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Attak Trak Version 1 and 2 MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Concept

Yerco has redesign and reimagined what a Filmation Cartoon Collection Attak Trak could like like with all of the bells and whistles!

The amazing @yerco_ub is hard at work creating blueprints for 3D printable Masters of the Universe Origins vehicles and playsets. We recently covered his Filmation Attak Trak (and Small Trak) vehicle but he has since redesigned the Attak Trak and it looks absolutely stunning! In the automobile industry, they are updating vehicles on a regular basis and you can think of this version of the Attak Trak has an upgraded model with all of the bells and whistles! Yerco says in his Instagram post, I’m thrilled to introduce my latest project: “The Revamped Attack Track,” an enhanced version of the iconic vehicle that has carried our heroes across the vast lands of Eternia.” We also feature his version 1 Attak Trak as @mrhomearcade as 3D printed v1 and put a review up on his YouTube channel!


Here are some early illustrations of the Filmation cartoon version of the Attak Trak where Yerco got his inspiration from.

He goes on to say, “Drawing inspiration from Filmation’s animated series, I’ve added a series of updates that make this model more functional and exciting than ever. From a new engine access point for Man-At-Arms (or Duncan, as we know him) to perform inspections during journeys, to four additional compartments for weapons and repair tools.”


This new model sports several upgrades like like places to store weapons and accessories to “repair” the attack track. He also added hood that opens so you can see the internal engine, which was a great idea!


One of the cooler aspects of the Attal Trak is that it has room in the back to store the Small Trak or creatures and figures as he’s optimized the internal space, making it 20% larger so that our beloved Battle Cat can join the adventure. And as the cherry on top, I present the personal model of the Small Track, inspired by original sketches. This miniature model has all the functionalities of its larger counterpart and fits perfectly inside it.


He also added a pulley and winch system so that the Attak Trak would be able to pull in objects with a hook, just like 4×4 vehicles do. This feature can also help the Attak Trak get out of sticky situations. You just turn the dial with the He-Man cross on the floor and it actually works!


Yerco also added internal coils and, although, these do not appear in the Filmation series, the attack track generated electrical discharges, so he assumed that it should have electrical generators to produce “discharges” of electricity. They are shown below and adds some nice elements to the interior of the Attak Trak.


Small Trak

The talented yerco_ub has followed up his epic 3D model of the Filmation Attak Trak with the smaller vehicle that resembles the Vintage MOTU Attak Trak dubbed the Small Trak! Yerco has designed pretty much all of the The Mattel’s Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote crodfunding projects except for the Snake Lair, which won by a landslide in our unofficial vote and took 1st place in Matte’s official vote. He has created Horde’s Doom Tower, Filmation Attak Trak, the Horde Command Crawler. The next project we are featuring is Yerco’s Filmation inspired Small Trak.


According to the Battle Ram Blog (best resource for MOTU history but you already knew that), there was a MOTU vintage toy accurate version called the Small Trak that made a cameo in the Evilseed episode. Speaking of the Small Trak, here are the vintage illustrations in case Yerco gets inspired and makes this little guy as an add on to the Filmation Attak Trak. here is the version of the Attak Trak as it appears in Evilseed, and is referred to as the Small Trak.

This vehicle’s design is more in line with the Attak Trak toy, with only one seat and no canopy, than the large transport vehicle capable of carrying whole squads. Nevertheless, the Small Trak is also colored blue like the Filmation Attak Trak, rather than the toy’s original red.

We love hearing from the creators and, in Yerco’s own words, he says, “Fans of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” will instantly recognize this iconic vehicle! Drawing inspiration from the episode “Evilseed”, I present to you a faithful 3D recreation of the “Small Trak,” a variant of the legendary Attak Trak. While the Small Trak design closely mirrors the Attak Trak toy with its singular seat and lack of a canopy, this model boasts the blue coloring reminiscent of the Filmation Attak Trak, diverging from the toy’s original red.”


He goes on to say, “Whether you’re an avid collector, a fan of the series, or simply appreciate intricate 3D designs, this model is bound to impress. Relive the adventures of Eternia with this remarkable piece, and let the power of Grayskull guide your collection to new heights!” Some key features to note:

  • Designed for compatibility with “Origins” style figures.
  • Wheels rotate true to the Filmation series.
  • Best of all? It fits snugly within the larger Attak Trak!

Attak Trak v1

The Attak Trak has been featured in the Masters of the Universe cartoons many times. Although it looked different that it’s toy version in the Filmation cartoon, that Attak Trak was a character all it’s own as it spoke and respond to He-Man and the gang in it’s robotic voice! Released in 1983, Mattel’s battery powered motorized version of the Attak Trak did not resemble the one in the cartoon.

This version of the Attak Trak featured similar motorized tank treads to that of the cartoon, but that is where the similarities ended. It held only 1 figure that was strapped down with it’s rubber band like seat belt and was a bright red color and beautiful blue accented stickers! Featured in many famous Masters of the Universe Art posters, that Attak Trak is was beautiful illustrated making it a very popular vehicle! It is one of my personal favorites, (pictured below) as I still own a fully functional working version! I just love watching those treads spin around and making that thing run across the room with He-Man strapped in the seat!

Mr. Home Arcade Version 1

Toy Habits Crew Member Mr. Home Arcade 3D printed the Version 1 Attack Trak and put this up on his YouTube channel!

Attak Trak MOTU Mattel in Box
Attak Trak MOTU by Mattel in Box 1983
Attak Trak Masters of the Universe 1982
Attak Trak Masters of the Universe 1983

Long before Mattel conceived of their Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote, Yerco had these plans 3D designed and printer ready back in September 2022. Looking at the vintage illustrations, Yerco has designed the perfect Filmation Attak Trak complete with a twin gun turret, pink/red treads, and and the yellow markings we all know and love. The Toy Sorceress affectionally call this version He-Man’s version of the Mystery Machine.


Looking at the interior, it looks like there is ample room for a Small Trak vehicle to stow in the body of the Attak Trak, complete with treads on the floor and door so the Small Trak has easy access and can move about the cabin if need be as the rear door folds down to become a ramp.


Interior has the look and feel of one of Duncan’s great inventions, from the piping running along the length of the interior to the futuristic looking dashboard.


Yerco even designed the seats to move back and forth on their own trak (or track 😂), making this vehicle versatile and fun!


Speaking of fun, not only is this big boi huge but it also rolls exactly as depicted in the Filmation cartoon.

To get a sense of the scale, Yerco has positioned some of Skeletor’s and King Hiss’ henchman to thwart He-Man and Man-At-Arms plans!


In another scene, Webstor and Scoprpia (MOTU custom) have disrupted Prince Adam, Man-At-Arms, and Adora (MOTU custom) joy ride through Eternia.


Where to Buy

You can purchase the 3D plans for this amazing Filmation Attak Trak v2 here!


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