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Lady Slither’s Lair MOTU Origins Concept

m.t.dioart from Germany is actually making a version version Lady Slither’s Lair, an un-produced concept from from the MOTU Classics era and is bringing it to life! While he features MOTU Classicis figures in his design, this playset would scale nicely for MOTU Origins and Masterverse (if we get any Snake Men created for that line). Taking the blueprint from the MOTU Classics Lady Slither’s Lair, which was just an image, m.t.dioart uses a combination of MDF, wood, and foam Styrodur to achieve his intended result. He was posted several work in progress images so be sure to check back here for updates as I am sure you are as eager to see the end result as we are!

September 30, 2023 UPDATE: Exclusive Images – Snake Lair Complete

m.t.dioart has finished his Snake Lair masterpiece and shared exclusive images with us! The Snake Lair looks absolutely stunning and it’s amazing to see the final concept come to life! He was also placed MOTU Origins Snake Men in and around the Lair so we can see the scale compared to the figures.


Getting a full view into the inside of the Lair, you can see all of the fin detail m.t.dioart pours into his work! The dungeon came out great and we love the skeleton on the wall!


The technique that m.t.dioart used to create the stone and water effects are second to none! Another skeleton also appears in the moat outside of the castle, which makes us think that once you are thrown in the depts of the dungeon, you check in but you don’t check out!


As Rattloe and Kobra Khan are devising a plan inside the Lair, we can see Tung Lashor guarding the entrance, which we can see a small piece of. The moat came out beatifully and it actually looks like real water, which is most likely muck around the Lair.


Looking from the inside out, we can see the drawbridge door with the torch lighting effects. The Cobra snake head and the smaller snakes flanking the centerpiece complete the look on the outside of the Lair. All of the sculping and time and effeort m.t.dioart put into the Lair has paid off as the final result is absolutely beautiful!


September 16, 2023: Adding More Snake Details

Continuing to add more detais to the Snake Lair, m.t.dioart shows us his work in progress as he applies the finer touches to this amazing structure. Showing off custom printed Snake Heads from @danyos_cr, he shows us how creative he can get and how these heads fit in the design.


Using prints from the amazing customizer @danyos_cr, m.t.dioart applies a killer paint app to sculpts and gives them a body!


The Snake Heads are coming out the top of the skulls that flank each side of the Cobra. The paint application and sculpting of the entire body fits so nicely and its a great addition to an already amazing piece!


September 14, 2023: Paint Application to the Snake Lair

It looks like m.t.dioart has completed his Snake Lair and it looks absolutely stunning! From the realistic stone down to the forked tongue door, m.t.dioart has outdone himself!


September 7, 2023: Exterior Painting and Lighting

In a cool turn of events, Mattel announced their fan vote for their next crowdfunding project and the Snake Lair has made the list! m.t.dioart shows the next steps in his Lady Slither’s Lair project and it is unreal! He has applied a very realistic looking stone paint app and we also get to see what the Lair looks like from the back in its entirety!


He also started rigging up some more LED lighting as you can see the stone torch coming to life!


The detail is spectacular on the torches as they have snakes on the sides and a really nice metal looking surround for the torch!


The front of the lair is looking outstanding!!! The LED’s really make the lair come to life and the green paint app on the door gives it an eery glowing effect!


August 30, 2023: Lady Slither’s Dungeon Interior

Continuing his amazing work on Lady Slither’s Lair, m.t.dioart has designed the interior of the Snake Men fortress as he’s developed the dungeon! It’s amazing to get a glimpse inside Lady Slither’s Lair and he created this dungeon that is very reminiscent of Castle Grayskull and it fits right in with the MOTU universe. Using LED’s to light up the grate, you can see a hand and a skull with a hand peaking out it! The poor unfortunate soul just could not escape the wrath of Lady Slither!


Behind the Scenes

m.t.dioart takes you behind the scenes as he creates the dungeon grate! He has taken a black wooden grate and applied a rust paint app and added a handle. The paint app looks so realistic as it has a worn out and overused look and feel to it.


Applying foam on the underside, he creates a raised look to the dungeon grate and applies similar fine details like the facade of Lady Slither’s Lair! Up close, you can get a good look at the beastly hand that trying to get out!


We also see a close up the skull and hand and it looks amazing! Applying a green ooze look and feel, you get a sense that this dungeon is not where you want to end up. You can also see the stone detail that he sculpted into the foam that goes along with the rest of the castle.


m.t.dioart did not have a lot to go on but used the card art from the recently released (and sold out) MOTU Origins Fang-Or and the Lady Slither’s Lair concept from MOTU Classics.

