McFarlane DC Super Powers SDCC 2023 Reveals

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Day two of SDCC 2023 brought us the McFarlane Panel, and they had some all new DC Super Powers reveals! Wave 5 includes all repaints with some slight variations. Included in this new Wave slatted to be release in Fall of 2023 is the Dark Knight Batman, Superman v2, Tim Drake Robin v2, and Nightwing v2. Also included in the reveals were Reverse Flash, Dark Flash, and a grey and black suit Batman figure. A vehicle was also part of the reveals, this time with the Whirlybat helicopter! Let’s take a look at the McFarlane DC Super Powers SDCC 2023 Reveals!

Source: ToyShiz

Below are new variants of Batman, Robin, Superman, and Nightwing

Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz

Below are the rendering of Reverse Flash, Dark Flash and Grey Suit Batman.

McFarlane DC Super Powers SDCC 2023 Reveals 2

The Whirlybat is a really exciting reveal, as there was a Bat Copter that was released as part of the vintage 1986 Super Powers line.

Source: ToyShiz

Source: ToyShiz
Source: ToyShiz

Vintage Batcopter

Released in 1986, as part of the Kenner Super Powers line, the Batcopter was a fan favorite vehicle that is highly sought after! This copter was made in a blue plastic with an orange windshield. The batcopter was also repainted for the Dark Knight line in black.

Vintage Kenner Batcopter
Kenner Batcopter vintage loose

Below you can see the Dark Knight lblack version as well. This opens the door for another repaint, since they are releasing a Dark Knight Batman!

Kenner Batcopter vintage loose Dark Knight

History of Kenner Super Powers Line

The Kenner Super Powers line was launched in 1984 and ran thru 1986. It consisted of 3 Waves with a total of 34 epic figures, 8 vehicles and 1 amazing playset! The line was heavily influenced by the 1980’s Super Friends Cartoon, but was not a direct translation of the animated series. The first wave consisted of 12 figures and of all DC heavy hitters like Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Joker, Penguin etc.. The second wave had a little bit more deep cuts from the comic books with characters like Darkseid, Firestorm, Green Arrow and Dr. Fate. The third and final wave consisted of very obscure characters which is why they are the rarest of the line and worth a lot of money on the secondary market. The final wave had figures like Plastic Man, Samurai and the rarest Cyborg.

Super Friends

According to Super Powers toyline and products | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

DC Comics awarded the license of their characters to Kenner Toys, hot on the heels of Mattel‘s “action feature” heavy He-Man toy line. Winning the license away from Mego Corporation and Mattel with their emphasis on action and art, Kenner devised hidden mechanisms within the figures that would trigger an action when the figures legs or arms were squeezed. This emphasis on each figure’s “super power” led to the naming of the line – The Super Powers Collection. Each figure in the first two series were also packaged with a mini-comic featuring that character’s adventures (a detailed list of these minicomics can be found at List of Super Powers Minicomics).

Once the line was in full force a merchandising frenzy took place, with DC Comics and Kenner slapping a Super Powers logo on whatever they possibly could. Three series of figures and accessories were released: in 19841985, and 1986.

In addition, the toy line helped establish the mainstream acceptance of artist Jack Kirby’s seminal “Fourth World” characters, particularly Darkseid and his minions. Evidently, the Kenner representatives were interested in a cosmic line of villains for the superhero characters, and Kirby’s creations were deemed ideal by them for this purpose. In fact, Kirby was commissioned to design the action figures for his characters, such as Darkseid, which resulted in the only time Kirby directly monetarily benefitted from his comic book creations apart from his work-for-hire wages. Another major comic book creator, George Perez, was similarly commissioned to design the action figure for his character, Cyborg.

Super Powers toyline and products | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

You will notice immediately what an amazing job that McFarlane has done to recreate the vintage Super Powers Packaging! Complete with the Super Powers & character logos, blue, yellow star bursts and stripped background just like the vintage figures! They did choose to go in a totally different design direction with Batman and Darkseid, but overall they kept that nostalgic vintage feel to the figures. Pictured below are the vintage versions so you can see what they looked like compared to the new line.

01_Superman vintage MOC
Vintage Super Powers Superman figure
Source: Superman | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom
04_Batman vintage MOC
Vintage Super Powers Batman figure
Source: Batman | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom
Darkseid_action vintage MOC
Vintage Super Powers Darkseid figure
Source: Darkseid | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom
Aquaman vintage MOC
Vintage Super Powers Aquaman figure
Source: Aquaman | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom
Hall of Justice vintage MOC
Vintage Super Powers Hall Of Justice Playset
Source: 1984 Kenner Super Powers Boxed Playset – Hall of Justice (
Green Lantern vintage MOC
Vintage Super Powers Green Lantern figure
Source: Green Lantern | SuperFriends Wiki | Fandom

Where to buy

These newly revealed figures are not up for preorder yet, but you can pick up the latest wave of DC Super Powers figures at the following retailers below:

Aquaman DC Super Powers
Aquaman Rebirth
Classic Detectiv Batman DC Super Powers
Classic Detective Batman
Wonder Woman Rebrith DC Super Powers copy
Wonder Woman Rebirth
Batmobile DC Super Powers package front
Wonder Woman Invisible Jet DC Super Powers package front
Invisible Jet

Looking for more DC Super Powers, be sure to check out our MacFarlane DC Super Powers shop page!

McFarlane DC Super Powers Shop Hero copy

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