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Huge Sale on GI Joe Classified Series Army Builders and Figures

A huge GI Joe Classified Series sale is happening on a website called the Kids Warehouse, including some sought after army builders.

Thanks to grownupkiddo for the heads up that online retailer Kids Warehouse has GI Joe Classified Series army builders and figures for a steal! The figure selection is small but if you are looking to army build Cobra Vipers or Python Patrol BATS or nab some figures for customs or ones you were holding out for, this is the place for you! Here is a run down of the figures that are on sale right now (always check stock status as this may change).


Currently on sale for $12.99, you can pick up Zartan’s sister, Zarana, for a steal! With Buzzer and Ripper joining the Dreadnok Classified Series crew, Zarana is a must have! The price is much less than Amazon, who currently lists Zarana for $21.03 USD.



Currently on sale for $12.99, you can also pick up Dusty for a heavily discounted price! If you you’ve been holding out, Dusty is a great figure an a true homage to the vintage figure! Amazon currently has Dusty for sale for $20.90.



Currently on sale for $8.99, Xamot is a must have in your Cobra high command! With the recent release of the Crimson Strike Team and the Cobra Flight Pod, picking up this figure for $8.99 is a no brainer! Amazon currently has Xamot for sale for $16.08.



Currently on sale for $8.99, Xamot‘s twin brother Tomax is also for sale at the same price! Double the pleasure, double the fun as you can’t have one without the other. Amazon currently has Tomax for sale for $15.88.


Tiger Force Outback

Paying homage to the Tiger Force Euro Exclusive from 1991, Outback is currently on sale for $12.99. In the US, this figure is a Target exclusive and is currently sold out. Amazon currently has Tiger Force Outback, via 3rd party sellers, for $20.99.


Python Patrol BAT

The BAT is currently making a run on repaints and the Python Patrol BAT is great on many levels! With the red paint app on the head sculpt, you can swap heads with a standard release BAT to bring the Classified Series version closer to the Sunbow appearance. The PP BAT is currently on sale for $12.99. In the US, this figure is a Target exclusive and is currently sold out. Amazon currently has Python Patrol BAT, via 3rd party sellers, for $22.55.


Cobra Viper 3-Pack

Perhaps the best deal on this site is the Cobra Viper 3-Pack given the current price you can get the set from other online retailers! Clocking in at $49.99, it is about $20 cheaper than Amazon’s current list price of Cobra Viper 3-Pack at $70.25.


Complete Your GI Joe Collection

Be sure to check out our GI Joe shop pages where we’ve curated figures from Classified Series all the way down to the 1980’s Vintage line and more so you can find the figures you need easier!

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