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Man-At-Arms and Skeletor Wave 2 MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection Preorder

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Paulmart has put the Collection Wave 2 Preorder up on his website, which includes Man-At-Arms and Skeletor, the new Filmation style figures

For those that missed out on the Cartoon Collection Man-At-Arms figure on Amazon, Paulmart just put MAA and Skeletor up for preorder! Man-At-Arms was the only figure that was extremely hard to pin down on October 4, 2023 but we’ve since deduced that this MAA is an Amazon exclusive. The MOTU Origins Cartoon Collection was revealed at SDCC 2023 and put up for preorder on October 4, 2023! Since then, the Cartoon Collection version of Man-At-Arms has been sold out!



The purple of Skeletor’s armor blends very nicely with the cardback and it was like he was meant to be! You can see how the accessoties are packed (or stuffed) inside the plastic, with the Havoc Staff peaking over Skeletor’s shoulder!


Skeletor looks like was ripped right from the cartoon and he comes with his Havoc Staff, Masks of Power, and his Power Sword.


The simple designs on their chest armor and wrist bracers help to give that Filmation cartoon look to them!


How freakin rad is this! Skeletor can don the Masks of Power!


Skeletor Cartoon Collection Preorder

You can preorder the Cartoon Collection version of Skeletor below:



Man-At-Arms was the most illusive of the figures to locate on preorder day but we eventually pinned him down on Amazon, which we are assuming is an exclusive given he is not on any other online toy website! We are not sure if Amazon has absolute exclusivity or if it will be timed, like some of the previous releases of MOTU Origins figures.


Man-At-Arms looks amazing and we are digging the thick mustache! His helmet and armor also look just like the Filmation cartoon!


MAA comes in his classic yellow chest, shoulder, and wrist armor and his very cool stasis ray and mace!


He looks great raising his mace and it’s great that he has amor on both of his arms!


Man-At-Arms Cartoon Collection Preorder

You can preorder the Cartoon Collection version of Man-At-Arms below:


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