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Masterverse New Eternia Vykron, MOTU Origins Fang-or and Lady Slither Officially Announced by Mattel

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Thanks to, we learned that Masterverse Vykron MOTU Origins Fang-or Lady Slither were officially announced by Mattel on Facebook confirms that Masterverse Vykron, MOTU Origins Fan-Or and Lady Slither were officially announced new characters by Mattel! They are said to be Mattel Creations exclusives, coming out in September this year! This confirms our speculation that Vykon was coming to the Masterverse line, as we reported in our Vykron Trademark Renewal Masterverse Rumor and Speculation article. This also confirms our Fang-or tease as seen on Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4-Pack Teases Fang-Or article. Also, special thanks to Toy Hunters Hollow on Instagram for the heads up!

May 31, 2023 Update: Vykron Preorder and Official Images

Mattel revealed the official images for New Eternia Vykron today!

You heard it here first! Mattel has given me some amazing news to share with you! The MOTU team at Mattel has been hard at work to bring us even more exciting new Origins and Masterverse figures. No photos yet, but Mattel has provided lots of info about them! Happy Friday!

  • Origins Fang-Or
  • Origins Lady Slither
  • Masterverse Vykron

    These figures are set to be released this summer / early fall, with Vykron being the first to launch! By producing the Vykron figure, the team’s aim was to pay homage to He-Man’s original prototype, which we think you’ll appreciate. On the other hand, both Lady Slither and Fang-Or are original designs created by Axel Gimenez during the Classics era. Ever since they were first revealed, they have been two of the most requested characters, so the Mattel Creations team is excited to make these epic Origins figures! The figures will be announced and available for pre-sale on:
  • Masterverse Vykron
  • Announcement, 5/30
  • Pre-sale date, 6/6
  • Origins Fang-or
  • Announcement, August
  • Pre-sale, August
  • Origins Lady Slither
  • Announcement, September
  • Launching, September | Facebook

Masterverse New Eternia Vykron

As reported by on Facebook, Vykron is set to be coming to the Masterverse line, with a presale date of June 6, 2023, and release date of September of this year. In paying homage to the legacy and Origins of He-Man, this new Vykron Masterverse figure will come with 3 sets of swappable armor to create the 3 classic looks: the Barbarian, the Eagle Tank and the Spaceman.

Per on Facebook:

Availability: Mattel Creations Exclusive
Page Go-Live Date: 5/31/23
Pre-Sale Date: 6/6/23
This Masterverse™ New Eternia Vykron™ is a deluxe action figure at 7-inch scale with 30 points of articulation and classic design details MOTU™ fans and collectors will love. Bringing the legendary gladiator home, this Vykron™ figure comes with three separate armor and weapons looks for storytelling – the Barbarian, the Eagle Tank and the Spaceman. The New Eternia champion, Vykron, is a collector must-have, with 3 different armor and weaponry looks with metallic details.

This master of combat can strike virtually any pose for action play or display. The Barbarian look includes a detachable fur-style softgoods cape, an armored chest harness, removable head with spiked helmet and removable leg armor. His axe accessory is ready for action poses. The Spaceman look features a space helmet head and chest and belt armor piece. A flexible, removable air hose connects them.

Swappable wrist armor, orange blaster and rocket-tipped winged jetpack complete the look. The third look features a unique tank-style helmet with posable turrets that fits over the Barbarian Vykron™ head. This Eagle Tank look for Vykron™ comes with chest, wrist and leg armor pieces and a battle ram accessory.

Notes from the Team: Before the original He-Man toy was fully realized, he started as a figure concept where you could change his outfit and turn him into different characters. The original prototype model called the ‘He-Man Trio’ had 3 outfits; a barbarian, a spaceman, and a tank-headed soldier. In the end, we know the barbarian won out and became He-man.

By producing this Vykron figure, our aim was to pay homage to this early concept. We have reinterpreted the 3 outfits of the “He-Man Trio” and have made the armor and accessories removable and interchangeable so you have the power to decide what your figure looks like. Careful attention was paid on the sculpt and deco details as we do on all our Masterverse figures. We hope you are as excited as we are on the release of this Deluxe Masterverse Vykron who celebrates an important part of MOTU history! | Facebook

History of Vykron

Vykron is a character from the Masters of the Universe toy line and media franchise. The character was originally released as a convention exclusive figure in 2012 by Mattel. In terms of his backstory, Vykron is described as a shape-shifting warrior who can take on various forms and appearances. In the original release of the toy, he came with three interchangeable outfits, allowing him to transform into a barbarian, a spaceman, or a military soldier.


