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Metal-Head GI Joe Classified Series Official Images and Preorder

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Special thanks to preterniadotcom for posting official images of the Metal-Head GI Joe Classified Series figure and info on the preorder! Metal-Head revealed at London Comic Con 2023 and went from a name only pipeline reveal to a produced figure. The dio shots and box reveal were also shown at London Comic Con 2023. Metal-Head goes up for general release preorder on today (10/31/2023) at 1 PM EST. From London Comic Con 2023, the back of Metal-Head’s showed a tease for the GI Joe Classified Series Gnawgahyde, so hopefully we see him soon!

Metal-Head Preorder

Metal-Head (and Mutt and Junkyard) preorders drop at 10am PT / 1PM ET so check back as we’ll update this post with the direct links to online retailers:

Metal-Head Official Images

The window display boxes are back in full force as Metal-Head is on display with all of his weapons and accessories. Metal-Head comes with an array of missiles with blast effects, his rocket launcher, two guns, a knife, and two helmets.


The colors on the figure harken back to the vintage Metal-Head figure with the red accents on the shirt, boots, and weapons. The head sculpt with the glasses really ties it all together and is a fantastic update to the vintage figure design.


The dio shots of Metal-Head look amazing! We can see Metal-Head gunning for some Joes and we can also see him with all of his rockets as he is a human arsonal.


There are so many ways to display this figure, with and without his rocket launchers. Up close, you can also see a teardrop tattoo under his left eye and his hashmarks almost look like he’s wearing a bandana! There are a ton of details to explore with the figure.


The action dio shots are amazing as. you can see Metal-Head kicking up dust while he’s setting up to fire one of his last rockets or running and gunning hunting the Joes in the desert!


The back half of 2023 is conapalooza as London Comic Con 2023 is in full swing! Hot off the heels of Hasbro’s 1027 2023 FanStream comes the figure reveal of Metal-Head for the GI Joe Classified Series line! Thanks to gi_shark for posting images of the GI Joe Panel at the con from across the pond, we get to see what the actual figure looks like as he’s only been been digital render revealed. He was diigtal render revealed at Hasbro Pulse Con 2023 so it’s great to see what the actual figure looks like!


Metal-Head is the epitome of a human war machine as he’s equipped with an array of rocket lunchers and guns. The head sculpt on the figure came out really nice as he’s shown gritting his teeth as he gets ready to lay waste to any Joe that crosses his path! Differing from many anti-tank specialists, Metal-Head is someone who rises above enthusiasm to hone his craft and his equipment. The level of glee to which he takes when he destroys enemy armor or even just maintaining his equipment has unnerved his own compatriots in the Iron Grenadier force.


Thanks to State O Verse on Twitter for posting this hi-res image of Metal-Head in his packaging! And you will notice that he is back in his window display! Metal-Head looks incredible and you can see all of his pack out all at once again! Look at all; those missiles and blast effects! This figure is going to be an epic addition to your collection!!!

Source: State O Verse on Twitter


He’s also shown with his classic yellow and red framed glasses and his helmet, which looks amazing! From the dio shots that were revealed at the London Comic Con 2023, collector’s are in for a treat! He has increased efficiency by making his launchers light and ultra-portable, strapped to a special backpack or hip-holstered for easy movement. Special electronics in his visors connect to his launchers enable him to merely see the target to feed coordinates for his missiles. And lastly, he doesn’t need to pull his trigger finger to do the job, his weapons system is voice-activated. All he needs to do is say, “bang.”


Metal-Head Digital Render Reveal

Metalhead is a deluxe offering. He comes with rocket launchers that can attach to his wrists. Dual rocket launchers for his backpack. Blast shield on the front of his face. He comes with swappable hair, a ton of blast effects, backpack, rifles, helmet, and a ton of rocket launchers.

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