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Big Boa GI Joe Classified Series Figure and Window Box Leak

Special thanks to the one and only gi_shark for posting this leaked image of Big Boa GI Joe Classified Series figure in box! What is more amazing than seeing the actual production photo is that we get to see the windowed package design return for the single boxed figures. We got a treat seeing the deluxe window display boxes again with the preorders for Mutt & Junkyard and Metal-Head so it’s cool to see the box type coming back. Big Boa was Digital Render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 so it’s cool to see him in the flesh so to speak.


Check out the Shark News leak on YouTube:

Big Boa Digital Render Reveal

Big Boa is Cobra’s trainer. He has swappable heads. Finally, we can see what he looks like with his helmet off. He has his teeth knocked out, and a grizzled face. He comes with some weights and swappable hands. Big Boa was first released carded as part of the sixth series (1987). He was also sold in 1988 and was discontinued domestically in 1989. Big Boa came with a silver mouthpiece, two red flexsteel-mesh boxing gloves with white Cobra logos, a brown punching bag, and a black stand for the punching bag.


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