Mark Taylor is a former toy designer who worked for Mattel in the 1980s, during the development of the Masters of the Universe toy line. Taylor is known for his contributions to the early development of the franchise, including the creation of many iconic characters such as He-Man, Skeletor, and Battle Cat. The drawing depicts a character with a similar design to the 2012 convention exclusive Vykron figure, with three interchangeable outfits representing different eras of human history (prehistoric, medieval, and modern).

As the Battle Ram Blog states: “As Taylor tells the story, Mattel was looking for a new boy’s action figure line that could be produced without paying licensing fees to a third party. The company had passed on making Star Wars toys, and of course Star Wars had become enormously successful in the meantime. Mattel’s existing boy’s lines (Clash of the Titans, Battlestar Galactica and Flash Gordon) could not compete with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. As part of the initiative to create a new male action figure line, Roger Sweet (a designer at Mattel), used some of Mark Taylor’s drawings to assist in developing a pitch for a new line of action figures. For a presentation to Mattel CEO Ray Wagner, Sweet created three rudimentary action figures, which were really Big Jim figures packed with extra clay muscles. In Roger’s concept, the character could be a generic hero, outfitted with science fiction, barbarian or military costumes, and would have access to science fiction vehicles.”

MOTU Classics Vykron Figure

Vykron is definitely an interesting piece of history and in 2012, he was released as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line.


His bio reads: “His Fifty years before Prince Adam was born, Vykron the Warrior fought in the gladiatorial arena of Lord Choloh, ruler of the Vine Jungle. Learning from each defeated opponent, he became a master of many combat techniques and weapons. As much a champion as a showman, he would often dress in outlandish garb to rouse the crowd and show off his skills. In his final match, he fought against the great Gygor. Before a cheering crowd, the evil fighting gorilla ripped Vykron’s body in half – at long last defeating the arena champion. Following this match, Gygor claimed not only the arena championship but rule of the Jungle itself, forcing Choloh to abdicate his throne. In life, Vykron™ was the greatest of Choloh’s gladiatorial warriors, fighting in any environment at any time.”


This figure paid homage to Roger Sweet’s designs and it essentially was a standard He-Man figure that came with a ton of interchangeable armor and accessories to recreate the three different looks. The top of He-Man’s head was notched out so you can replace it with the barbarian style helmet or the space the helmet and the buck was stripped down so you can interchange the armor with ease.



The majority of this figure is the same as He-Man and the forearms and hands were a new design. He was also designed with unique gauntlets (even though they’re only ever visible on the barbarian version of the figure. He had armor that resembled the vintage figure armor with a gray furry back to it.


Space Man

The space armor and suit looks more like he belongs in the Star Wars Universe as the He-Mandalorian although he would be been cast out of the clan because his helmet did not cover his face – “this is the way.” His helmet slips over his head and seats where it’s notched out, similar to his barbarian look. He does have a very large piece of “family jewel” armor that connects to his open chested armor. He looks like he belongs with the New Adventures series but it’s an interesting concept.


Military Soldier

The military sentry or soldier look is the kookiest one of all! His turret head looks more like a face and he has tracks that run around the top of his shoulder armor. They really leaned into the tank look with the long turret and oversized leg armor.


MOTU Origins Fangor

Also reported by on Facebook, MOTU Origins Fang-or is set to be released also as a Mattel Creations exclusive, set to be up for preorder in August. We had previously predicted that Fan-gor was going to be coming to the MOTU Origins line, but what we didnt know is that he was going to be a Mattel Creations exclusive, which is a welcome surprise for fans so that we don’t have to be hunting him down. Hopefully they will supply enough so he doesn’t instantly sell out.

Per on Facebook:

Availability: Mattel Creations
Page Go-Live Date: August
Pre-Sale Date: August
Product Copy: To be provided later.
Notes from the Team: Both Lady Slither and Fang-Or are original designs created by Axel Gimenez during the Classics era. Ever since they were first revealed, they have been two of the most requested characters, so for us to make them into Origins figures feels epic! As a fan, it is a “checkbox” moment for me that I get to bring these two characters to life through directing the artwork and designing their packaging. When it’s revealed, you will see a direct connection to Preternia. We’ll focus on a lush swamp background, and in the middle of it you’ll be able to see Lady Slither’s Snake Lair.

Fang-Or will come inside our collector-friendly packaging. The blister bubble is easily removable it can slide off and on, and he will also come with an exclusive mini comic. The artwork teases potential upcoming figure reveals and a very cool easter-egg I had to include in the cardback artwork. Fans will notice that the Snake Lair is surrounded by a moat and a creature. The moat pays homage to The Castle Moat playmat that Mark Taylor originally envisioned, and the sea creature is one of the creatures illustrated in The Castle Moat. on Facebook

Fang-Or Tease

Fang-gor was recently teased on the Diabolical Snake Invasion MOTU Origins 4-Pack. This is the 2nd time Fang-Or has been teased officially and we are aware of the leaked figure but we were asked to remove our our post about it. Fang-Or makes his appearances in the mini comic, Viper’s Vice, and he is being portrayed as an army builder!


