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Gigantisaur MOTU Origins Powers of Grayskull Concept

The Powers of Grayskull line only had a few characters and creatures produced back in 1988. The line was never fully developed by Mattel because the Masters of the Universe line’s popularity was on a sharp decline. The Powers of Grayskull was a spinoff from the Masters of the Universe brand. Beginning in 1987, it was intended to show the prehistory of Eternia, or Preternia. However, the line was aborted early, and very few products were ever released. It included fantastic new characters, giants and the world of Preternia filled with robotic dinosaurs! It would be a dream come true if Mattel were to build out the Powers of Grayskull line! Thanks to the ingenuity and passion for the Masters of the Universe line, yerco_ub gives us a way to travel back to Preternia to add one of the most massive MOTU concepts with his 3D blueprint for the one and only Gigantisaur!


Powers of Grayskull Gigantisaur

Only shown but not produced, you can see where yerco_ub got the inspiration for his 3D blueprint for Gigantisaur! The mechanical dino towers in front of the young boys that are featured in the catalog.

According to Wiki Grayskull:

The Powers of Grayskull was a spinoff from the Masters of the Universe brand. Beginning in 1987, it was intended to show the prehistory of Eternia. However, the line was aborted early, and very few products were ever released.

The Powers of Grayskull | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom


Gigantisaur was an unreleased creature from the cancelled Powers of Grayskull line from 1988 that was modeled after a Brontosaurus. This creature is huge and you can see the canon door and how it can fit a MOTU figure in it.

Gigantisaur Masters of the Universe Powers of Grayskull 1
Gigantisaur Masters of the Universe Powers of Grayskull 2

Gigantisaur Powers of Grayskull Concept

Yerco truly captured the look, feel, and design of Gigantisaur! In his own words he proclaimed “🦕 Unveiling the Legendary Gigantisaur! 🦕 He-Man fans, brace yourselves for a flashback to the golden era! Remember the gigantic dinosaur Mattel once teased for their “The Powers of Grayskull” line? I’m thrilled to present my 3D model of the illustrious Gigantisaur!” If you know of Yerco’s amazing work, he is not afraid to bring a massive scale to his designs! In fact, he’s created blueprints for Eternos Palace and the Horde Doom Tower in a scale we would never see come from a mass produced toy line!


Gigantisaur is not just any dinosaur. This heroic battle station and warrior duo boasts:
🔸 A dynamic neck that pivots and has the power to “swallow” its adversaries.
🔸 A unique mechanism where kids can make it rear up on its hind legs with just a push of a lever.
🔸 A secretive door in its belly hiding a cannon, ready to defend Eternia.
🔸 An additional door that reveals our favorite heroes, gearing up for the next battle.


Mattel might have planned it, but today, I bring Gigantisaur to life for all of you! Swipe to explore this majestic creature in all its glory. Perfect for ages 5 and over, and a must-have for every ‘Masters of the Universe’ enthusiast! 🌌🛡️


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If you want to purchase the 3D blueprints for Gigantisaur, head over to Yerco’s Cults3D page and, while you are there, check out his other creations!


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