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MOTU Masterverse Wave 13 Figure Assortment Details

Thanks to an anonymous source, we know the next five figures that are coming to the Masterverse line, which will make up Wave 13! The next figures to be announced for the Masterverse line include two heroic warriors and three members of the infamous Horde faction! Thunder Punch He-Man and Sky-Klone are slotted to fill the heroic warrior slots and Emperor Hordak, Leech and a deluxe Horde Trooper are slotted to fill the baddies and breathe some life into the Horde/Princess of Power Masterverse subline. We also do not know what sublines (New Eternia, Revolution, or Princess of Power) the figures belong to but we are guessing that Emperor Hordak will likely be branded as a Revolution figure. We don’t know when the figures will be hitting retail but we are likely to see these figures as part of the March 2024 lineup. Historically, March is the month where Mattel drops a gaggle of new figures to tide us over until San Diego Comic Con.

Masterverse Wave 13

We are using their Masters of the Universe Classics figures and concept art as stand-ins as no official images or information have been released yet. While we wait for official confirmation, you can read up on the history of the figures.

Thunder Punch He-Man

To take you way back in time, Thunder Punch He-Man was originally released in 1985, in Wave 4 of the vintage Masters of the Universe Line.

Thunder-Punch He Man Vinatge MOC
Thunder Punch He-Man Masters of the Universe 1985

According to The Battle Ram:

Thunder Punch He-Man was the “deluxe” version of He-Man that everyone in my grade school peer group coveted. The counterpart to Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man had a new an exciting action feature – you could load a ring of caps (of the kind typically used in toy revolvers of the era) into his backpack, twist his waist back, and he would spring forward with a power punch and a loud bang. It was quite the upgrade over the power punch feature typical of the line.

Thunder Punch He-Man was the “deluxe” version of He-Man that everyone in my grade school peer group coveted. The counterpart to Dragon Blaster Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man had a new an exciting action feature – you could load a ring of caps (of the kind typically used in toy revolvers of the era) into his backpack, twist his waist back, and he would spring forward with a power punch and a loud bang. It was quite the upgrade over the power punch feature typical of the line.

Sculpt wise, the figure featured all new parts apart from the head and sword. The legs were based on the original, but he was given bigger feet to make him more stable. The sculpt unfortunately on the arms and torso is a bit soft and unfinished looking compared to the original. Befitting his action feature, his right fist is closed, ready at any time for a thunder punch. He also has painted bracers, something previous versions didn’t get.

His boots have white fur tops, which was actually how He-Man had been previously illustrated by Rudy Obrero and R.L. Allen. Earl Norem would occasionally depict him like that as well

He has a new harness design, sculpted onto the chest rather than as a separate piece. He keeps the “H” logo that first appeared on Battle Armor He-Man, and which also appeared on the side of the Dragon Walker and on Flying Fists He-Man. The symbol looks like a blend between an H and an M.

Thunder Punch He-Man: Heroic leader with loud power punch (1985) – Battle Ram (

MOTU Classics Version

Thunder Punch He-Man was also developed for the Masters of the Universe Classics line. His description when he was released read “Might makes right, and it’s lights out for anyone who battles this beefy bruiser! Thunder Punch™ He-Man® is back to fight the good fight, and he kicks it up a notch by calling on the Powers of Grayskull™ to strengthen his weapons, giving him even more bang for the buck!” He came with removable chest armor, a power sword, shield, a thunder punch effect, a “cap” accessory, and a 30th anniversary mini comic! (#1 in a series of 3).


His MOTU Classics bio reads: “When Skeletor banished Randor to Despondos, he used Faker to convince the royal court that He-Man was not only a Gar, but also responsible for the King’s “death.” This ruse turned the people of Eternia against He-Man and the Masters soon became renegades in their own land. Driving to the underground caves of Tundoria, the Masters reformed as an elite attack squad. They returned to the surface and found not only Skeletor ruling Eternia, but King Hssss and a newly returned Hordak also challenging for control. To enhance his strength for these new battles ahead, He-Man used the Powers of Grayskull to energize his weapons, giving them a new Thunder Punch to combat evil!”



Sy-Klone was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1985. Given that the cartoon series was drawing to a close by the time he was introduced, his role in the show is so brief as to be almost nonexistent. He appears only in minor, fleeting cameo appearances in two episodes: “Beauty and the Beast” and “Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere”.


MOTU Classics Version

Sy-Klone was produced in the MOTU Classics line 2011. He sported the classic yellow and blue paint app and his lenticular sticker in the middle of his chest. They also added a yellow sheild to his arensal a red hulahoop (kidding!!!) looking cyclone ring.


Sy-Klone’s MOTU Classics bio reads: “Protector of the Legacy Stones and the Last Defender of Anwat Gar, Sy-Klone joined the Masters of the Universe alter the Stones were destroyed and his mission completed. He wears the last remaining TECH vest Armor created by his Gar ancestors to terrorize Eternia alter the Great Wars. Its built-in wind rockers allow the user to create powerful vortexes of spinning energy as a defensive weapon or to fly through the air. Sy-Klone has upgraded his Armor to also include cosmic radar which lets him sense the physical presence of evil long before others. Sy-Klone’s wind Powers and radar Cheste make him combat ready!”


