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Masters of the Universe Mattel Creations BOGO Event

Mattel Creations MOTU BOGO event is in full swing so now is your chance to save some money as figures are buy one get one 50% off!

Mattel Creations is having a Buy One Get One (BOGO) 50% off event that started today and will run through November 5, 2023! The event includes figures from MOTU Origins, Masterverse, and Fall Guys and building sets from MEGA! If you have been waiting for a sale like to pick up some overpriced figures and sets, this is the sale for you!



MOTU Origins Figures


With Masters of the Universe Origins Rise of the Snake Men action figures, the magic of a 1980s childhood is back. Inspired by the MOTU toy line from the 80s, this line features key characters designed with a nostalgic look. Built at 5.5-inch scale, with 16 points of articulation for great battle moves and poses, they come with at least 1 accessory and a themed mini comic.


40th Anniversary 4-Pack

By the power of Grayskull! This MOTU Origins 4-pack celebrates He-Man over the last 40 years. From his famous bowl cut on the 1980’s figure to the futuristic galactic outfit on the most modern figure, He-Man has always looked great defending Eternia. Each figure is highly posable, comes with exclusive VUM accessories, and has true-to-character details to look like our legendary hero from TV in each decade. This collector’s set comes in premium “TV” packaging complete with programming designs from each era and an Eternia tube slipcover.


Fall Guys x Masters of the Universe

Tumblin’ out of Fall Guys is a troop of our favorite MOTU characters! These tubby figures have a bean-shaped twist that look just like the characters in the party royale game where players compete in off the wall competitions until only one victor remains. This set comes with He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, and Battlecat. Who will be the last bean standing?




This Masterverse Roboto action figure brings the Masters of Universe cyber warrior to life. He stands 7 inches tall and is designed with 30 points of articulation for epic poses and displays. Just like how Man-At-Arms built him, this brave Heroic Warrior is designed with authentic details and comes with a battle-ready arm and sword accessories


Sorceress Evil-Lyn

This Masterverse Sorceress Evil-Lyn action figure brings the devious witch from Masters of the Universe to life. Ready to conquer Eternia, she stands 7 inches tall and has 30 points of articulation for epic poses and displays. Evil-lyn has authentic details collectors will love and comes with 2 sets of hands and a magic scepter.



When Evil-Lyn finally turned her back on Skeletor in Masters of the Universe: Revelation, she claimed the Power of Grayskull and became Dark-Lyn. Her new goddess form is now realized as an oversized, deluxe Masterverse Action Figure with deliciously evil details.


Movie He-Man

Inspired by the 1987 movie, Masters of the Universe, this He-Man collectible action figure from our Masterverse line is ready to defend Eternia! With 30 points of articulation, swappable heads and hands, plus multiple battle accessories, this deluxe He-Man figure is the perfect addition to your collection and makes for epic displays. By the power of Grayskull! 



From Eternia’s past comes a legendary champion from the gladiator arena – Vykron. He took on all challenges, no matter the foe or terrain. After each victory, Vykron would claim the armor and weapons of his opponents. He would then take the time to master each weapon and their battle techniques, becoming a one-man arsenal in the ring.



Inspired by Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Motherboard is the new threat to Eternia. This Masterverse figure brings the mechanical winged woman bearing the sigil of The Evil Horde to life at 12 inches tall. This “true form” of Motherboard makes a dramatic statement with multi-feathered wings that expand to 24 inches wide. 



Eternia Battleground

Inspired by the original toy, this Eternia Battleground building set takes the fight for Eternia one step further by including the Power Tower and Attak Trak vehicle. Both are faithfully-detailed, and the tower includes its iconic lion’s head entrance with trap claws, control center and heroic and evil warrior flags. This building set also includes four action figures and introduces Buzz-Off and Ninjor into the MEGA line, alongside He-Man and Webstor.


Complete Your MOTU Collection

Be sure to check out our Masters of the Universe shop pages where we’ve curated figures from MOTU Origins, Masterverse, Classics, Vintage and more so you can find the figures you need easier!

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