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Attak Trak MOTU Origins Filmation Concept

The Filmation MOTU Origins Attak Trak is cruising by a 3D printer near you so check out this amazing vehicle created by the talented Yerco!

The Mattel’s Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote to pick the next crowdfunding project has been a godsend to collectors who though Mattel would never make projects like the Horde’s Doom Tower (concept by yerco_ub) or the Snake Lair (concept by m.t.dioart). The next project we are featuring is yerco_ub‘s Filmation Attak Trak! If you are not familiar with Yerco’s work, he has created accurate and scaled 3D blueprints for many Filmation vehcles, playsets, and accessories that you’ll find in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon. The last project we featured was his Eternos Palace MOTU Origins 3D blueprints and the result is not only outstanding, but the palace is massive in all of the right ways. Taking inspiration directly from the source, Yerco has recreated the Filmation Attak Trak and pays homage to the Filmation based on the original animated illustrations but on a much larger scale! As he says, “it’s a massive project, so it requires work and patience, remember that the assembled vehicle measures more than 40 cm x 30cm (11.8 X 15.7 in” ) wide (as big as the Grayskull castle).”

Filmation Attack Trak

Long before Mattel conceived of their Eternia’s Choice Fan Vote, Yerco had these plans 3D designed and printer ready back in September 2022. Looking at the vintage illustrations, Yerco has designed the perfect Filmation Attak Trak complete with a twin gun turret, pink/red treads, and and the yellow markings we all know and love. The Toy Sorceress affectionally call this version He-Man’s version of the Mystery Machine.


Looking at the interior, it looks like there is ample room for a Small Trak vehicle to stow in the body of the Attak Trak, compelte with treads on the floor and door so the Small Trak has easy access and can move about the cabin if need be as the rear door folds down to become a ramp.


Speaking of the Small Trak, here are the vintage illustrations in case Yerco gets inspired and makes this little guy as an add on to the Filmation Attak Trak.

Here are some more illustrations and, according to the Battle Ram Blog (best resource for MOTU history but you already knew that), there was a MOTU vintage toy accruate version called the Small Trak that made a cameo in the Evilseed episode.

Interior has the look and feel of one of Duncan’s great inventions, from the piping running along the length of the interior to the futuristic looking dashboard.


Yerco even designed the seats to move back and forth on their own trak (or track 😂), making this vehicle versatile and fun!


Speaking of fun, not only is this big boi huge but it also rolls exactly as depicted in the Filmation cartoon.

To get a sense of the scale, Yerco has positioned some of Skeletor’s and King Hiss’ henchman to thwart He-Man and Man-At-Arms plans!


In another scene, Webstor and Scoprpia (MOTU custom) have disrupted Prince Adam, Man-At-Arms, and Adora (MOTU custom) joy ride through Eternia.


Where to Buy

You can purchase the 3D plans for this amazing Filmation Attak Trak here!


Attak Trak History

Mattel, having never created a Filmation style Attak Trak before, music to collector’s ears I know o’ve joked around about this before and called it Eternia’s version of the Scooby Doo Van, but this design Mattel came up with looks incredible! There is even a regular sized vintage Attak Trak being driven out of the rear compartment by Man at Arms! So you get a vintage style Attak Trak, plus the Filmation version! The front windshield looks to lift up to place your figures inside as well! These are wonderful designs and a super exciting choice!

MOTU Eternia's Choice Fan Vote Filmation Attak Trak

The Attak Trak has been featured in the Masters of the Universe cartoons many times. Although it looked different that it’s toy version in the Filmation cartoon, that Attak Trak was a character all it’s own as it spoke and respond to He-Man and the gang in it’s robotic voice! Released in 1983, Mattel’s battery powered motorized version of the Attak Trak did not resemble the one in the cartoon. This version of the Attak Trak featured similar motorized tank treads to that of the cartoon, but that is where the similarities ended. It held only 1 figure that was strapped down with it’s rubber band like seat belt and was a bright red color and beautifu blue accented stickers! Featured in many famous Masters of the Universe Art posters, that Attak Trak is was beautiful illustrated making it a very popular vehicle! It is one of my personal favorites, (pictured below) as I still own a fully functional working version! I just love watching those treads spin around and making that thing run across the room with He-Man strapped in the seat!

