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Duke and Scarlett GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Leak

The GI Joe Classified Series leaks just keep coming! Today, GI Joe Classified Series Retro Cardback Duke and Scarlett were leaked in the form of in-package images that surfaces on Facebook (via Full Force Podcast) and GI Shark on Instagram by way of Simon Riley (yes…it really takes a village). Duke and Scarlett were digital render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 and it’s great to see them on card!

Retro Scarlett

Here is an image of Scarlett on card and the figure came out amazing! This has to be the best Scarlett figure we have seen to date and the Joe team is firing on all cylinders!


We can also the array of weapons and accessories, including a 2nd ponytail that that is packed behind her left fist in the lower right corner.


Retro Scarlett Digital Render Reveal

Next up we got Retro Scarlett which was a foregone conclusion once we got Glenda! Floating pony tails. She comes with a quiver that the arrows can fit into, She comes with arrows, swappable hands, 2 rifles, backpack and stand. The vintage one is shown below for your reference.

Gi Joe ARAH Scarlett VIntage on card
Gi Joe ARAH Scarlett VIntage

Retro Duke

Below we can see the leaked image of Duke and how his packout is arranged on card.


Up close, the updated GI Joe Classified Series duke brings back all of those vintage feels!


Retro Duke Digital Render Reveal

Since the beginning of the GI Joe Classified Series line, collectors have been clamoring for a Retro version of Duke! It’s so cool to see him on this super large retro card back. He is a bit more jacked, and comes in his classic look. He comes with a backpack, binoculars, swappable hands, gun, rifle and classic backpack. Vintage ones shown below for your reference.

Gi Joe ARAH Duke VIntage on card

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