Lady Slithers Lair MOTU Origins Concept

As you can see by the two images of the drawbridge door, m.t.dioart takes a lot of pride in his work and tries to bring out every detail, even replicating the forked tongue design for the door. While he did not have an image of the door, he reimagined what it could look like and result is stellar! He has a Snake Men symbol centered on the door with snakes crawling up and down it. The paint app on the door pieces really resemble the look of wood!


Here, m.t.dioart shares how he designed the large Cobra head that is above the door to the Lair. Using foam, he has sculpted a true to life version of a snake head.


Getting a peak inside the mouth, you can see that no detail was left unfinished. From the actual forked tongue in the mouth to the yellow beady eyes, m.t.dioart has done a phenomenal job!


Lady Slither’s Lair Concept and Tease

With the announcement of Fang-Or and Lady Slither coming to the Masters of the Universe Origins line, the devil is in the details and Mattel might be hinting at more deep cut Snake Men figures coming to the line. Both Lady Slither and Fang-Or are original designs created by Axel Gimenez back in the MOTU Classics era! Fang-Or was produced by the Super7/Mattel collaboration while Lady Slither was just a concept that never saw the light of day. We take a deeper look at the characters and a possible playset that could be coming to the Masters of the Universe Origins line.

Source: Axel Gimenez

Fang-Or Announcement Teases Lady Slither’s Lair

Along with the announcement of the figure, Mattel provide some very juicy details for us to chew and stew on. As Mattel (we think this might be Roy Juarez speaking) was describing the packaging and art direction for for Fang-Or, they said “When it’s revealed, you will see a direct connection to Preternia. We’ll focus on a lush swamp background, and in the middle of it you’ll be able to see Lady Slither’s Snake Lair…The artwork teases potential upcoming figure reveals and a very cool easter-egg I had to include in the cardback artwork. Fans will notice that the Snake Lair is surrounded by a moat and a creature. The moat pays homage to The Castle Moat playmate that Mark Taylor originally envisioned, and the sea creature is one of the creatures illustrated in The Castle Moat. This concept was held over from the MOTU Classics line but would make an amazing MOTU Origins playset!

Lady Slithers Lair MOTU Origins Concept

Finally the last character reported by on Facebook, is the MOTU Origins Lady Slither. She is also set to be released also as a Mattel Creations exclusive, going up to be up for preorder in September.

Per on Facebook:

Availability: Mattel Creations
Page Go-Live Date: September
Pre-Sale Date: September
Product Copy: To be provided later.
Notes from the Team: Lady Slither will have an elegant slipcover wrapped in snake scales with a bronze patina finished medallion of Lady Slither’s face (our nod to Medusa’s head on Athena’s shield). On the top of the slipcover, we have a bronze crest of the Snake Men logo. The back has a character writeup of Lady Slither inside a bronzed serpent frame. The front of the box features Lady Slither commanding her troops Fang-Or, Vypor, Stretch Neck and Raptilax (from the vintage mini comics) into battle. On the cardback we have Lady Slither in her human form (featuring her interchangeable human legs) sitting on her throne inside her Snake Lair. To the left of Lady Slither is High Priest Pythonus, a character also designed by Axel, and to the right of Lady Slither is the red Snake Man fans will recognize from Kol-Darr’s cardback art.

History of Lady Slither

Lady Slither, Slytheena of the Serpent House is a lady Snake Men in female form, from the Masters of the Universe Classics canon. She said to be the leader of the Snake Men, and has the ability to transform the lower half of her body into a snake tail, which is very unusual. This will be very interesting to see how they treat this in Origins form! She also had a raid on Eternia, then led a Revenge Squad on Trolla, and finally returned to Eternia again to wreak havoc throughout the land.

Lady Slither history

Thanks to Allison Troy for her insight on Lady Slither. According to Allison: There aren’t many ladies (none) so far in the Snake Men faction. And Lady Slither is one that a lot of fans have responded to. While she’s a lot of new tooling – at this point the only re-use for her is the Origins She-Ra arms. Her torso could facilitate a more generic female torso buck which would lead to many more figures. In her human form she wears fur shorts and the typical furry boots. So that piece would give us Battleground Teela’s waist piece – and if they designed the torso generic enough it would also give us Battleground Teela’s torso. Plus again– a more generic female torso that allowed for clip-on and snap-on armor would lead to more opportunities for female figures in Origins. Plus her crown could be re-used for Zilora from the Filmation cartoon.

Lady Slither MOTUC
Lady Slither Human form 1

According to Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom:

Lady Slither is a vicious leader of the Snake Men, filling a similar role to the one held by King Hiss. She seemed to have attacked Eternia during He-Man’s time on Primus, but was later sent by the Unnamed One to form a villainous Revenge Squad which laid siege to Trolla in an attempt to take the Trollan Temple of Power. Upon her defeat, she returned to Eternia where she and the remaining Snake Men became a dangerous threat to the planet. Later, she joined forces with the resurrected King Hiss and his own revived Snake Men.

Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

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