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Hordak’s Throne MOTU Revolution Masters of the Universe Masterverse Concept

Available to custom 3D print comes Hordak’s Throne MOTU Revolution Masterverse concept from Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix series

The man that has brought us a way to 3D print the Filmation Attak Trak (v1 and v2), the Small Trak, Horde Command Crawler, Doom Tower, and Eternos Palace comes Hordak’s Throne from the Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix Series. It hasn’t been a full day since the highly anticipated MOTU Revolution dropped its first 5 episodes and they did not disappoint! With new MOTU media for fans to enjoy also comes the creativity to imagine the new worlds that talented 3D artists can offer to collector’s so they can begin world building from elements that are seen in the animated series. We know that the Masterverse wave 13 figure assortment will include a new sculpt of the ruthless and maniacal leader of the Horde as Emperor Hordak and what a way to welcome him into the line by this amazing Hordak’s Throne. Yerco’s 3D blueprints are available to purchase on his Cults3D page so if you have the means, this throne is a must buy!


Yerco posted on Instagram, “Calling all “Masters of the Universe” enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to unveil my latest creation: the Hordak Throne inspired by the “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” series. This throne captures the essence of Hordak’s more sadistic and tyrannical spirit, merging sharp geometric lines with neon lights to signify advanced power and technology. Perfectly suited for Masterverse or Origins figures, this throne is not just a tribute to Hordak but a must-have centerpiece for any collection.”


He goes on to say, “🏰 Immerse yourself in the details and let the power of Etheria transform your space. Don’t forget to swipe for more and share your thoughts in the comments!”

Where to Buy

You can purchase Yerco’s 3D blueprint on his Cults3D page!


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