Super7 Is Taking Over The GI Joe O-Ring Line Coming Fall 2024

Super7 announced that they have officially taken over the reigns and will be developing GI Joe O-Ring figures

This has been a long time coming and Super7 has officially taking the helm and will be making O-Ring figures for the GI Joe line! Yesterday, the folks at Super7 are typically very cryptic about the news they are dropping so their post on Instagram is not surprising, but intriguing. One aspect about the Cobra Mothership that has been a downer since the launch of the project was the fact that the Super7 GI Joe O-Ring figures are tied to the successful funding of the Cobra Mothership. We are so excited that Super7 will be making O-Ring figures for GI Joe line and for collectors.


GI Joe O-Ring Figure News

The Fall 2024 will be when the first wave of O-Ring GI Joes will hit! Brian Flynn stated that he wants to take the line where it has not gone before! For example, Super7’s goal is to bring Comic Book, Sunbow, and DIC. He wants to keep the price of the figures at $20 each. There are so many things they can do with the O-Ring line and it’s so exciting!!! He also said they have “years ahead” for the line to be developed.


You can also watch the interview that Pixel Dan did with Brian Flynn for the Announcement

Cobra Mothership Crowdfunding Update

Could Super7 be trying to breath life into the stalled Cobra Mothership crowdfund? The Hasbro GI Joe team did something when Cobra invaded the Skystriker HasLab, which added 3 new figures to the tiers and helped the Skystriker get over the finish line. The fact that the O-Ring figures are tied to the Cobra Mothership crowdfund does not paint a bright future for Super7 taking over the helm where Hasbro left off with their fledgling O-Ring figure line. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that the demand is not there but Hasbro has been dragging their feet and not producing very many O-Ring figures and the ones they are producing, are tied to the GI Joe Transformers crossover line. Super7 has been on a roadshow with the Cobra Mothership as it first made it’s debut at San Diego Comic Con 2023 and Toy Fair 2023.


October 15, 2023 UPDATE: New York Comic Con images

Brian Flynn and the rest of the Super7 gang was at New York Comic Con showing off the new Cobra Mothership playset and boy it’s huge! Brian held it up to his head and it covered his entire torso and then some! Emily from the Hasbro Gi Joe team was there as well cheering him on! Thanks to Russel Maurice Starks for posting these photos!

October 14, 2023 UPDATE: Animated Video walk through

Another animated video has been put out by Super7 showcasing this incredible new vehicle / playset alongside the Sunbow cartoon opening sequence! According to Super7:

A battle 40 years in the making! Pre-order the Cobra Mothership now at! @gijoe #Super7 #Mothership


October 13, 2023 UPDATE: Animated Video walk through

A new animated video has been put out by Super7 showcasing this incredible new vehicle / playset! According to Super7:

This post is for Cobra operatives only! Take a grand tour of the interior of the magnificent Cobra Mothership and imagine how the Joes will cower before its power! Available to pre-order now at

Early Funding Bonus: If we reach our base goal of 4,000 backers by 11:59 PM PT on October 22nd, everyone that ordered by this date will receive two Cobra Escape Parachutes in addition to the Cobra Mothership vehicle. Perfect for use with any figure (and even a certain Commander), the soft goods parachutes will be fully functional! #Super7#GIJoe#GIJoeNation#GIJoeToys@gijoe



The awesome thing about this Mothership and the Trubble Bubbles are, that since GI Joe ReAction figures are the same scale as vintage O-Ring figures, these new vehicles are totally compatible with your vintage 3 3/4″ ARAH O-Ring figures! So even if you aren’t into buying the 5 POA ReAction figures, this Mothership can make a wonderful addition to your vintage GI Joe collection!

October 12, 2023 UPDATE: Cobra Mothership Preorder

ow’s your chance to join the Cobra ranks with this crowdfund vehicle inspired by the opening sequence of the animated series, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Custom built to scale with 3.75” ReAction Figures as well as vintage G.I. Joe O-Ring Figures, the Cobra Mothership is a massive 32” in diameter and comes with three vertical Thruster display stands to display your ship as it begins to take flight.


New York Comic Con 2023 Images and Video

Special thanks to preterniadotcom for posting images of the Mothership from New York Comic Con 2023! Also, Brian Flynn is starring in his own video as he walks through the Cobra Mothership at NY Comic Con 2023.

O-Ring Update?

Super7 also just put out an image that explained how the O-Ring figures are constructed. Selfishly, we hope that Super7 will announce that they are making O-Ring figures no matter if the Cobra Mothership funds or not! That would be music to many collector ears and I personally think Super7 will make more money going this route and it gives fans what they want.

Cobra Mothership O-Ring Details

Just recently, Super7 released some details about the O-Ring figure construction to possibly spark some renewed interest in the Cobra Mothership. Inspired by the ‘80s animated series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero and designed to look and feel like the vintage G.I. Joe toy line from the early ‘80s, our throwback Cobra Viper Gunner O-Ring Figures feature O-Ring construction and have 12 points of articulation for ultimate posability.


Available as part of the Mothership base offering or a separate troop-building 5-pack, these O-Ring Figures are only available to pre-order during the campaign window (ending December 11, 2023) and will only be made if the Mothership vehicle is funded.


These figures look amazing and this opens the door for more o-ring figures to be made that are more Sunbow cartoon inspired! As you can see, they retain the same articulation as the vintage GI Joe figures!


Cobra Viper 5-Pack Add-on Preorder

There’s never a dull moment in the struggle for world domination between Cobra and the forces of chaos vs G.I. Joe and their allies! Inspired by the animated series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, this O-Ring Figure 5-pack includes five articulated, 3.75” scale Cobra Viper Gunner O-Ring Figures, each outfitted with rifle accessories. Designed to look and feel like the vintage G.I. Joe toy line from the early ‘80s, these throwback figures feature O-Ring construction for ultimate posability. This troop-building pack is only available for order during the campaign window (October 12, 2023 – December 11, 2023)- don’t forget to add the fearsome fivesome to your Cobra Mothership crew! This exclusive 5-pack ships separate from the Cobra Mothership vehicle. If the Cobra Mothership vehicle does not get funded, any 5-pack orders will be canceled and refunded.

Cobra-Viper-Gunner-5-Pack-GI-Joe-Super7-O-Ring-5-Pack burst

You can preorder this exclusive Cobra Viper 5-pack ships separate from the Cobra Mothership vehicle but if the Cobra Mothership vehicle does not get funded, any 5-pack orders will be canceled and refunded.


GI Joe Ultimates

We could be reading too much in the cryptic message but this could be alluding to a new GI Joe Ultimates wave. Again, only time will tell and we don’t have too much longer to wait as the news will drop at 3pm ET on November 30, 2023.

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