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MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors Two Pack Package Reveal

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The Skeleton Warriors MOTU Origins 2-Pack is hitting collector’s hands as he is starting to show up on eBay and The Man Child already has an in hand video review posted up on his YouTube channel! The set has also cropped up on Amazon and they are due out in September 2023, which is this coming month. If you recall, we saw the Skeleton Warriors at SDCC 2022 in the Eternia playset diorama and it’s great that they are almost out! As a BBTS and Entertainment Earth exclusive in the US, the Skeleton are a very sought after army builder!

Skeleton Warriors In Hand Images

Special thanks to The Man Child for posting an early look at the Skeleton Warriors as they came out fantastic and it’s one thing to see the official images but there is no replacing getting a look at the actual figures straight out of the box. The set comes with two Skeleton Warriors that have yellow and purple accents and with a halberd, spear, axe, sword, mace, and shield with a skull in the middle.

Source: The Man Child
Source: The Man Child

The paint apps are looking nice and clean and the exposed limbs makes with a perfect candidate for a glow in the dark action figure. The face detail came out great and the helmet has a silver and black paint app with some nice details, including rivets and a small skull.

Source: The Man Child
Source: The Man Child

The glow in the dark came out amazing as shown below! Makes me want to sit in the dark and stare at this amazing two pack!

Source: The Man Child
Source: The Man Child

Skeleton Warriors on eBay

Given the army building nature of this two pack, this set is a candidate for the secondary market, like all types of fan channel exclusives. The Skeleton Warriors 2-Pack is already showing up on eBay and the set can get pretty pricey if you can’t wait for the figures to get released or if you missed out on the preorder.

Source: eBay

Here is a photo of the back of the box!

Source: eBay

Official Images and Box Art Reveal

Thanks to Roy Juarez on Instagram , we got to see the package reveal for the upcoming MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors Two Pack! These come packaged in the same size package as the Keldor Kronis two pack and have some incredible artwork on the package! Let’s take a closer look and see if we can find any easter eggs in the artwork. There was one big easter egg we spotted on the package, so let’s dive in!

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack image

The package is a beautifully decorated window display with the two glow in the dark Skeleton Warriors on display with their accessories displayed nicely between them. There is the notation that the figures ” Glows in the Dark”. There is a battle scene on the front of the package with an army of Skeleton Warriors going up against Man at Arms and the bunch of Eternian Palace Guards.

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack package front

Taking a closer look, we can see the Eternos Palace, King Randor’s home in the background. Could this be a hint of a Palace to come sometime in the future?

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack front art 1
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack front art 2
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack package front angle
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack package rear angle

On the back of the package we can see Skeletor leading an army of his Skeleton Warriors into battle!

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack package rear

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors 2 pack rear art 1

Eternos Palace Playset Tease:

One of the most famous settings of all Eternia during the 1980’s Filmation cartoon was the Eternian Royal Palace. This is where King Randor and Queen Marlena lived to rule over the kingdom, and Orko wreaked havoc with his always disastrous magic tricks.

Eternian Royal Palace as seen on the Filmation cartoon

This setting however was one of the main locations in all of He-Man lore to never get produced into a playset. There was a concept however by the MOTU classics team, that never came to fruition. Pictured below, you can see the elaborate playset with its multiple platforms with different areas of the exterior of the palace. A landing pad for the Wind Raider, grand staircase for Princess Adora to come down, multiple platforms to place your Royal Guards, a cave to park the Road Ripper and even a working elevator. Yes, this would have been so grand, had Mattel produced it.

Masters of the Universe Eternian Royal Palace Classics unproduced
Masters of the Universe Classics Unproduced Eternian Royal Palace Concept

This is not the first time we got the Eternos Palace teased to us in the MOTU Origins line, we first say it teased on the Royal Guard Rear package Card back Artwork. Not all hope is lost, because the MOTU Origins line did give us an army builder set with the Royal Eternian Guard deluxe figure package. And you need somewhere for your guard to watch over, so with that we get a hint at what looks like the Eternos Palace on the package artwork. If you looked quickly, you would have missed it, but there it is, in all its glory! The palace stands as a backdrop to the battle scene going on in the foreground. Let’s hope this is a sign that we might get a Palace some day!

Masters of the Universe Origins Eternian Royal Guard Rear package Card back Artwork
Masters of the Universe Origins Eternian Royal Guard Rear package Card back Artwork close up
Eternian Royal Palace Close up

Also, thanks to our Crew Member Grrrraffe, for reminding us that on the Masters of the Universe Twitter account, this image below was posted on April 29,3021 of the Eternos Palace. Can this be another sign of something to come in the future?

Eternos Palace on twitter

Official Reveal

Skeleton Warriors

We at Toy Habits have a great knack at predicting what new characters may be coming to the MOTU Origins line and the Skeleton Warriors are no exception. As we covered in our Wun-Dar Card Art Teases New MOTU Origins Characters article, we predicted that these cool glowing army builders were going to come to the MOTU Origins line, and today we got confirmation of that! Just like Mekaneck and the Road Ripper, these little glowing army builders made their silent debut at the huge Eternia Playset display at 2022 SDCC! There was no big splashy panel announcing these guys, so they quietly sat in the corner looking oh so cool with no fan fair to greet them. But this weekend we got confirmation and MOTU Origins Skeleton Warriors are officially confirmed to be coming to the line in 2023! So let’s take a look at their official images.

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warrior 2 pack official image 6
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warrior 2 pack official image 5

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warrior 2 pack official image 3
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warrior 2 pack official image 4

MOTU Origins Skeleton Warrior 2 pack official image
MOTU Origins Skeleton Warrior 2 pack official image 2

Skeleton Warriors at SDCC

Pixel Dan did an interview with Mattel’s MOTU Brand Manager Josh Graham st SDCC last year, and he officially confirmed that the Skeleton Warriors the Eternia Playset display were indeed real andthat there will be plenty available so that you can army build your Skeleton Warriors! So our prediction was correct, and this is super exciting news! You can watch that interview here: Mattel MOTU 40th Anniversary Product Interview at SDCC 2022

These Skeleton Warriors look absolutely amazing! They have a light green bone color so I hope that means that they might be glow in the dark?! They are outfitted in Viking Style helmets, and purple and black chest armor with yellow bat symbols on their chest. They are wearing purple battle armor skirting with black belts and black monster type feet. They are equipped with bright green spears and green swords, like the one that came from the Castle Grayskull weapons rack and was also packed with Wun-Dar.

Where to Buy

The Skeleton Warriors Two pack was a BBTS & EE exclusives. Links are below

Skeleton Warriors-2-Pack

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