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Mouse-Jaw Turtles of Grayskull Target Exclusive In Hand Review

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With a street date of January 7, 2024, It was only a matter of time that these figures will start showing up on Target shelves, and we were lucky enough to get our hands on him early! Mouse-Jaw can join your Wave 1 Turtles of Grayskull figures! Mouse-Jaw looks amazing! He’s a mashup of Mouser from TMNT and Trap Jaw from MOTU and this was the perfect figure for this type of mashup! So let’s dive into this incredible Mouse-Jaw Turtles of Grayskull Target Exclusive In Hand Review!



You also check out the video review here:


The Mouse-Jaw packaging is a similar style box like the MOTU Origins Moss Man came in. It’s incredible to see this new box format being used now for the TMNT Crossover Deluxe figures as it’s a wonderful way to display all of the amazing pack out of accessories that the figures come with. You can see the Mouser, alternate arm, Mouse-Jaw’s arm attachments and blast effect nicely laid out in the package. This package also lends itself to incredible artwork on all sides! The front of the package reads “Mouse-Jaw Evil & Armed with M.O.U.S.E.R”. If you are wondering what M.O.U.S.E.R stands for, it’s Mobile Offensive Underground Search Excavation and Retrieval Sentries.



Once you open the side flap, you can see that cool instructional illustration on the side flap. Iyt shows you how to take apart the Mouser and attach the legs to Trap Jaw’s hips. The included paper illustration shows you the removable parts that Mouse Jaw comes with. You can remove his two arms, head, waist and boots.


Pack Out

Mouse Jaw being a deluxe figure comes with a ton of accessories and is very nicely packed out. You can see the 3 arm attachments, build a figure parts and the Mouser companion robot. It’s all packed in with a beautiful sunset backdrop and carefully packaged behind the plastic tray is a very stunning illustrated art card.


The packed in art card is made of very thick cardboard and beautifully illustrated. You can see Mouse Jaw and his Mouser on the front, and a bio card in the back. There is a cool sewer pipe and mutagen ooze motif on the rear illustration as well.


Mouse-Jaw Box Art and Official Images

Roy Juarez dropped a tease in the form of the Mouse-Jaw deluxe Turtles of Grayskull box reveal! This was amazing for two reasons! First, there is a Build-A-Figure on the back of the box, which shows a new figure coming to the Turtles of Grayskull line! The Build-A-Figure is called Metal-Boto. Second, the back of Mouse-Jaw’s box art teases Teela in Turtle gear!


Mouse-Jaw Official Hi-Rez Box Art Reveal

Following the video reveal of Mouse-Jaw’s box art, the MOTU Team released the hi-rez images of the box art, which are stunning! Here are all of the amazing people who made this box a reality:

Check out Mouse-Jaw, the Evil & Armed with M.O.U.S.E.R. from the #TMNT x #MOTU Turtles of Grayskull collaboration.

Playing in the MOTU x TMNT sandbox:
Packaging Design & Graphic Design @manuel_eduardo_caritas
Artwork @axel.gimenez
Cardback Colors @dc_alonso
Front Card Colors @fetch.franciscoetchart
Toy Design Steve Redinger
Packaging Engineer @lpukhrambam
Copywriter @yesreallyrob


This the first deluxe style box we’ve seen for the Turtles of Grayskull line and the entire package looks amazing! It features bright and vibrant colors with an amazing scene of Leonardo and Teela battling Mouse-Jaw in front of Castle Grayskull.

Teela Tease

On the back of the Mouse-Jaw package art is a cool tease for Teela clad in turtle inspired armor. She is wheedling a giant Sai and has turtle clad head armor as well.


We can also see the first Build-A-Figure and we are assuming that the parts to make Metal-BOTO will be packed with the deluxe figures as the back of the box says 1 of 4.


Here is the digital box art and it’s cool to see the art without any writing.


The two panels make up the larger scene above but we can view more details, especially of the Teela tease!


