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New GI Joe Classified Series Retro & Super7 Target Listings Discovered

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Several new Target listings were discovered for G.I. Joe Classified Retro Classified Series and Super7 figures posted by @thefullforcepodcast via intel received from @airbornescustoms. Thanks to Chaz the Guru on Instagram and Toyhuntershollow on Instagram for the heads up! One listing was for the name only reveal of the Cobra Eel, but the second listing was for a “GI Joe Retro Occy Action Figure”. Now obviously “Occy” is a code name for something. We know that we had gotten two other name only retro reveals during the Pulse Con event a few months back, and they were Retro Snow Serpent and Retro Beachhead. Now could it be one of these two name only reveals, or could it be a code name for something that hasn’t been revealed yet? Not only were these Retro listings discovered, but there were 3 new GI Joe Super7 listings for the “GI Joe Fatal Fluffy Action Figure”, “GI Joe Suoper7 Joe Master” and “GI Joe Super7 Cobra Master” discovered as well.

January 1, 2024 Update: More GI Joe Classified Series Listings Discovered

Special thanks to Chaz the Guru on Instragram, he had more coded (and uncoded listings) for GI Joe figures in Target’s database. Based on the images below, we can see that Target will be getting a whole host of Retro GI Joe Classified Series figures for sale since Hasbro did collector’s a solid and kicked Walmart to the curb! For example, Retro Duke is the only named figure but there are also some coded figure names like “Action Figure, Retro Azreal, and Retro Casey.


Pictured below are Retro Occy (which was discovered earlier) and Retro Snow Serpent!


We can also see the Retro Cobra Eel, Retro Recondo, Retro Scarlett, and Beach Head in Target’s system.


December 30, 2023: GI Joe Classified Retro Target Listings Discovered

Here we can see the GI Joe Retro Cobra Eel Action Figure listing, DCPI 087-26-3291 and the unknown GI Joe Retro Occy Action Figure listing, DCPI 087-26-5075 listings below. Of course the Occy being a code name that needs to be deciphered.

GI Joe Super7 Target Listings

Now from the description it’s hard to tell whether they are the new O-Ring figures or ReAction. The last Target listings we got, said ” O-Ring” in the description, so we are leaning toward ReAction. The price point of $20.49 does not give us a hint either, as ReAction and O-Ring will be listed at about that price as well. As soon as we find out, we will be sure to update you. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at what we know those far for the new Retro figures and the Fatal Fluffies. We don’t yet know what the “GI Joe Suoper7 Joe Master” and “GI Joe Super7 Cobra Master” are referring to, but we will try to get more information, so stay tuned.

Retro Beach Head

We got a version of Beach Head in the Cobra Island Target exclusive era, and that was pretty much like the vintage figure. Continuing their retro cardback series, they have another Beachhead version in the works! Thanks to @YoJoeARAH, we get to visualize what a retro Beachhead could look like!

GI Joe Retro Beach Head Yojoe ARAH Custom 1
Source: YoJoeARAH
GI Joe Retro Beach Head Yojoe ARAH Custom 2
Source: YoJoeARAH

Retro Eel

Hot off the heals of the Classified Series general release, we are getting another army builder in the form a retro cardback Eel! We hope they stay true to how the weapons were designed!

GI Joe Vintage Cobra Eel

There is a talented 3D printer designer who created custom G.I. Joe Classified series style Eel backpack/speargun that has those vintage feels so we are expecting Hasbro to do this figure justice retro style and not just repack the first release and put it on a retro cardback.


Here is a close up the speargun and backpack and they look incredible!


Retro Snow Serpent

We also recently got a Snow Serpent in the Classified Series but a retro cardback version would be awesome! The vintage figure was so great and it will be awesome to see how the figure turns out as a retro cardback figure.

Source: 3DJoes

The Snow Serpent is an exciting name only reveal and we are using a custom concepts to show you what he may look like. This one is exciting because he comes packed with a ton of really cool accessories like the classic tennis racket snow shoes and missile.


Fatal Fluffy

The Fatal Fluffies made their appearance on the Further Adventures of GI Joe, during the Pyramid of Darkness mini series. We already know that Super7 has made a Snakelings Pyramid of Darkness SDCC 2022 exclusive ReAction set, so it could make sense, that these are ReAction figures.

Fatal Fluffies GI Joe Sunbow Cartoon

According to Fatal Fluffy | Joepedia | Fandom:

Upon first seeing the cute and cuddly creatures, it would seem awfully strange to give them the name Fatal Fluffies. Wait a little more and you will be in for a surprise. Genetically engineered by Cobra to assume seemingly innocent appearances, but with the silent-sound of a special whistle the Fluffies’ true form are tall, furry-haired, horned slave drivers that can easily overpower several men. It is unknown who contributed to their design, though Zartan may have a hand given his mastery over them.

Fatal Fluffy | Joepedia | Fandom

Snakelings Box Set Pyramid of Darkness Super7 Reaction Set
Snakelings Box Set Pyramid of Darkness Super7 Reaction Set

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