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Copperhead and Torpedo GI Joe Classified Series In Hand Photos

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We have in hand photos of GI Joe Classified Series figures Copperhead and Torpedo thanks to gi_shark by way of collectors overseas!

Thanks to gi_shark for posting photos from John Hendrick and Lianne Hobb, we have in hand photos of GI Joe Classified Series figures Copperhead and Torpedo! These figures were revealed as part of the March 2023 GI Joe FanStream so it’s amazing to see these figures in collector’s hands so soon. These might be some of the last plastic free packages that we’ll see but leaked images of the Arctic BAT tell a different story but the package designs are some of the best and the direction they are taking is top notch!


The backs of the packages feature numbers for Copperhead and Torpedo, which are 72 and 73 respectively. They also show off some of the finer details of the figures in smaller cut outs while 1/3 of the box is left for the legalese!


The images of Copperhead and Torpedo look stunning and according to insta_lianne, “My straight out the box reaction to these figures is that they’re both superb, they feel so much nicer that a lot of previous releases in the line, they’ve really gone all out on these two and I hope the rest of all the new ones coming feel this good 🤞🏻, especially Shipwreck 🤗”


gi_shark also dug up the art for Copperhead and Torpedo and like the other artists before them, the illustrations look absolutely amazing!



You really get the vintage vibes from Copperhead as the varying shades of green are spot on! The silver Cobra symbol in the middle of his chest really sparks that nostalgia feeling!


Although Copperhead was a vehicle driver in the vintage line, he did not come with any accessories but this packout they have for the GI Joe Classified series version is awesome! The revolver with added scope and the machete give a very different vibe and you can imagine him stowing these weapons as he rides down the jungle waters in his Water Moccasin.


The helmet design is very detailed the way that the from of the helmet was designed makes his nose and mouth on different planes, adding a lot of depth and dimension to the head sculpt.


Copperhead – Code Name: GIJ CS SHELLEY

We all knew Copperhead was coming, and everyone figured he was going to be in his Python Patrol colors. But in a pleasant surprise, we are getting his classic green design! He includes side arm holsters on his back, a tattoo on his right wrist, silver Cobra logo on his chest, maniacal expression on his face. He is wearing a none removable helmet because that helmet is part of the character.

Some of Copperhead’s features include:

  • Comes with a bunch of machetes
  • Holster on his back to hold pistols
  • chest strap to hold his small pistol
  • Matte finishes in green and bright greens



Copperhead GI Joe Classified Dio 2
Copperhead GI Joe Classified Dio 1

Copperhead GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 3
Copperhead GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 4

Where to Buy:

You can preorder Copperhead at:

Copperhead GI Joe Classified Pre order EE


For a figure in black and gray wetsuit, the Joe team has figured out how to make this figure look exciting while still paying homage to his vintage design.


The gaggle of accessories really add a lot to the figure and gives you plenty of display options. The red tones added to the straps, the breather, and the fins go really well and play off of the blacks and grays nicely.


Torpedo – Code Name: GIJ CS VERNE

Torpedo was another exciting digital render reveal. He comes in a black and white wet suit design, with awesome scuba accessories. He includes a spear gun that attaches to his backpack and to his shoulder in a hoop. He also comes with black and red fins. His west suits is a skin tight costume that looks amazing and he even includes backpack straps. We can’t wait to see him in people’s bath tubs!

Some of Torpedo’s features include:

  • Mask and breather comes off
  • Red and black flippers come off
  • Comes ith SMG rifle
  • Softback on the air tank that straps to his back.


Torpedo GI Joe Classified Dio 1
Torpedo GI Joe Classified Dio 2

Torpedo GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 3
Torpedo GI Joe Classified Series Official Image 4

Where to Buy:

You can preorder Torpedo at:

Torpedo GI Joe Classified Pre order EE

You can also check out the video that TheArtistShArK posted on YouTube:

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