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Mutated He-Man Turtles of Grayskull TMNT MOTU Crossover In Hand Images and Video Review

The Turtles of Grayskull line has been on fire over the last month and we are even seeing in hand images of the figures from lucky collectors who know how to source them! This week, Mr. Home Arcade has scored the TMNT MOTU crossover Turtles of Grayskull figure! To sweeten the deal, he has provided Toy Habits with exclusive in hand images of the figure! Since the official images of Mutated He-Man have been officially revealed, Mr. Home Arcade has finally answered the question that has been on everyone’s mind! How does the purple translucent plastic look on an actual produced figure? He delves into that and so much more so let’s take a gander at the pics the Mr. Home Arcade has shared with us! Also, if you prefer to watch a YouTube video review, we’ve embedded his amazing Muted He-Man review here for you or check it out directly on his YouTube Channel!

Muted He-Man In Hand Images

What a treat to get to see in hand images and thank you again Mr. Home Arcade!!! He took photos outside, inside, and under black light! Also, here is the link to his YouTube review! If you have not subbed Mr. Home Arcade‘s channel, do it now as he is THE MOST ENTERTAINING YouTuber out there!


The figure looks amazing in package! The purple tones of the package play very nicely off the figure!


Up close we can see the colors in more detail and it’s cool that rock burst on the package has the same color scheme.


Figure Details

Mutated He-Man is part of the Wave 1 Turtles of Grayskull line and he looks amazing in hand! The figure IS TRANSLUCENT and we so thrilled that the figure has this design aesthetic and if this is a peak into the future of what is to come for the line, we are all in!


The arms on Mutated He-Man are, in fact, Andre the Giant arms from the WWE Superstars figure so they look oversized and gangly! The spiked wrist cuffs look amazing! The hair color also looks like somewhere in between a neon yellow or neon green.


Looking at the body without the armor, it is tranlucent enough and it really mirrors how the Scareglow MOTU Origins figure plastic was made. Here are some different shots of the figure outside (left) and inside (on right). The figure will change appearance depending on the light and setting he is in. We also get a cool look at the body without the armor and he has a


He comes with a chest armor harness that brings the Anti Enternia feels and this armor would look great on that figure! The foot poking out of the boot is hilarious and love that Mattel thought about the details that go into the figure.


The figure lights up amazingly well under black light and that’s amazing that Mr. Home Arcade has thought of this!


Up close, the mutagen veins really glow nicely under the black light and it’s cool to see the black light and how it plays with the colors of the figure.


Here are some cool pics of Mutated He-Man next to the MOTU Origins He-Man! I guess you can tame any beast with a bottle of booze lol.


Turtles of Grayskull Mini Comic

The mini comic that came with Mutated He-Man is the International version so it does not contain text so the creative Toy Sorceress has fleshed out an amazing story!


The mini comic starts out with He-Man, Man At Arms, Moss Man and Ram Man in Man At Arms workshop. Suddenly Teela and Roboto run in and Roboto projects an image to them that seems like there is some sort of dangerous portal they need to go respond to. They all rush off from the Palace of Eternos, He Man on Battle Cat, and the rest of Stridors, While they are gone, a change begins to fall over Eternia. So our first teases here are both Teela and Roboto. As we saw in Mouse-Jaw Turtles of Grayskull Box Reveal BAF Teela Tease, we saw Teela dawning Turtle clad armor! They arrive at the portal and an evil presence arrived. Suddenly what looks like Trap Jaw comes out of the woods, but wait, it’s not Trap Jaw, its Mouse Jaw followed with a bunch of mousers!


The mousers attack the Heroic Warriors and they try to fight off the mousers the best they can, but they begin to get overwhelmed. Suddenly some help comes from out of the blue! Its the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The mini comic shows the Turtle bros in their cartoon style illustration. Mouse Jaw didn’t know what hit him!


Our Heroic Warriors capture Mouse Jaw and start to take him away through the swamp land. As they make their way back, Man at Arms finds a strange canister.


Meanwhile, back on Dimension X, we see Krang and Shredder with a portable display where you can clearly see Castle Grayskull! The Castle is the source of great power, and they wonder how they can get their hands on it! They open the dimension portal and suddenly the Ninja Turtles attack! Do they all get sucked into the world of Eternia? Because on the next page we see the Turtles all clad in Eternian armor along with our Heroic Warriors Man at Arms, Teela and Roboto! Here again we see Teela dawning the same Turtle armor she was illustrated in on the Mouse Jaw Box Art! Yet another tease, confirming she must be coming to the line in a future wave! On the center left panel on page 8, you can also see Mouse Jaw in a jail cell, but now his colors have changed. He looks like he is now in his Mini Comic color way, can this be yet another tease? Suddenly we get a close up of Michaelangelo outfitted in Battle Armor and wearing a blonde wig! This again is another tease for the yet to be revealed fourth brother who undoubtably will be coming in a future wave! Of course, Mikey has to whip out a pizza pie for the gang to enjoy!