Fang-Or MOTU Classics

Fang-Or is a character from the Masters of the Universe franchise, specifically the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline. In the storyline of the Masters of the Universe, Fang-Or is a member of the Snake Men, a group of evil serpent-like creatures who were enemies of He-Man and his allies. Fang-Or was known for his ferociousness and loyalty to his leader, King Hiss.

He was depicted as a green snake-like creature with large fangs and came with a plethora of weapons and accessories, which included an odd assortment of tools like a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver.

His bio reads: A vicious Snake Man who could regrow his massive fangs after projecting them like knives in battle, Fang-Or first beheld the glory and power of technology in an early battle with the Horde Empire. On Eternia, he volunteered to assist the transformed Snake Man-At-Arms so he could learn how to build more advanced weaponry and vehicles like the Rattle Trap for the Viper Lord King Hssss. Quickly becoming a mechanical expert, Fang-Or was able to access the technology of Gwildor’s Cosmic Key, allowing him and several of the Snake Men to survive the Second Ultimate Battleground by journeying to Trolla where they became vassals of Lady Slither, another of the Unnamed One’s Viper Lords. Later, Fang-Or mobilized Lady Slither’s Snake Lair to help them escape capture on Trolla when He-Man defeated the Revenge Squad. After years adrift between dimensions, the Lair settled on Eternia where they set out to use sorcery and science to reverse the Spell of Separation and restore the Snake Men after the Unnamed One’s demise.

MOTU Origins Lady Slither

Finally the last character reported by on Facebook, is the MOTU Origins Lady Slither. She is also set to be released also as a Mattel Creations exclusive, going up to be up for preorder in September.

Per on Facebook:

Availability: Mattel Creations
Page Go-Live Date: September
Pre-Sale Date: September
Product Copy: To be provided later.
Notes from the Team: Lady Slither will have an elegant slipcover wrapped in snake scales with a bronze patina finished medallion of Lady Slither’s face (our nod to Medusa’s head on Athena’s shield). On the top of the slipcover, we have a bronze crest of the Snake Men logo. The back has a character writeup of Lady Slither inside a bronzed serpent frame. The front of the box features Lady Slither commanding her troops Fang-Or, Vypor, Stretch Neck and Raptilax (from the vintage mini comics) into battle. On the cardback we have Lady Slither in her human form (featuring her interchangeable human legs) sitting on her throne inside her Snake Lair. To the left of Lady Slither is High Priest Pythonus, a character also designed by Axel, and to the right of Lady Slither is the red Snake Man fans will recognize from Kol-Darr’s cardback art.

History of Lady Slither

Lady Slither, Slytheena of the Serpent House is a lady Snake Men in female form, from the Masters of the Universe Classics canon. She said to be the leader of the Snake Men, and has the ability to transform the lower half of her body into a snake tail, which is very unusual. This will be very interesting to see how they treat this in Origins form! She also had a raid on Eternia, then led a Revenge Squad on Trolla, and finally returned to Eternia again to wreak havoc throughout the land.

Lady Slither history

Thanks to Allison Troy for her insight on Lady Slither. According to Allison: There aren’t many ladies (none) so far in the Snake Men faction. And Lady Slither is one that a lot of fans have responded to. While she’s a lot of new tooling – at this point the only re-use for her is the Origins She-Ra arms. Her torso could facilitate a more generic female torso buck which would lead to many more figures. In her human form she wears fur shorts and the typical furry boots. So that piece would give us Battleground Teela’s waist piece – and if they designed the torso generic enough it would also give us Battleground Teela’s torso. Plus again– a more generic female torso that allowed for clip-on and snap-on armor would lead to more opportunities for female figures in Origins. Plus her crown could be re-used for Zilora from the Filmation cartoon.

Lady Slither MOTUC
Lady Slither Human form 1

According to Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom:

Lady Slither is a vicious leader of the Snake Men, filling a similar role to the one held by King Hiss. She seemed to have attacked Eternia during He-Man’s time on Primus, but was later sent by the Unnamed One to form a villainous Revenge Squad which laid siege to Trolla in an attempt to take the Trollan Temple of Power. Upon her defeat, she returned to Eternia where she and the remaining Snake Men became a dangerous threat to the planet. Later, she joined forces with the resurrected King Hiss and his own revived Snake Men.

Lady Slither | Wiki Grayskull | Fandom

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