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Masters of the Universe Masterverse SDCC 2023 Booth Reveals

Masterverse SDCC 2023 reveals are on display during San Diego Comic Con 2023 preview night featuring New Eternia and Revolution figures!

Sand Diego Comic Con 2023 preview night has erupted and what a feast for the eyes this year! The Masterverse reveals at SDCC 2023 are off to an amazing start and this is night 1 (well, technically night 0). First, we want to send a HUGE SHOUTOUT to nealhunterhyde for sending us these amazing images so we can share them with our amazing Toy Habits community!

July 22, 2023 Day 3 UPDATE: New Packaging and Art Reveal

Here we can also see the incredible new packaging design with art from the great Roy Juarez and team.

Yesterday at our MOTU Design/Packaging panel, we fully unveiled the #MOTUNewFor24 Masterverse packaging!!! What do you think of the new rebrand?


Roy Juarez (@manuel_eduardo_caritas) • Instagram photos and videos

These new packages looks fabulous when you line then up togther!

Masterverse SDCC 2023 New packaging

July 20, 2023 Day 1 UPDATE: Skeletek and a Gwildor and Orko 2-Pack!

New Masterverse figures were revealed at 4:30pm PT and they include Skeletek, Gwildor, and Orko. Special thanks to Geek Dad Life who was Johnny on the spot with the updated pics!


Skeletek Skeletor

He comes in the brand new Masterverse Revolution box and you can see the art on the box! Skeletek was on the leaked list of Masters of the Universe Masterverse Wave 11 figures and he looks amazing! He has oversized shoulder armor, a Rams’ head guantlet, and he looks like he’s a mishmash of his former self and the Horde! Here we can also see the incredible new packaging design with art from the great Roy Juarez and team.

During the climatic battle between He-Man and Skeletor, He-Man proclaimed “It’s not about us” which is a huge hint that things are changing accord to the lore, which is what the Revelation Series is all about! Despite Kevin Smith saying that the series was a continuation of the Filmation cartoon from the 80’s, the Revelation Series proves that it is rewriting MOTU lore and people aren’t going to continually stay in the same positions they’ve been in. They get with the times, people! WE know that Evil-Lyn’s fate is up in the air, Teela became the Sorceress but a new kind of Sorceress that can leave Grayskull willy nilly, Andra becomes the new Man-At-Arms, and Skeletor is left in a world he doesn’t quite understand. Angry that he didn’t help to defeat He-Man, Skeletor seeks out the only people he can rely on. He busts into the Motherboard cult and tries to usurp power from Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw, but this leads to Skeletor angrily attacks the Motherboard statue, attempting to blow it to pieces as Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw refuse to align with him.


Here is what Skeletek looked like in Mattel’s booth. Skeletek was on the leaked list of Masters of the Universe Masterverse Wave 11 figures and he looks amazing! He has oversized shoulder armor, a Rams’ head gauntlet, and he looks like he’s a mishmash of his former self and the Horde!


We got to see Skeletor’s box art in the Mattel booth


Orko and Gwildor 2-Pack

We are getting another version of Orko and this time it is his resurrected self from the last episode of the Masters of the Universe Revelation Series. This time, he will be coming in a Masters of the Universe Revolution box. He comes with a very cool spell casting stand!



In a surprise reveal, the MOTU team revealed Gwildor! He comes with his classic staff and another version of the cosmic key, this time in red and silver. According to Geek Dad Life, “More MOTU Masterverse reveals! For the upcoming MOTU Revolution series of Netflix. LOVE the @grifflightning Orko and Gwildor. They will both be part of a Entertainment Earth and BBTS exclusive 2 pack released in Spring 2024 Motherboard Skeletor is fun too!”


Preview Night

New Eternia Masterverse Reveals

In this amazing booth display, we can see a host of New Eternia figures and one figure from the 1980’s Masters of the Universe Movie! The booth features New Eternia versions of Snout Spout, Tri-Klops, Mekaneck, and Man-At-Arms (we are not counting Vykron because he is released and in collectors hands). We can also see the movie version of Evil-Lyn and she looks amazing and very close in likeness to Meg Foster, who is voicing Motherboard in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Revolution Netflix Series.


New Eternia Snout Spout

Snout Spout features an amazing sculpt with large tusks protruding from his head. The vibrant oranges and pinks play nicely off of each other and the extra armor on his shoulders makes him look formidable! The hoses on the belt add a lot of depth and dimension and pays homage to his vintage release while giving him some major updates that only the New Eternia line can!

Source: ToyShiz

We also got the concept art for Snout Spout sent to us from our very own Allison Troy from the Power and Honor foundation MOTU Book. This is the concept art for the New Eternia version of Snout Spout that was just unveiled yesterday at SDCC 2023!