Attak Trak MOTU Mattel in Box
Attak Trak MOTU by Mattel in Box 1983
Attak Trak Masters of the Universe 1982
Attak Trak Masters of the Universe 1983

MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

Yerco’s Filmation Attak Trak will look amazing with the new MOTU Origins Cartoon (aka Filmation) line coming in 2024! Maters of the Universe Origins Cartoon Collection figures were revealed at SDCC 2023, which includes He-Man, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Trap Jaw, and Beast Man were revealed as the inaugural MOTU characters for this brand new subline. The figures are using an updated MOTU Origins buck for this new Cartoon Collection line and the figures that were shown looked amazing!


MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Wave 1

We are speculating that the MOTU Origins Wave 1 will consist of the Filmation version He-Man, Skeletor, Man-At-Arms, and Beast Man! If you recall, the “Filmation” versions were referred in the MOTU Origins News article had He-Man and Beast Man in Wave 15 and Skeletor and Man-At-Arms in Wave 16 but it looks like they are restarting the wave designations as the Cartoon Collection is a new subline! Also, instead of spreading the figure out across two waves, it looks like, according to our source, that Wave 1 will all for figure together to kick things off!

Vintage Masters of the Universe Origins

With this new subline, Mattel had to differentiate it from the new MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection and the fate of the Origins line is out of retailers hands and solely in the hands of its maker, Mattel! Mattel did confirm that the are committed to finishing out the MOTU Origins line but they will be exclusively offered on Mattel Creations. Although the new Cartoon Collection of Filmation Origins figures were reported to go on sale at retail starting in Spring 2024, our source tells us that the figures would be avaiable in Q1 of 2024. As an added bonus, Mattel plans to explore the entire line so we could likely see Filmation vehicles and playsets coming to the line!

MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

The Cartoon Collection will feature 6 figures in it’s inaugural line up! We’ve seen the cartoon versions of He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Trap Jaw, Skeletor and Teela and the loan hold out was Beast Man! The Cartoon collection are still compatible with swappable parts like the rest of the figures. New card back art with the He Man and the Masters of the Universe logo and the blue sky with Castle Grayskull from the opening of the Filmation cartoon. The back of the character description will say what episode the figure was inspired by. The first ones, are focusing on the “Masks of Power” episode.


There is a difference in the bucks between the MOTU Origins and the Cartoon Collection. The legs are more upright that the more squat previous Origins figures. The torso’s have been updated as well to be more proportional to the cartoon as well. The Cartoon collection are still compatible with swappable parts like the rest of the figures.


Here is the line up for the first run of the figures:


The new MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection is a spectacular homage to the 1980’s He Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon series! This first wave of figures includes Cartoon Collection He-Man, Skeletor, Man At Arms, Teela, Trap Jaw and one more mystery figure (shown as a black silhouette) which will be unveiled Friday at 1:30pm.


The new figures have incredible new packaging with a Filmation inspired card back! You can see the classic animated Castle Grayskull on the cardback. It also has a new “Cartoon Collection” sticker in the Filmation rainbow logo style. This new sculpt of He-Man looks fabulous! You can see that they gave him an all new head sculpt from the previous release from the He-Man Anniversary 4 pack.


Trap Jaw and Skeletor looks really great as well! The simple designs on their chest armor and wrist bracers help to give that Filmation cartoon look to them! The look of Trap Jaw really looks like his cartoon counterpart! Teela and Man At Arms round off the rest of the Cartoon Collection Wave and look like they stepped right out of your CRT TV!


Cartoon Beast Man

Beast Man was the loan hold out from the Cartoon Collection reveals! They also display the card art for the figure as well!


He comes with a hover ray that was featured in the episode Dragon Invasion. He comes with his whip as well. He has all new chest and shoulder armor. He stands more upright and is a little more slender than the v1 Beast Man.



Here is the card art for the Cartoon Beast Man:


Complete Your MOTU Collection

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