Figure Details

This version of Trap Jaw (or Mouse Jaw as he is called) is totally supercharged! He has a while helmet and a flame attachment with a blast effect that looks like the Mouser from TMNT. Trap Jaw’s attachments on his belt can be used to form an actual Mouser! How freakin cool is that? Let’s take a look at Mouse Jaw from all four sides.


You can see that this is an all new design for Trap Jaw (Mouse Jaw). From the Mouser head design to the all new right robotic arm, this version of Trap Jaw is incredible! This time he has a more white motif for the robotic parts of his body, which is apropos because it goes with his Mouser persona!


Mouse Jaw’s head sculpt is all new as well. His helmet design looks like the jaws of a mouser, as it is in the same white Mouser color. It completes the look with saw tooth upper and lower jaws to make up his helmet design. As you can see, Trap Jaw’s face is still eyebrow less like the first MOTU Origins release of Trap Jaw, but he does have nice paint apps on his eyes.


His new arm design is incredible, as his robotic arm has mouser design details. You can see on his shoulder that it looks like the jaws of a mouser with that saw tooth design! Also on the spokes of his shoulder, there are red accents which mimic the laser eye on the top of the mouser! His left arm is the same as the first MOTU Origins release on Trap Jaw, but you will see he has a darker blue skin tone, and silver left wrist arm bracer.


Mouse Jaw’s waist design is essentially the typical MOTU Origins version, but his belt design is new. You will notice the turtle motif molded into his belt buckle, which is a neat detail! The design of Mouse Jaw’s legs are the same as the original release of the MOTU Origins version 1 Trap Jaw, but with white accents on his legs to match the Mouser motif. But you will notice however his feet are totally different! They are actually mouser feet, how cool is that?!


You can remove the Mouser legs and attach it to the ports on the sides of his belt. Also, you can plug his weapons into those ports as well.



Mouse Jaw comes with a bevy of accessories that allows you to display him in all sorts of dynamic poses! He also comes with the Build A Figure parts for the Metal BOTO as well. Here we can see all the accessories included with Mouse Jaw including the BAF parts.


Here is Mouse-Jaw with the Mouser attached to his mechanical arm! There is also a port to place the blast effect in his mouth. The Mouser integrates very well into this arm and the white plastic makes him really pop.


Mouse-Jaw can also use Moto-Boto’s weapons from the Build-A-Figure. He looks great with the claw and the twin laser cannon, that was reused from the MOTU Origins Roboto figure and the Masters of the WWE Universe Kane figure. The axe also looks great on Mouse-Jaw’s mechanical arm and in Mouser’s mouth lol!


The blast effect looks pretty rad as you can mount it directly onto his arm! This figure has a ton displayability options! Showing other ways you can display the weapons, you can also put the attachments in Mouser’s mouth!





The Mouser is a very cool companion figure and is fully articulated. His jaw opens and closes. You can slide his head back and forth on his black neck, and his legs and feet are also articulated. Also all the weapons and blast effect port into his mouth.



Here is Mouser chomping down on some weapons! What a cool figure that looks like it’s tons of fun!


Mouse Jaw Official Images

Here we have all the official release images for Trap Jaw (or Mouse Jaw), and the official production version did not disap is also joining the line and boy is he supercharged! He has a while helmet and a flame attachment with a blast effect that looks like the Mouser from TMNT. It also looks like Trap Jaw’s attachments on his belt can be used to form an actual Mouser! How freakin cool is that?


Mouse Jaw is a cross between Trap Jaw and a Mouser! He has Trap Jaw’s arm, but perhaps using the new Cartoon Collection sculpt, and his head isTrap Jaw with a Mouser head for his helmet! There is also a full Mouser included that can be attached to his arm as well!


He also comes with Roboto’s attachments in a light blue color, which is a departure from his normal set of weapons like his hook, laser blaster, and his claw.


Where to Buy

Mutated Moss Man
Metal-BOTO (BAF)

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