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Krang Turtles of Grayskull Deluxe Walmart Exclusive In Hand Images

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Since the Turtles of Grayskull deluxe Mouse-Jaw’s release back in January 2024, we were waiting for any sightings or news on the Turtles of Grayskull deluxe Krang Walmart exclusive. Turns out, if you can’t find the figure at Walmart, you can find him on eBay! The Mattel store in El Segundo, California is where collector’s are finding Krang and we can’t wait for it to hit Walmart shelves. If he is showing up on eBay so that is great news as Krang is a wave 1 deluxe figure, like Mouse-Jaw. Special thanks to Jason, a viewer of the website, who scored Krang from the Mattel store in El Segundo!


Here is how the front of Krang looks with just his Megator body and the back of the insert in the middle of his body cavity looks. It has a wood look, which goes nicely with the bronze armor!


Here is Krang out of his Megator body! He has some brainy details and yellow beady eyes! From the back, he has a hollowed out section.


The mid section is removable with a swinging green gate that keeps Krang inside the body cavity.


He comes with a spiked ball and chain and an axe that can fit on to his hands, once you remove them.


His red wrist cuffs are removable and would look so cool on other figures.


Here is a close up of Krang sans head pluse an up close look at the armor.


His head does come off and you can see that his arms are swappable! Here is another look at Krang’s Megator body without armor or his loin cloth!


Here is how Krang looks standing next to Mutated Ram Man. Krangs body armor is all removable and here is how he looks all stripped down.


Here are some in-box shots that Jason was nice enough to take from his car!


It’s great to see the figure in hand so you can see what the colors of the box actually look like!


Here are in-hand images of Krang from the eBay listing!


There are lots of details to take in! His mask and chest armor look like real metal and the chest armor has a cool skull in the middle.


Krang on eBay

The first in hand pics are from eBay, which is not surprising!


Krang On Display

Mattel has a pretty killer booth display and is showing off the full lineup of Turtles of Grayskull figures at Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) 2023. Based on San Diego’s similarly named blockbuster event, CCXP first launched in 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil. The Turtles of Grayskull line mashes up Masters of the Universe charachters with Teenage Mutant Ninja characters and, given the way Krang appeared in the official images, he looked a lot like Megator. With the video, we can clearly the text “We first covered the Turtles of Grayskull figures Waves 1 and 2 back on November 29, 2023 where we saw a not so great image of the figures plus some boxed images of Krang and Mouse-Jaw! Thanks to canaldosrosmineiros, we can see a better image of the entire booth in this video below:

Krang In-Box

Although we don’t have still images of Krang, we took screenshots of the TMNT MOTU crossover behemoth for your viewing pleasure!


Krang is dubbed Alien Brain in a Megator Android, confirming his mashup with the vintage MOTU behemoth. We also get a look at how is accessories are arranged and he is packed like Mouse-Jaw, who is a Target exclusive.


We can also see the amazing illustration of Krang on the side of the box and we can’t wait for Roy and Fetch to release the digital box art!


Krang In Box: November 29, 2023

It’s so cool to see the booth display as we have not seen the images of the Walmart exclusive Krang in box before.


Krang Official Images

It looks like Krang uses the Andre the Giant buck from the WWE Superstars line. As you can see, he has the Krang Robot body style head, visor and all, and it looks like Horde chest armor. He is wearing a red helmet, red gloves, a black loin cloth with what looks like a bronze chain, and red boots.


Krang’s brain is in a center portion that from the images looks like it can be removed as the Origins bucks have that modularity to them.


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  1. Hey Guys!! Heads up. The TOG Krang is showing up at the Mattel store in El Segundo. I just snagged one up today. There was one more when I left, but they do have shipments on Saturday too. Not sure how to post pictures on here but I would if I could.

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