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MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection and Masterverse SDCC 2023 Panel Reveals

Mattel MOTU SDCC 2023 Reveals, which bring new figures to the line like New Eternia Trap Jaw and the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

During SDCC 2023, Mattel revealed their line up Masterverse, MOTU Origins, and a new line they are starting in 2024 called the MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection! We are getting an amazing lineup of figures that include New Eternia Trap from the Masterverse line and figures from the MOTU Origins and newly announced MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection! We’ve seen some of these figures in the Mattel Masterverse and MOTU Origins booth! Huge SHOUTOUT to Dan Diego for coming through in the clutch and sending us images while we were working to get the reveals put together!


The Masterverse line up is looking great for Spring of 2024! We’ll see some New Eternia figures and more from the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution series!

New Eternia Trap Jaw

Trap Jaw keeps the classic design with his iconic look. Designer said he considers Trap Jaw a space pirate with his signature hook and skull and cross bone belt. Blaster, claw and laser cannon to clip on his belt. Metallic looking jaw and has more of a mini comic look. He comes with as well. he has gorgeous packaging with art , a nod to the mini comic when he was inside castle Grayskull.


Trap Jaw’s box features some amazing art by Roy and team!


New Eternia Trap Jaw looks stunning and he really harkens back to the MOTU Classics era. The head sculpt is out of the world and they did an amazing job!

Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz

Skeltek Skeletor

He comes in the brand new Masterverse Revolution box and you can see the art on the box!


During the climatic battle between He-Man and Skeletor, He-Man proclaimed “It’s not about us” which is a huge hint that things are changing accord to the lore, which is what the Revelation Series is all about! Despite Kevin Smith saying that the series was a continuation of the Filmation cartoon from the 80’s, the Revelation Series proves that it is rewriting MOTU lore and people aren’t going to continually stay in the same positions they’ve been in. They get with the times, people! WE know that Evil-Lyn’s fate is up in the air, Teela became the Sorceress but a new kind of Sorceress that can leave Grayskull willy nilly, Andra becomes the new Man-At-Arms, and Skeletor is left in a world he doesn’t quite understand. Angry that he didn’t help to defeat He-Man, Skeletor seeks out the only people he can rely on. He busts into the Motherboard cult and tries to usurp power from Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw, but this leads to Skeletor angrily attacks the Motherboard statue, attempting to blow it to pieces as Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw refuse to align with him.


Here is what Skeletek looked like in Mattel’s booth. Skeletek was on the leaked list of Masters of the Universe Masterverse Wave 11 figures and he looks amazing! He has oversized shoulder armor, a Rams’ head gauntlet, and he looks like he’s a mishmash of his former self and the Horde!


We got to see Skeletor’s box art in the Mattel booth


Movie Evil-Lyn

We also got to see the box art for Movie Evil-Lyn!


We are thrilled to see the first figure of Evil-Lyn as she was seen the 1980’s Masters of the Universe movie! The likeness of Meg Foster is pretty spot on and she is highly detailed! What is amazing is that she comes with another version of the cosmic key (you can’t have too many of those!)


Here is how Movie Evil Lyn looked in the Mattel booth.


Masterverse Revolution

Mattel also has a special glass display for their Masterverse Revolution figures and it looks like we are getting another Battle Armor He-Man (v2) and Sorceress Teela, who first appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series!


Battle Armor He-Man

Since Battle Armor He-Man is in the Masters of the Universe Revolution display, we might be getting a glimpse of what his character will look like for the upcoming series. Given that we already have a New Eternia Battle Armor He-Man, this would make the most sense. Actually, if you look close, he does have a cartoon’ish appearance to him. He is displayed with his Axe, harness, damaged battle armor plate, and extra hands.

Source: ToyArk

Sorceress Teela

We got a treat and got to see the box art for Sorceress Teela and it looks amazing!


We get our first glimpse of Sorceress Teela, who made her first appearance in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix series. She looks gorgeous and features a brand new design! She comes with her white staff and extra hands!