The reveal of Sk-Klone for the MOTU Origins line was music to collectors ears.


His torso will still pop off and he actually spins. He comes with 2 extra hands that are tornados, shield, red cyclone rings like what came with the MOTU Classics figure. You pop his torso up and he spins! Sy-Klone maintains all the same articulation as the rest of the figures. He has is lenticular sticker on his chest as well.


Thank to motu.revolution for posting a comparison of the Sy-Klone Origins and vintage figures!

Sy-Klone Masters of the Universe Origins Vintage Comparison

Emperor Hordak

We know that Hordak will play a major role in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series and we’ve seen his animated form in promos from Mattel! We are speculating that the Emperor Hordak figure will likely fall into the Masters of the Universe Revolution subline given the impending release of the series and there was no former MOTU figure by that name.


Given the oversized armor and stature of Hordak, we are guessing that he will be developed like Skelegod and be an oversized deluxe figure.



A member of the Evil Horde, he is an amphibian-like creature, of a large and bulky build with green skin and suction pads on his hands, feet and mouth. It is these suction pads that provide him with his main power: to suck and drain the life-force from his opponent, rendering them helpless against him.


Vintage Figure

Leech was released in the Masters of the Universe line in 1984 and appeared in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power Filmation cartoon. Like other MOTU figures, like Clawful, Leech did not fully resemble his cartoon appearance.


Leech appears in animated form in She-Ra: Princess of Power, in which the Horde are the main villains. He is regularly seen among the main Horde members, but rarely showcases his power suction ability and receives generally little character development and no episodes feature him in a spotlight role.

Leech Masters of the Universe Vintage Figure
Leech Vintage figure
Masters of the Universe Leech filmation
Masters of the Universe Leech as seen in the
She-Ra Filmation cartoon

Leech Masters of the Universe Origins front alt head & hands crossbow
MOTU Origins Leech figure
Leech MOTU Classics
MOTU Classic Leech

MOTU Classics Version

Leech was procuded for the Masters of the Universe Classics line in 2011.


Leech’s bio reads: “A Slebetor Slug-man from deep in the Lake of Gnarl, Leech was called from the depths by a magic spell of Hordak to bolster his forces against King Grayskull and the Snake Men during the Great Wars. Mindwiped by Hordak’s lead witch, Leech became a loyal member of his Horde Army, using his magically enhanced energy-draining powers to suck enemies of their strength. He later played a key role in the Horde’s fight against the Great Rebellion after Hordak claimed Etheria as a new homeworld during their banishment in Despondos. When called upon in battle, Leech sucks the power from his enemies!”


Deluxe Horde Trooper

Horde Troopers are foot soldiers of the Horde Empire. Although each trooper is individually unremarkable, in large numbers they are used to great effect in the occupation of Etheria by Hordak. Vast armies of Horde Troopers were also used during the Horde’s failed invasion of Eternia. The early Horde Trooper concepts look nothing like the vintage toy. As the Battle Ram Blog states, “As Mattel and Filmation worked very closely on the She-Ra series and its characters and concepts, the Horde Trooper concept is a no-brainer. An army for the main villain in the series, as well as a collect-your-own-army idea from toy marketing POV. In the script and concept, as well as the storyboard for Into Etheria, we get a look at an early design, which gives the characters a heavily-armored and barbaric look. It’s clear that these troopers (or Hordesmen) are organic beings. One is human with a scar on his face, another is reptilian, and the third is a hawk hordesman.”

In a more futuristic illustration, the Horde Trooper looks a lot like the modern day Roboto figure as Mattel iterated the concept to look more futuristic.

As the concepts for the Horde Trooper progressed, the design closely resembles the vintage figure we all know and love.

The Horde Trooper vintage figure, and subsequent designs, stayed true to the final concept so we are excited to get a new iteration of the Horde Trooper for the Masterverse line.

Horde-Trooper-Vintage-Masters-of-the-Universe-Figure Card Front
Source: We Are Toys
Source: We Are Toys

MOTU Classics Version

The Horde Trooper was released as a single carded figure and as part of a Horde Trooper 2-pack.


The Horde Trooper’s MOTU Classics bio reads: In his factories on Etheria and later Eternia, Hordak mass produces countless robotic enforcers. Each is dressed in armor similar to the foot soldiers of his home planet Horde World. Linked to a central computer brain, Horde Troopers can be programmed to follow any evil command they are given. With the robotic strength to overpower all enemies of his empire, Hordak’s troopers are more than a match for most enemies. On command from their master, the vicious troopers attack heroic warriors until He-Man lands a powerful punch – causing them to fall apart!”


MOTU Classics Alternate Heads

The cool aspect of the MOTU Classics line brought MOTU goodies as extra packins and accessories for other figures. For example, the Horde Trooper had three alternate head designs packed in with the General Sundar figure. For example, here is the Marine Trooper alternate head! Given that we know the Horde Trooper will be a deluxe figure in the Masterverse line, we hope that he comes with alternate heads like he did in the past.

Here is the alternate head for the appearance of the Horde Trooper in the Secret of the Sword.

Here is the alternate head as the Horde Trooper appeared in the DC comics line.

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