New Eternia Tri-Klops

This is our second version of Tri-Klops in the Masterverse line and he features a dark green paint app on his armor and the sash over his armor pays homage to his mini comic look! He comes with a new, updated sword and extra hands and what is conspicuously missing is the Doom Seeker!


Here is a comparison of the New Eternia Tri-Kops vs. the Revelation first release.


New Eternia Mekaneck

This is the first time we are seeing Mekaneck in the Masterverse line and he looks outstanding! He is heads and shoulders of the rest (pun intended). He comes with a giant articulated neck piece, a shield, and his trusty mace! A new edition for Mekaneck is the shield and he looks amazing holding it!

Source: ToyArk

New Eternia Man-At-Arms

We reported a leak that a New Eternia Man-At-Arms was in the works and here is in living color! He looks fantastic and he comes with two heads (one with a mustache), and extra set of hands, and a mace that includes a ball and chain, paying homage to his early concept! Here we can also see the incredible new packaging design with art from the great Roy Juarez and team.

Source: ToyArk

The role of a Man-at-Arms in the government of Eternia was to advise the ruling planetary monarch and the Royal Guard on military and police affairs. Another figure that was delayed and produced in the MOTU Origins Power Con 2020 exclusive Lords of Power set. As seen in Mark Talor’s B-Sheet design, the name for the figure was dubbed “Arms Man.” The concept for his armor added an element of fur or bristles and had hoses and wires coming from it. Interestingly, like Skeletor’s original concept for his Havoc Staff, his mace weapon was originally supposed to function as a ball and chain, detaching from the handle to be swung about on a string. In the Mondo Sixth scale version of Man-At-Arms, they paid homage to this concept (among others)!

Man-at-Arms Masters of the Universe New Eternia Color Render
Man-at-Arms Masters of the Universe New Eternia Color Render (source: Battle Ram Blog)
Man At Arms Sixth Scale MOTU Mondo Exclusive Mace Ball Chain
Man-at-Arms Masters of the Universe New Eternia Concept
Man-at-Arms Masters of the Universe New Eternia Concept (source: Battle Ram Blog)

Man-At-Arms comes in a new, beautifully designed box that looks so much better than the v1 Masterverse boxes! We love that there is more room to display the amazing art from Roy and team!


Movie Evil-Lyn

We are thrilled to see the first figure of Evil-Lyn as she was seen the 1980’s Masters of the Universe movie! The likeness of Meg Foster is pretty spot on and she is highly detailed! What is amazing is that she comes with another version of the cosmic key (you can’t have too many of those!)


New Eternia Trap Jaw

Trap Jaw keeps the classic design with his iconic look. Designer said he considers Trap Jaw a space pirate with his signature hook and skull and cross bone belt. Blaster, claw and laser cannon to clip on his belt. Metallic looking jaw and has more of a mini comic look. He comes with as well. he has gorgeous packaging with art , a nod to the mini comic when he was inside castle Grayskull.


Trap Jaw’s box features some amazing art by Roy and team!

We also got to see the box art from the panel and these new Masterverse boxes are fire!


New Eternia Trap Jaw looks stunning and he really harkens back to the MOTU Classics era. The head sculpt is out of the world and they did an amazing job!

Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz

Here is a comparison of the New Eternia Trap Jaw vs. the MOTU Revelation first release!


Masterverse Revolution

Mattel also has a special glass display for their Masterverse Revolution figures and it looks like we are getting another Battle Armor He-Man (v2) and Sorceress Teela, who first appeared in the Masters of the Universe Revelation series!


Battle Armor He-Man

Since Battle Armor He-Man is in the Masters of the Universe Revolution display, we might be getting a glimpse of what his character will look like for the upcoming series. Given that we already have a New Eternia Battle Armor He-Man, this would make the most sense. Actually, if you look close, he does have a cartoon’ish appearance to him. He is displayed with his Axe, harness, damaged battle armor plate, and extra hands.

Source: ToyArk

Sorceress Teela

We get our first glimpse of Sorceress Teela, who made her first appearance in the Masters of the Universe Revelation Netflix series. She looks gorgeous and features a brand new design! She comes with her white staff and extra hands! Here we can also see the incredible new packaging design with art from the great Roy Juarez and team.


Masters of the Universe: Revelation subtly sets up a plot thread from the original Masters of the Universe animated series that was never fully developed; that the warrior woman Teela had a great destiny before her and was fated to become the next Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Teela’s arc in Masters of the Universe: Revelation transformed and empowered her as she became the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Given we just had a release of Dark Evil-Lynn, this figure was assumed to be coming down the line and now we know when!


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