Pages 9 and 10 bring us to Snake Mountain where Skeletor sits on his bone throne and is joined by none other than Shredder in Horde armor and a Megator inspired Krang! Suddenly we see in the next animated cell, none other than Leatherhead and he is struggling to hold onto a prisoner! Who is that, but Mutated He-Man! So here we have yet another tease for Leatherhead!


About Mr. Home Arcade

Mr. Home Arcade runs a YouTube channel by the same name and creates some amazing action figure content! He is also a very talented customizer so be sure to check out his YouTube channel and subscribe!


Mutated He-Man Official Images, Card Art, and Slime Pit Tease

Ever wonder what happened to the Most Powerful Man in the Universe in the recently revealed Turtles of Grayskull MOTU Origins TMNT crossover? It appears that Shredder is taking the helm as Hordak in this bizarre universe that blends 2 of the most iconic properties! Revealed on October 20, 2023, Roy Juarez revealed the card art for the entire first Wave of Turtles of Grayskull figures! With a brand new toy line and new card art, the MOTU Origins side of the house teases future figures, plasysets, creatures and vehicles on the card art. If you are not familiar with the MOTU Origins line and are dipping your toes into it from the Turtles of Grayskull, here is a comprehensive article that shows how the card art teases materialize into plastic goodness. As for the Turtles of Grayskull, we have out first card tease and it’s a doooooooooozey! First let’s take a look at the vintage MOTU Slime Pit from the 1980’s for some much needed context.

Vintage MOTU Slime Pit

The Slime pit itself has already been teased to us on the spectacular artwork that housed the amazing 2021 Power-Con Horde 4 pack, as we covered in our article What MOTU Vehicles and Playsets are Next in the Origins Line? If Slime Pit He-man is being Teased in this mini comic, and we have already seen the Slime Pit in a major piece of packaging artwork, you start to put the pieces together and it looks like a forgone conclusion right?!

According to the Wiki Grayskull

The Slime Pit is the name of two different Masters of the Universe locations. The original Slime Pit was released with the original Mattel storyline, with the other coinciding with the MYP/Four Horsemen MOTU series in 2003. Both locations were made as playsets for the toylines and both playsets came with sticky green slime for play value. The original Slime Pit belongs to the Evil Horde, it is a dinosaur skull-shaped device and a claw, which Hordak uses to trap Eternian Warriors inside it. The dinosaur head then tips forward to coat its unfortunate victim with slime. In the In the MOTU universe, the effect of the slime transforms everyone covered by it into a lumbering, mindless slime-monster, stripped of their own free will, and instead carrying out Hordak’s evil bidding.

Slime Pit | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

The Slime Pit playset was released in 1986 and jumped on that 1980’s slime craze band wagon, like so many other toys back then! It was the Lair of the Evil Horde to torture their unsuspecting victims. It was a fairly simple playset; a dinosaur claw would come out of a pit and hold your figure in place to lay wait for the oncoming slime that fed from a dinosaur skull above.

Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box rear
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Box rear
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage playset
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage in use
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage playset
in use

Source: Men At Customs

Mattel had also sold separate containers of Horde branded slime, so that you could constantly keep your slime pit well stocked.

Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Slime
Masters of the Universe Slime Pit Vintage Slime Package
Source: The Toys of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The Slime Pit has only been pictured once in MOTU Origins artwork. As see below, it was prominently displayed on the exterior of the Masters of the Universe Origins 2021 Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack.

Masters of the Universe Origins Horde 4 Pack Horde Slime Pit Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins 2021 Power Con Exclusive Horde 4 Pack Horde Slime Pit Artwork

Shredder’s Slime Pit

Here we can see the full artwork with Mutated He-Man and Shredder in the background and it looks like a Shredder Slime pit tease!!

Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork

You can see the Slime Pit is Technodrome Shredder inspired with a huge Shredder mask on it!

Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 2
Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 3

This is a great close up of Shredder below! Can’t wait to see what his figure looks like!

Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 4
Turtles-of-Grayskull He-Man Package artwork 5

Mutated He-Man Official Images

He-Man has blue translucent skin and armor that is akin to Anti-Eternia armor! It appears like it is some form of a mutated version as the TMNT line there is Mutagen (A.K.A “The Ooze”), which is a chemical substance that comes from Dimension X, and the reason why the Ninja Turtles (and many of their friends and foes) were created into what they are today. He comes with a silver spiked club that is a reuse of Spikor’s MOTU Origins club.


The colors on this figure are so whacky and over the top that and it looks great! He has neon green hair with a black headband and red beady eyes. He has a snarled look on his face and you can see the mutagen running down his neck and into his chest. The chest harness has the classic Masters of the Universe ‘H’ and the coloring is very anti-Eternia! The red spikes are raised and give the armor straps a very cool look that add depth to the design.


The translucent plastic is a fansaticdesign choice as this reminds me of how Mattel designed the Masters of the WWE Universe figure, Faker (aka John Cena…I bet you are humming his entrance music as you are reading this…you are welcome). You can also see the mutagen green infecting the arms and, in the translucent parts, it creates a cool effect! The spiked mace reminds of the weapon that the MOTU character Spikor wields, but without the handle. The wrist cuffs also have very large spikes, which gives the figure a meaner look!


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