Masters of the Universe: Revelation subtly sets up a plot thread from the original Masters of the Universe animated series that was never fully developed; that the warrior woman Teela had a great destiny before her and was fated to become the next Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Teela’s arc in Masters of the Universe: Revelation transformed and empowered her as she became the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Given we just had a release of Dark Evil-Lynn, this figure was assumed to be coming down the line and now we know when!


She also comes in a new Masterverse box style with the Revolution branding on it!


MOTU Origins

They are still continuing with the MOTU Origins line and the vintage figures from the Origins line will be available on Mattel Creations!



Coming Spring 2024, Extendar’s extension pieces are separate parts to help maintain elbow articulation. He has removable parts just like the rest of the figures. His head and torso extend from inside his body and he comes with his transforming shield.


Night Stalker

Revealed during preview night at SDCC 2023, we got more details on Night Stalker!


Night Stalkers coloring in this photo fives the appearance of a mustard yellow paint app versus the gold color we are used to seeing on the vintage figure. He comes with a similar set of accessories like Stridor and, as we suspected, Mattel was waiting for Snake Mountain to release before revealing this creature.



He comes with full articulation on his elbows and legs. He transforms into a rock and comes with some removeable parts as well.


They did an amazing job with Rokkon as he appears to be able to transform into, yes you guessed, a rock!



Music to collectors ears was the reveal of Sk-Klone!


His torso will still pop off and he actually spins. He comes with 2 extra hands that are tornados, shield, red cyclone rings like what came with the MOTU Classics figure. You pop his torso up and he spins! Sy-Klone maintains all the same articulation as the rest of the figures. He has is lenticular sticker on his chest as well.


Thank to motu.revolution for posting a comparison of the Sy-Klone Origins and vintage figures!

Sy-Klone Masters of the Universe Origins Vintage Comparison

MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection

The Cartoon Collection will feature 6 figures in it’s inaugural line up! We’ve seen the cartoon versions of He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Trap Jaw, Skeletor and Teela and the loan hold out was Beast Man! The Cartoon collection are still compatible with swappable parts like the rest of the figures.
New card back art with the He Man and the Masters of the Universe logo and the bluesky with Castle Grayskull from the opening of the Filmation cartoon. The back of the character description will say what episode the figure was inspired by. The first ones, are focusing on the “Masks of Power” episode.


There is a difference in the bucks between the MOTU Origins and the Cartoon Collection. The legs are more upright that the more squat previous Origins figures. The torso’s have been updated as well to be more proportional to the cartoon as well. The Cartoon collection are still compatible with swappable parts like the rest of the figures.


Here is the line up for the first run of the figures:


The new MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection is a spectacular homage to the 1980’s He Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon series! This first wave of figures includes Cartoon Collection He-Man, Skeletor, Man At Arms, Teela, Trap Jaw and one more mystery figure (shown as a black silhouette) which will be unveiled Friday at 1:30pm.


The new figures have incredible new packaging with a Filmation inspired card back! You can see the classic animated Castle Grayskull on the cardback. It also has a new “Cartoon Collection” sticker in the Filmation rainbow logo style. This new sculpt of He-Man looks fabulous! You can see that they gave him an all new head sculpt from the previous release from the He-Man Anniversary 4 pack.


Trap Jaw and Skeletor looks really great as well! The simple designs on their chest armor and wrist bracers help to give that Filmation cartoon look to them! The look of Trap Jaw really looks like his cartoon counterpart! Teela and Man At Arms round off the rest of the Cartoon Collection Wave and look like they stepped right out of your CRT TV!


Cartoon Beast Man

Beast Man was the loan hold out from the Cartoon Collection reveals! They also display the card art for the figure as well!


He comes with a hover ray that was featured in the episode Dragon Invasion. He comes with his whip as well. He has all new chest and shoulder armor. He stands more upright and is a little more slender than the v1 Beast Man.



Here is the card art for the Cartoon Beast Man:


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