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Man-At-Arms Turtles of Grayskull MOTU TMNT Crossover In Hand Review

Check out our in depth Man-At-Arms Turtles of Grayskull review from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Masters of the Universe crossover line!

Man-At-Arms, part of the new Turtles of Grayskull Masters of the Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja crossover Wave 1. While the Turtles of Grayskull have not been widely released, I purchased this figure on eBay because I was excited about this new line and I wanted to get an early look at the figure and how it was designed. This is not the first time the Masters of the Universe Origins line has been crossed with another toy line or property, but I was drawn to this line because of the creativity in both the art and design of the figures in the line. Man-At-Arms is lovingly referred to as the Weapons Master in a half Shell and he is definitely a blend of both the TMNT and MOTU properties in a way that pays homage to his Origins design while integrating the TMNT design elements.


The Man At-Arms package features a colorful display of purples and greens, plus it has extra illustrations of He-Man and Leonardo that we typically see with deluxe or exclusive figures.. This one is titled ” Man at Arms Weapons Masters in a Half Shell” He look really cool on this colorful card back, and he took has some awesome artwork that we only get to see half of! This card back is the international version so it does not have the typical instructions and callouts we see on the U.S. versions.


You can also check out our video review on YouTube:

Man-At-Arms Cart Art

Here we can see the entire image where Man at Arms is battling against Krang’s Android Body!

Turtles-of-Grayskull Man at Arms Package artwork

The illustrations always blow me away as the card backs are really works of art that show amazing battle scenes that bring the plastic figures to life. Back when we were kids, we would have cartoons to understand the storylines but now the art and the mini comics have this honor.

Turtles-of-Grayskull Man at Arms Package artwork 2
Turtles-of-Grayskull Man at Arms Package artwork 3

Figure Details

The Man-At-Arms figure is clad in oversized armor with elements of TMNT sprinkled throughout. The yellow colors in his armor and the blue accents play very well of the green figure buck! He’s also have hints of Samurai mixed into the design to create a nice blend of both MOTU and TMNT properties.


From all angles, this figure looks amazing and the addition of the faux fur and the turtle shell on his back has a nice slim profile and really doubles as a cape with a special surprise.


The helmet is glued on to his head and is colored in the classic Man-At-Arms colors of light blue and yellow with the addition of black that extends down enveloping most of the head sculpt.


The chest armor gives a nod to former Man-At-Arms designs with the neck armor and the overall look and feel. The faux fur is made of a squishy material so it is easy to manipulate and move so you can detach the turtle shell.


Once the shell is off his back, you can see the ports that the shield plugs into so it can stay on his back.


Once the shield is off, you can see the turtle shell detail as well as the blue paint app around the shield. The handle is a good size and MAA has no problems welding it.


The oversized armor on the left shoulder resembles a turtle shell and has the inverse color scheme to the shield. If you look closely, the entire armor piece looks like a turtle shell with blue metal plates that complete the look.


The Samurai waist piece is has armor that covers his thighs but does not protect the family jewels, which is a design flaw in my opinion. Also, to remove the armor piece you need to pull Man-At-Arms apart as there is no closure in the back of the figure. The knee and shin armor also has a nice turtle shell on the knee and what looks like a barrel design on the shin.


Weapons and Accessories

Man-At-Arms comes with a large mace and a piece of forearm armor.


The forearm armor has the same color scheme as the oversized shoulder armor and when you put the piece on, it really makes the figure look complete. He also comes with an oversized mace and that mate with Donatello’s weapon to form a large super mace.


Overall, I am very impressed with the Man-At-Arms figure and this bodes really well for the rest of the figures in the line. If you take the line for what it is worth and appreciate the artistic endeavor that the TMNT and MOTU deliver as they are crossed together, it has the making of a really fun line to collect.


Turtles of Grayskull Mini Comic

The mini comic that came with Mutated He-Man is the International version so it does not contain text so the creative Toy Sorceress has fleshed out an amazing story!


The mini comic starts out with He-Man, Man At Arms, Moss Man and Ram Man in Man At Arms workshop. Suddenly Teela and Roboto run in and Roboto projects an image to them that seems like there is some sort of dangerous portal they need to go respond to. They all rush off from the Palace of Eternos, He Man on Battle Cat, and the rest of Stridors, While they are gone, a change begins to fall over Eternia. So our first teases here are both Teela and Roboto. As we saw in Mouse-Jaw Turtles of Grayskull Box Reveal BAF Teela Tease, we saw Teela dawning Turtle clad armor! They arrive at the portal and an evil presence arrived. Suddenly what looks like Trap Jaw comes out of the woods, but wait, it’s not Trap Jaw, its Mouse Jaw followed with a bunch of mousers!


The mousers attack the Heroic Warriors and they try to fight off the mousers the best they can, but they begin to get overwhelmed. Suddenly some help comes from out of the blue! Its the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The mini comic shows the Turtle bros in their cartoon style illustration. Mouse Jaw didn’t know what hit him!


Our Heroic Warriors capture Mouse Jaw and start to take him away through the swamp land. As they make their way back, Man at Arms finds a strange canister.


Meanwhile, back on Dimension X, we see Krang and Shredder with a portable display where you can clearly see Castle Grayskull! The Castle is the source of great power, and they wonder how they can get their hands on it! They open the dimension portal and suddenly the Ninja Turtles attack! Do they all get sucked into the world of Eternia? Because on the next page we see the Turtles all clad in Eternian armor along with our Heroic Warriors Man at Arms, Teela and Roboto! Here again we see Teela dawning the same Turtle armor she was illustrated in on the Mouse Jaw Box Art! Yet another tease, confirming she must be coming to the line in a future wave! On the center left panel on page 8, you can also see Mouse Jaw in a jail cell, but now his colors have changed. He looks like he is now in his Mini Comic color way, can this be yet another tease? Suddenly we get a close up of Michaelangelo outfitted in Battle Armor and wearing a blonde wig! This again is another tease for the yet to be revealed fourth brother who undoubtably will be coming in a future wave! Of course, Mikey has to whip out a pizza pie for the gang to enjoy!


Pages 9 and 10 bring us to Snake Mountain where Skeletor sits on his bone throne and is joined by none other than Shredder in Horde armor and a Megator inspired Krang! Suddenly we see in the next animated cell, none other than Leatherhead and he is struggling to hold onto a prisoner! Who is that, but Mutated He-Man! So here we have yet another tease for Leatherhead!


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