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Airborne GI Joe Classified Series In Box Leak

The Airborne GI Joe Classified Series Leak shows an in-box image of the fully produced figure in amongst figures like Big Boa and Metal-Head

Around the same time we got wind of the GI Joe Classified Series Duke and Scarlett Retro Cardback leaks, we also saw a fully produced and in-box image of Airborne amongst other figures like Metal Head and the recently leaked Big Boa figure. Airborne has only been digital render revealed so it’s amazing to see him in-box! The photo isn’t that great but we can clearly see Airborne in the upper right corner of the image below. We are also thrilled that the window display packaging is back and it looks like the Airborne figure came out really nicely! The illustration in the lower right corner of the box shows him with his helmet on and how is packout is arranged.


Airborne Prototype Leak

According to gi_shark, this looks to be the lower legs of the forthcoming Airborne figure.


Airborne Digital Render Reveal

Airborne is in his classic O-Ring color scheme. The optics can plug onto his helmet. He is really geared up with a layered look to his helmet and gear. Airborne will be released before the Dragonfly.. He is the G.I. Joe Team’s helicopter assault trooper and debuted in 1983. It’s super cool to finally see his digital render to envision what a Classified Series figure of Airborne would look like. His real name is Franklin E. Talltree, and his rank is that of sergeant E-5. Airborne was born in a Navajo Reservation inĀ Arizona. His primary military specialty is an airborne infantryman, while as his secondary military specialty he is a helicopter gunship gunner.

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