Wars pics!) for posting these amazing photos on Instragram so we can share them with you!

UPDATE 09/06/2023: Fully unlocked all Tiers

As the Ghost Haslab campaign draws to a close, all the tiers have been unlocked and the campaign has been fully funded! As of the writing of this update, the campaign currently stands at 17,307 backers with over 7 hours to go! Congratulations to all who successfully backed this campaign!

Haslab ghost backers 09-06-23

UPDATE 08/24/2023: Razor Crest and Millenium Falcon Comparisons

Today, Hasbro released some images comparing the size of the Ghost to the Razor Crest and Millenium Falcon!


Hasbro said in their Instagram post, “Take a look at The Vintage Collection the Ghost HasLab, compared in size to other iconic ships we’ve made from the Star Wars universe … First, a peek at The Ghost compared to our last vehicle, the Razor Crest! And second, from our friends at Correlian Engineering Corporation … the Millennium Falcon next to The Ghost! Are you ready for The Ghost to join the ranks in your collection? Head to for more details!”


The comparison pic between the Ghost and the iconic Millenium Falcon is pretty remarkable!


UPDATE 08/23/2023: Ezra Bridger Unlocked at 11K Backers

Congrats to the Star Wars team for achieving the 11K backer milestone, unlocking Ezra Bridger!


As the Ghost HasLab has reached and broke through the 11K backer goal, this unlocks TVC Ezra Bridger!


Ezra’s sculpt is from later in the season as he aged from the beginning of the season to the end! He came out great and the Biker Scout helmet he wore in the series is very detailed and pays homage to the animated series.

UPDATE 07/25/2023: 9:22am PST, Project Funded!

Congratulations to all that have backed the Star Wars Ghost HASLAB project! As of 9:22 am PST, the project hit it’s 8,000 backer goal and has now FUNDED! So this one is a go! Let’s see how many tiers will be unlocked!

HASLAB Ghost 8000 backers met

the Ghost’s exterior features:

  • Opening front ramp  
  • Removable landing gear  
  • Multiple removable panels for interior access and play  
  • Nose turret with removable canopy  
  • Signature 360-degree dorsal laser cannon turret  
  • Docking bay for the Phantom II to snap into place  

The Ghost interior features include:

  • Main cockpit with seating for 4
  • Nose turret with seating for 1
  • Crew quarters with bunk beds
  • The Captain’s quarters with single bed
  • Galley and lounge with seating, game table, and dining table

The interior of the ghost came out really and each section of this vehicle is highly detailed!

The Phantom 2 looks stunning and you can see how it docks with the Ghost.

Single Carded Figures

Hera Syndulla, Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb were also featured in the HasLab display at SDCC 2023!

Hera Syndulla looks amazing as she features her uniform as seen in the Star Wars Rebels animated series with he classic orange and greens that play nicely off of each other.

Kanan is looking amazing as they really captured his look in the smaller scale! He comes with his lightsaber, alternate head, and the face shield from the unfortunate accident in the Star Wars Rebels series

Ezra’s sculpt is from later in the season as he aged from the beginning of the season to the end! He came out great and the Biker Scout helmet he wore in the series is very detailed and pays homage to the animated series.

Zeb is looking fantastic! They really brought out his look from the animated series!

Campaign Information

If this campaign is successfully backed, the offering will include:

  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Ghost vehicle
  • Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch General Hera Syndulla figure with 3 accessories
  • Unlock #1: Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch Ezra Bridger figure with 5 accessories
  • Unlock #2: Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch Kanan Jarrus figure with 5 accessories
  • Unlock #3: Star Wars: The Vintage Collection exclusive carded 3.75-Inch Zeb Orrelios figure with 2 accessories

At this time, the Ghost is off to an amazing start with over 3K backers!


General Hera Syndulla  

The captain and heart of the Ghost crew, General Hera Syndulla is a gifted pilot and leader.

If this project funds, it will include an exclusive Star Wars Rebels™ carded 3.75-inch-scale figure with a meiloorun fruit, Kalikori totem, and blaster — so Hera is at the ready to take off in her beloved craft at a moment’s notice. As always, she’ll be complete with the high-quality deco and design that TVC fans love, based on her appearance in Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels — plus a cardback inspired by Sabine Wren’s Spectres mural from the series finale. 

