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Doom Tower Masters of the Universe MOTU Origins Concept

There is one freakishly talented digital artist, yerco_ub, who poured his heart and soul into a project he is passionate about! He has a 3D model concept of the Doom Tower playset, which was recently put up for fan vote as one of Mattel’s next crowd funding project. This 3D model captures the essence of the concept art that the team at Mattel illustrated as part of their Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote and he put it on steroids! If you recall, here is the concept art Mattel released as part of the vote!

MOTU Eternia's Choice Fan Vote Filmation Fright Zone

Doom Tower Concept

To put the Doom Tower in perspective, yerco_ub sent us a scaled image that has the dimensions of this 3D render and to say that this tower is massive is an understatement! You can see he added a 5.5″ MOTU Origins Kobra Khan in various places to give you a sense of the scale but, as it stands, the height come in at a whopping 77″ tall! If something like this ever went into production, it would literally be the tallest MOTU playset ever!


This Doom Tower render is absolutely stunning and goes above an beyond anything that Mattel could conceive of! As yerco_ub details on his Instagram page, “She-Ra: Princess of Power” and “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” enthusiasts! 🏰✨ #SheRa #mastersoftheuniverse After countless hours and a deep love for the universe we all cherish, I’m thrilled to unveil my latest project: “The Doom Tower”, a faithful adaptation of the formidable “Fright Zone” from where the Evil Horde ruled over Etheria.”


As yerco_ub continues by saying, “Drawing direct inspiration from the 1985 animated series, I’ve recreated this sprawling techno-industrial labyrinth, with all its dark and twisted corners. From Hordak’s throne, to Mantenna’s control center, and down to Modulok’s underground lab. It’s a tribute to the shows we hold dear, and I’ve packed in numerous details for the true fans to immerse in nostalgia and wonder. While we’re still awaiting the Shadow Weaver’s cave, I promise there are developments on that front and soon you’ll see how it connects via the right connector of our Doom Tower.”


Getting a close up look at the Doom Tower, this 3D model has a ton of intricate details from the Horde symbol on the outside, that looks like a translucent piece, down to the realistic looking ventilation systems, yerco_ub has really outdone himself.


Staying true to the Filmation She-Ra cartoons, yerco_ub has created Hordak’s throne, Mantenna’s control center, and even Modulok’s underground lab! This playset has tie-ins to the Masters of the Universe Secret of the Sword movie as yerco_ub has created Hordak’s energy draining chamber. Revealing Hordak’s latest weapon, the Magna-Beam, a willpower-fueled transporter that will allow him to send the entire Rebel base into exile forever, this device can drain the essence of the Rebels to fuel this wonderful toy!


You can also buy the Digital plans for this Doom Tower, head over to cults3d page and you can order it!


Doom Tower Official Concept

This Filmation style Fright Zone that the Mattel team is calling a Doom Tower playset is a really cool design that comes right out of the She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation cartoon series of the 1980’s. Known for being the main headquarters for the Evil Horde, the Fright Zone was the prominent location featured for Hordak and his evil minions on the Filmation She-Ra Princess of Power Cartoon. Ah, the Fright Zone, where Hordak sat in his throne room, many a time sending poor Grizzlor thru the famous trap door, ruling over the Evil Horde!

MOTU Eternia's Choice Fan Vote Filmation Fright Zone

The Fright Zone, although one of the smaller playsets in the MOTU vintage line, is a great contender for a crowd funding project! There was also an unproduced Fright Zone concept that never made it tot he MOTU Classics line! What is cool about the MOTU Classics concept is that it is large and it looks like the Fright Zone from the Filmation cartoon!


Here we can see how the Fright Zone appeared in the She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation Cartoon, and of course Mattel’s design comes straight from this cartoon!

Princess of Power Fright Zone Filmation
Fright Zone as seen on the She-Ra Princess of Power Filmation cartoon
Princess of Power Fright Zone Filmation inside
Fright Zone interior as seen on the Filmation cartoon
Princess of Power Fright Zone Filmation inside 3
Fright Zone interior as seen on the Filmation cartoon

Doom Tower Walkthrough by MJR

Mega Jay Retro also featured this amazing 3D model on his YouTube Channel:

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