Of course, we’d be remiss to build a Ghost without its signature shuttle … 


The Phantom II  

The ship’s shuttle that acts as fully-armed starfighter, the Phantom II became the replacement short-range shuttle craft for the Ghost (after the original Phantom was destroyed on Yarma) – and includes forward laser canons.  

This and so much more make up our dream design for the Ghost.   

  • Cockpit with seating for 1 figure  
  • Functional landing gear  
  • Exclusive removable mini bust of Chopper that can be popped in and out behind the cockpit exterior 

Backing Tiers

Tier #1: THRESHOLD: 11,000 BACKERS 

EZRA BRIDGER Exclusive Star Wars Rebels VC Carded Figure. Includes: Lightsaber, unlit lightsaber hilt, blaster, removable scout trooper helmet, and white Loth-cat accessories


Tier #2: THRESHOLD: 14,000 BACKERS 

KANAN JARRUS Exclusive Star Wars Rebels VC Carded Figure. Includes: Lightsaber, unlit lightsaber hilt, blaster, face mask, and interchangeable portrait head accessories


Tier #3: THRESHOLD: 17,000 BACKERS 

GARAZEB “ZEB” ORRELIOS Exclusive Star Wars Rebels VC Carded Figure. Includes: Bo-Rifle (blaster form) accessory and Bo-Rifle (staff form) accessory


Official Images



The Ghost Vintage Collection Vehicle Tease

Back in April 2023 at Celebration, the Star Wars team announced a HasLab for the Vintage Collection and we know great things come in smaller scale packages. As we gear up for Comic Con 2023, we are pretty sure that the team will be revealing the latest model they have been cooking up. Given the last two HasLabs, The Black Series Rancor and the Reva (The Third Sister) Force FX Elite Lightsaber did not meet their funding goals, we are hoping the team has an amazing vehicle lined up!

Hasbro released this image and the language is in Aurebesh and if you translate it it reads:


Ship diagnostics: Complete
Laser cannon turret: Ready
Forward cannons: Ready
Rear cannons: Ready

Vintage Collection Ghost Rumor

The internet has been all a buzz with rumors for the potential vehicle and the consensus that the Vintage Collection HasLab might be the Ghost, which is a a modified VCX-100 light freighter.

Source: Wookiepedia

According to Wookiepedia, “tt was named by Hera for her ability to evade Imperial sensors. Although an old vessel with a few dogfight battle scars from the Empire, it still performed reliably. The ship had a nose turret gunner station underneath the cockpit section, with a dedicated gunner seat, and a 360-degree dorsal laser cannon turret midships. There were four main cargo holds. The vessel had a crew section at the front half, with the two forward-facing cargo holds making up the forward corners of the ship. The Ghost was equipped with both port and starboard docking rings, like a majority of Corellian light freighter designs. If there was no nose gunner available, the pilot could operate the nose turret from the cockpit. Additionally, the dorsal turret could be operated from the cockpit via an astromech droid socket, or with a set of controls at the pilot’s seat. Behind the cockpit was the crew’s quarters, consisting of four private rooms. By the engine arrays were the two rear-facing main cargo holds which made up the rear corners of the ship. The Ghost had engines which were baffled, energy dampeners, and static jammers to make it hard to detect. These features and over eighty-seven illegal upgrades to the Ghost’s stealth systems allowed the freighter to mimic solar fluctuations or cosmic radiation on many sensors.

Source: Wookiepedia

The Ghost had enough forward firepower to destroy an Arquitens-class command cruiser.[32] During the ship’s use as part of the early rebellion against the Empire, its captain Hera Syndulla escaped Imperial forces numerous times by activating its hyperdrive without charting a path with the ship’s onboard navigation computer, relying on luck to avoid running into asteroids or supernovae. The astromech droid C1-10P “Chopper” frequently got into arguments with the Ghost’s navicomputer when sending it commands, with the Ghost finding the droid very rude and pushy. On the roof of the ship, in the back, rested a VCX-series auxiliary starfighter called the Phantom. This versatile craft performed double-duty doubled as both a starfighter and shuttle, and triple-duty as the Ghost’s aft gun armament when docked tail-forward.[6] Although the Phantom was destroyed during a mission to Reklam Station,[28] the Spectres replaced it with the Phantom II, a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle commandeered during a mission to Agamar.”

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